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  1. Quinch


    Hiya, welcome to the party! For your welcome question... how'd you come by your nickname?
  2. Quinch

    Movies/TV Has anyone seen Baywatch

    I remember seeing bits and bobs of it as a kid, but sadly I was too young to appreciate all the slow-mo running.
  3. The second part of this little trio of themed readings will be "Now I Know In Part" by Cynewulf. A story of Twilight, and repetition. As always, it will take place in the Poniverse Discord, in the Storytime voice chat channel. You can join us beforehand, during and after in the Library Lounge text channel as well - I'd very much like to know if you enjoyed it, or have constructive criticism. Hope to see you there, Quinch
  4. Quinch

    Cozy Glow's parents?

    Ooh, sauce?
  5. Quinch

    What would be your ideas for a Pinocchio adaptation?

    A grim action-thriller. The tagline? You should let sleeping dolls lie.
  6. Here's a recording of one of yesterday's Golden Oak readings, for anyone curious and/or awake at this time of night. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkCbmKmmPRt8kWaaFBmtpbDxAcgJ

  7. Quinch

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    We can't be cool, we're bronies!
  8. Quinch

    Would we even have FiM it it wasn't for Spike?

    Well, we wouldn't have had FiM as it is without him, of course - his presence was vital for several crucial plot points. On the other hand, I don't think Twilight was really Spike's friend in the very beginning, and she pretty much treated him exclusively as an assistant and a ward. So, I suppose the question arises as to what the difference would have been if Twilight didn't have anyone by her side to push her in the appropriate direction, or if she was paired with someone else with a different personality and behavior.
  9. I kinda lost track of what's going on. Can someone tl;dr me?
  10. Quinch

    Why Spike might be the one to reform Cozy Glow

    I don't really think so - it's less about forgiveness and more about second chances. Luna was welcomed back because she regretted being Nightmare Moon. Discord was accepted because he decided Fluttershy's friendship was worth the restraint. Starlight Glimmer acted out of right intention and backed off once she saw the consequences. Even Chrysalis was offered an olive branch, even if she refused it. Cozy, on the other hand... her rise to power was through remorseless manipulation, deception and subterfuge towards people who trusted her - not just merely because of what she did, but who put their trust in her by default. While someone might trust her again, and while it's not impossible that trust might actually be justified, as far as the world at large is concerned, she's not so much looking at an uphill battle as staring at a vertical cliff.
  11. Quinch

    Why Spike might be the one to reform Cozy Glow

    Thing about Cozy is, because of the nature of her villainy, she's thoroughly sabotaged any trust anyone might extend her - she betrayed others' trust and showed no remorse afterwards. Even if she does end up regretting her actions, who is going to believe her anytime soon, and what would prompt that belief?
  12. Quinch

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    William Shatner is. Most. Known for. His role as. A starship captain on. A. TV show Star. Trek.
  13. Heya folks! For anyone interested, I've decided to do a few themed readings - and the theme this time is humans! Humans in Equestria! Humans outside of Equestria! Humans who can't bake! Humans with a snek! So, to kick us off, this Wednesday I'll be reading a couple of short, silly stories in the Poniverse Discord - first, Adventure Awaits {And Keeps Waiting} by Bok, followed by Every Rose Has Its Thorns... And A Shovel Or Two by Little Big Pony. See you all there! Or, hopefully, some of you there at https://discordapp.com/invite/poniverse {in the Library Lounge channel}. And if there's anything you'd like me {or any of the other readers, for that matter} to read, swing by the Golden Oaks Library section of the forums. Cheers! Quinch
  14. Quinch

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    Great answers all around. So, why do girls like that stuff?