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  1. Aner-Dyfan

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Just seen Friendship games and I apologise to all the dogs and cats in a 5 mile radius for the pitch of "Squeeee!!!!!!!" I just uttered.
  2. Aner-Dyfan

    Ask Aner-Dyfan

    Hmmmm, quite a tricksey one. I love cats of pretty much any type, though otters are close and sea otters are lovely! So My answer is going to be a cop-out Sea otter is my favourite animal Cats are my favourite kind of animals
  3. Considering I only began watching May this year, yes I really do wish I had joined it sooner! Missed out on so much discussion as the series and characters developed.
  4. Aner-Dyfan

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    It might be from the Mane6 fan club, but it is well deserved here!
  5. Aner-Dyfan

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I grabbed a couple of screenies today of Sunset Shimmer's wonderful smile and decided to make them into a couple of forum avatar images! From the close eyes image: And from the open eyes image:
  6. Aner-Dyfan

    Ask Aner-Dyfan

    @Senpai~ A very boring answer here: more of the same. I've far too many hobbies for the time in each day as is. An extra hour would allow more time to finalise some of my projects, whereas currently I think I'm collecting new ones faster than I'm finishing!
  7. Aner-Dyfan

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Suukorak mount it onto a poster board, inside a poster frame, or onto a poster hanger (though hangers generally cause some damage to top/bottom) you should be able to find these at a local comic shop. They are not cheap, but they keep posters looking great!
  8. Aner-Dyfan

    Ask Aner-Dyfan

    @Senpai~ This smbc comic is probably the best solution! Though not stealing other people's answers: I would wish that flawless transfer of human conciousness in and out of computers. Each individual conciousness to develop in it's own way while within the computer. And each conciousness being able to operate the computer from within. Basically it would allow for immortality without all the terrible things associated with that, namely overpopulation and eternal memory (nothing would be new or exciting after a few hundred millennia, editing memories would allow you to experience things anew)
  9. Aner-Dyfan

    AppleDash Fan Club

    I am surprised none of you have posted the most shiptastic frame I've seen in the whole series! Sorry the image is a bit blurred, but it's an enlarged part of the applebobbing occurring at Gummy's birthday, just after the intro! Must say, Applejack looks a little saucy.
  10. Aner-Dyfan

    Where the HAY is Zecora?

    My guess is she'll be one of the head representatives from Crystal Prep in EQG3, probably not the principal (I'd like to see discord in THAT role) but head of the student union or something.
  11. Aner-Dyfan

    How did you find your avatar ?

    Mine is a photograph I took at CERN.
  12. Aner-Dyfan

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    Nope, my parents don't know. But they don't know or understand even half of my interests and hobbies anyway, honestly, I think they've stopped trying.
  13. Aner-Dyfan

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset Shimmer is a fantastic character. I think takai right back in Reply100 sums up my thoughts on her pretty succinctly. I love the way Twilight Sparkle is developed through the series, yet Sunset Shimmer does almost the whole lot within a single film, and from a worse point! It also helps her design is adorable! So conspiracy time! I think Sunset Shimmer may make the Mane7! So reasons for this: It is a common trope for ensemble casts to gain new main players, although we have the cutie mark crusaders and the royalty, the main ensemble has not increased. The story has examined many of their personalities and traits, adding a new player can shake things up a lot! The new character is usually a total badass and/or a reformed villian who beat the ensemble in the first place (check, check annnnd check) The addition of said character is often mid-season or after a canonical film (as films are more willing to shake the status-quo whereas episodes are not), though they may have been introduced or fore-shadowed many episodes before. Season 5 is on hiatus till after the film, maybe there is a storyline reason for this as well! Sunset Shimmer is not part of the human world, and EG3 trailers indicates that human Twilight has a major role to play, if Twilight joins and makes the HuMane6, there might be realisation for Sunset that the human world is best for the humans. (also human Sunset might turn up) The Mane6 are not in balance anymore, they consist of 1 Alicorn, 1 Unicorn, 2 Earth, 2 Pegasi. They need another unicorn to restore harmony! The 3 unicorns I could see filling this role are the reformed villians: The Great and Powerful Trixie!, Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer. Sunset, however has had the most character development and is already friends with Twilight. Sunset Shimmer has become Twilight's pupil, much like she was Celestia's. This is a great storyline to develop, showing the growth and maturity of Twilight Sparkle now she is the Princess of Friendship. Since the EG films are less frequent, the best way to do this arc is have Sunset Shimmer move back to Equestria. And finally Sunset Shimmer is best pony! --- So my favourite Sunset Shimmer Ship! My favourite pony Sunset Shimmer picture thus far My favourite Human Sunset Shimmer Picture thus far
  14. Aner-Dyfan

    Ask Aner-Dyfan

    .hack//RARITY It's a photo I took at CERN. That is the internals of the detector potion of a linear particle accelerator. What you are seeing is the the flash reflecting off the array of copper detector wires. I wanted a unique avatar for my online-self, and what better than an abstract image I took myself!
  15. Aner-Dyfan

    The Mane Six Appreciation Fan Club

    I can't believe how little Mane6 artwork there is! But I guess it is 6 characters to draw, and adds considerably to the overall complexity of a piece what with positioning and poses. Still it is a real shame as they are the show! If I ever do gain skills of an artist I will try my luck at some!