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  1. The leitmotif reminds me a lot of Kingdom End sector from X3. Also, way back....
  2. For anyone interested, a new reading is up - How We Burn, by Cold in Gardez. Short little story, kinda slice of life, kinda drama? Not sure how to qualify it as.


  3. Quinch

    How We Burn

  4. Here we go! Name: Chomper Race/Species: Land Shark Age: Young Adult Occupation: Bard {wannabe} Skills: Playing the lute {passably}, singing {poorly}, songwriting {good, but underutilized}, chasing things down {very good at}, being scary {good, but usually accidentally}. Appearance: Kind of a middle ground between this guy and these guys. Has the fins and tail but somewhat less pudgy build than the klugetowner reference with the landsharks' color scheme. Background: Originally from Klugetown, he left some time ago and decided to wander in search of his craft. Technically he may or may not have been in some significant debt to a shady individual or two, but after the first half dozen debt collectors, everybody agreed it wasn't really something worth mentioning anymore. Regardless, he got sick of the town and left soon after, trying to ply his trade as a traveling entertainer, but between his appearance and inexperience, rarely found work in that particular area.
  5. I might just make something fresh - the QuinchOC is something I have on a backburner because I have a different arc direction planned for him, I kinda gave up on playing Sweet Comfort since I can't pull off the insight/empathy she's focused around and Drakontipa would be far more of a liability than anything. I'm thinking maybe one of those sharkguys from Klugetown? Should be a fun experiment.
  6. Y'know what? Yeah, I'm in. It's time to dust off the roleplaying cobwebs and this seems like a good enough a start.
  7. Hi everyone! I just wanna mention that I've take then liberty of shamelessly whoring out submitting the reading to EqD and it got included in the Nightly Roundup. And a final quickie mention, if anyone wants to chip in with Fahreneigh 451, let me know as I'll probably start recording any unclaimed roles sometime this week.
  8. Become a workaholic boxer. I'm afraid of waffles.
  9. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/453964/trixies-great-and-powerful-adventure
  10. I find it interesting how this and the previous polls are pretty close.
  11. You can try Amber Ashes, which is a spinoff - it's how I heard of SotS, though I need to actually get started on it.