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  1. Just seen Friendship games and I apologise to all the dogs and cats in a 5 mile radius for the pitch of "Squeeee!!!!!!!" I just uttered.
  2. Hmmmm, quite a tricksey one. I love cats of pretty much any type, though otters are close and sea otters are lovely! So My answer is going to be a cop-out Sea otter is my favourite animal Cats are my favourite kind of animals
  3. Considering I only began watching May this year, yes I really do wish I had joined it sooner! Missed out on so much discussion as the series and characters developed.
  4. It might be from the Mane6 fan club, but it is well deserved here!
  5. Heading off to relative's wedding

  6. I grabbed a couple of screenies today of Sunset Shimmer's wonderful smile and decided to make them into a couple of forum avatar images! From the close eyes image: And from the open eyes image:
  7. @Senpai~ A very boring answer here: more of the same. I've far too many hobbies for the time in each day as is. An extra hour would allow more time to finalise some of my projects, whereas currently I think I'm collecting new ones faster than I'm finishing!
  8. Suukorak mount it onto a poster board, inside a poster frame, or onto a poster hanger (though hangers generally cause some damage to top/bottom) you should be able to find these at a local comic shop. They are not cheap, but they keep posters looking great!
  9. @Senpai~ This smbc comic is probably the best solution! Though not stealing other people's answers: I would wish that flawless transfer of human conciousness in and out of computers. Each individual conciousness to develop in it's own way while within the computer. And each conciousness being able to operate the computer from within. Basically it would allow for immortality without all the terrible things associated with that, namely overpopulation and eternal memory (nothing would be new or exciting after a few hundred millennia, editing memories would allow you to experience things anew)
  10. I am surprised none of you have posted the most shiptastic frame I've seen in the whole series! Sorry the image is a bit blurred, but it's an enlarged part of the applebobbing occurring at Gummy's birthday, just after the intro! Must say, Applejack looks a little saucy.
  11. My guess is she'll be one of the head representatives from Crystal Prep in EQG3, probably not the principal (I'd like to see discord in THAT role) but head of the student union or something.
  12. Welcome to the forums, oh fellow Sunset Shimmer fan! :D

    1. Aner-Dyfan


      Thank you, great to be here! Took a good while to view all the fanart of her, for which I am pleased!

    2. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      Yeah, it's awesome to see how loved she is! The art of her is great. :3


      Also, thanks for the friend add. ^_^

  13. Nope, my parents don't know. But they don't know or understand even half of my interests and hobbies anyway, honestly, I think they've stopped trying.