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  1. Did you make any new friends yet?
  2. How old were you when you moved to Ponyville? Was it difficult to leave Griffonstone behind?
  3. Where do you live? Do you like it there?
  4. What species are you?
  5. This was my work costume yesterday;
  6. As for the topic title, I'm not sure - maybe because that's the setting? That said, the setting is pretty much the reason I couldn't get into it.
  7. Personally, I think there would be would be pegasi that would be able to pull off a sonic rainboom - if only because she did. There's nothing that spurs challenge in something previously thought impossible than finally proving it possible. The rainboom was originally thought a myth, or at best a theoretical exercise, but once Rainbow Dash pulled it off, and then proved it wasn't a one-time fluke, you can bet that there would be pegasi dedicating their lives to training to do the same, then outdo it. It might be an interesting situation to explore - how would RD react? Would she feel threatened that her monopoly is in jeopardy? Would she be proud that she inspired what was basically a new era in flight? I'd be curious to see.
  8. I'm more partial to the This Day Aria, though. One thing I noticed is that Cadence has a much clearer voice than the other princesses; I might describe it as "ringing" and it's a nice difference from the other three's varying degrees of duskiness.
  9. That, or she's just not looking for anything long-term. Nothing wrong with casual relationships.
  10. Quinch

    Nightmare Nights


    Huzzah! The fun has been canceled! At least in this house! Because social distancing! I wonder if I could get some candy for myself anyway.
  11. IP law is my best guess. That stuff is straight up broken.
  12. I suppose we could look at it as whose princess' singing makes you happiest.
  13. Cadence, easily. She may not have many songs, but she nailed each and every one.