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  1. Quinch

    Bad Pony

    Through practice. Lots and lots of practice. Also, Midnight, the picture looks pretty good. Only flaw I can see is the wings are maybe a bit oddly placed, but that's something I had to look for to spot.
  2. I'm not sure, exactly. I like the wagon, I like Trixie, I like the fire, I like the landscape and I like the lighting... but for some reason, all of them together don't quite seem to jive. I hope that helps.
  3. Quinch

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    It couldn't annoy me more if it was God's own dandruff.
  4. Starlight got taken out by a surprise attack at the very beginning of the assault. Discord wasn't invited, as usual.
  5. Quinch

    Hiya everypony :)

    Hiya, and welcome to the forums! I think you need to make a certain amount of posts to be able to change your picture - someone correct me if I'm wrong. And your welcome question is.... what was your first Deus Ex playthrough like?
  6. Quinch

    What happened to Twilight?

    => Try to talk to the animals
  7. Quinch

    Should Dr Wolf do a session with that one guy?

    Only if they kept the Storm Troopers Minions as only speaking in grunts.
  8. Quinch

    What were the 80s like?

  9. Quinch

    Best insults you got.

    Is this your face, or did your neck throw up? Call the aliens, they forgot the probe up your . You have teeth like you've been smoking firecrackers. You've got legs like a doe... thin, crooked and hairy. What tomb did you walk out of? If dumb had legs, you'd be a centipede.
  10. Quinch

    Ask Midnight

    Hmm. Why do you think you're the least popular pony around?
  11. Anyone with a pony character feel like a slice-of-life RP with a human crash-landing into Equestria? I'd really like to develop him past his City-of-Heroes stage.

  12. Quinch

    An episode a day Marathon

    Ahh, Squeaky Belle. I wonder what happened to you? This was an interesting episode. Got a glimpse of Rarity's parents before they went on vacation forever, Rarity being the sole character being in the wrong until Sweetie Belle got all spiteful, a single scene that raises so many questions about species social interaction in Equestria, Awkwardness Action Applejack, and you knew there was going to be something fishy about the Social. Also, Prolonged Drama Rarity is always fun to watch.
  13. Quinch

    An episode a day Marathon

    I just go with whatever is in mine.
  14. Quinch

    An episode a day Marathon

    I gotta agree there. Of have her flatten against a door. Now I'm wondering, is there an occasion where each of the mane six had that happen? So far, I can think of Twilight in the pilot{?}, Rainbow Dash and now Flutterbutter.
  15. Quinch

    Visual Art A horse doodle I drew with ink

    I really like her... mane? {I do, though}