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  1. Dat avatar. The classiest of avatars...

  2. Eh, I personally prefer Whataburger, and Burger King, and Wendy's and everything else. I'm not a fan of the fries there, and the burgers are average at best.
  3. I haven't been on here in over a month. I wonder how everyone's doing.
  4. My favorite Powerpuff Girl has always been Bubbles, and no, not because she's voiced by Tara Strong. It's because of her very sweet and gentle nature, not to mention, she's very cute. :3 My favorite villain is Him as well. Especially in "Speed Demon."
  5. I think I might have some flowers in my kitchen, and I might have some outside.
  6. My handwriting hasn't changed since I was 8. So... pretty awful.
  7. Me too. Getting a surprise Pinkie for my birthday would be awesome. Speaking of which, here's what I think of Pinkie:
  8. I like The Great Snail Race, how do you think I feel?
  9. Spider-Man Marvel in general (X-Men is an exception, because I don't like or care for the X-Men). Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Man Smash Bros Video Games Animation MLP Pinkie Pie TMNT Rock music History Writing My Galaxy S5 (phone) Girls Brunette girls Brown eyed girls Pop Vinyl figures and bobble heads.
  10. 1. I haven't seen too much of Godzilla, but one of my real life friends is crazy over him. As for the comics, I've never read them. 2. Marvel: Loki or Venom. DC: Not sure, not too much of a DC guy. 3. I've never played it, but from what I hear, 6 out of 10 ain't bad. 4. How about we combine all 3? How about that? In all seriousness, Discord won't kill, so he's out. Carnage, because he's a freaking alien! 5. Favorite: Ring Man from Mega Man 4 or Snake Man from Mega Man 3. Hardest: Hmm... probably Burner Man from Mega Man and Bass, Tengu Man's MM&B form, Quick Man from 2, Shadow Man from 3, or Needle Man from 3. 6. I can't really choose. I personally love both, and yes, I loved Amazing 2. Sue me.
  11. 2. I don't know. I'd figured you'd implode. 3. Hmm... Twilight and Octavious (Doctor Octopus) Rainbow and Electro Fluttershy and Kraven (real dramatic one, trust me) Pinkie and Mysterio Rarity and Vulture Applejack and Sandman.