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  1. If you need Applebloom, I've been getting plenty of practice in on her from the CMS LiveStream, I could record her lines. I haven't been on here in a while, so I didn't see the added list of needed roles. I could try Dinky, too... I'll send you recordings soon.
  2. I'm willing to help out. I can do Rarity, Celestia, and possibly AJ (I haven't actually tried her, so no promises there). Shame it's not R63 Discord, as I'm bang-on for Eris.
  3. It's funny, since most of the OCs I come up with are male, especially ponies. I just never have the time to do anything with them, so they sit. My Ponysona is male, even. A gelding. I'm female, so I couldn't even voice my own ponysona, or my own OCs. But, if I ever do anything with them, I'll let you know. Also, as for this project, is it still active? I'm looking for projects to get into. Starting next month, I'll be free of most of my extra-curricular projects, most of my past few months have been focussed on convention prep, so once that's over, I'll be free to do other things.
  4. I'll trade you, Quinch. My Ponysona is male, but I'm female. (He's a gelding, so he has a higher voice, but still not feminine enough for me to voice)... I can voice yours, you can voice mine.
  5. I've only just started to make one, as well. I haven't had a chance to actually sew it together yet (As I'm working on costumes for an upcoming convention, as well as my VA stuff, so I haven't had much time for side stuff), but here's a pattern I found on deviantart. You can try that one out. It tells you on each piece how many of each to cut out. Like the sides you want to cut two, one reversed, same with the head. Hooves you want to cut out four.
  6. Okay, so I know I said life has been beating me down, so I'll tell those who are curious. If you don't care, you don't have to read. That's why I put it in a separate blog. In early May, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. That in and of itself has been a roller coaster. Between treatments and complications - we almost lost him in August, and he hasn't been back to work since - it's been hard. My check is the only income we have coming in right now, which isn't much considering our upcoming convention. Every Thanksgiving, we go to Chicago TARDIS, and since this is probably my dad's last year, I'm trying to make it awesome. Unfortunately, that requires time and money for costumes and planning, not to mention tickets for autographs, photos, and hotel. If that wasn't sucky enough, my idiot sister (who decided to get herself knocked up by some a-hole that tried to control her and used their baby as a manipulation tool) moved back home, too. With her one year old. Well, he's one now. They moved back here in late June. She is a loud-mouth who did NOT have any right to have a child. She can barely handle herself. Which means my mum is stuck dealing with the kid. He's as loud and annoying as his mum. He gets into everything. And between my sister and my nephew, I barely have a moment's peace. I'm just lucky I have a good mic that only picks up my voice and not the background sounds. So... My dad has been poorly for months, in and out of hospital, barely able to get out, the rare occasions he does. This has made him crankier than usual. Add to that my sister and her kid, and my mum is beyond stressed. She has no job because she has to take care of my nephew because my sister has a shoddy job that barely gives her twenty hours a week if she's lucky. But she refuses to get more hours or find a better job, and my mum can't, between dealing with her, the kid, and my dad... My house is hell right now. To top it off, my own hours are being cut, and I'm SOL with it. And my Chameleon just died this morning. He was fine when I went to work, I came home and he was dead in his water dish. And I'm the only one in my family who can't cry. I can't fall apart, because I'm the only one who can keep stoic while everyone else breaks down. I'm the one who has to be strong so no one else has to. My dad usually is, too... but he's sick, and scared, and I don't blame him. But I'm at the ends of my ropes, and the only thing keeping me from falling is the brief catharsis I gain from my weekly shows and the excitement of the upcoming convention. On the plus side, it seems Voice Acting is my special talent. My entire family is full of judgemental people. Everything I do is never good enough. My singing? My dad likens it to a murder killing anything I try to sing. My art? My dad, my paternal grandmother (before she died), and my aunt all criticise it, pointing out everything that's wrong and telling me it's a waste of time, I won't make money off of it. My mum and her parents are contantly on my case about taking my art to a professional, so they can laugh in my face the way the rest of my family does... Voice Acting is the only thing I do that actually gets any acceptance in my family, on either side. And my mum's side now keeps getting on my case about getting paid for it, when it doesn't work that way, but they don't listen....
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm putting it in a blog; I'm sorry again that I haven't been around. Again. I could give you excuses, or promises that it won't happen again. But I won't. I've had a lot. LOT. on my plate this year. It's been hell. But I'm trying to sort it all out. I also had a few bigger projects from other fandoms that I was involved in, but I sent in my recordings for those, too. So I'm trying to fix everything up. And that includes getting back to basics and returning here. This site was where I started my journey into Voice Acting, and I've come a long way in the past three years or so of it. I've met a lot of amazing friends here, especially within the guild, and I want to thank you all for your help along the journey. That said, a few things have changed: One, my skype recently died, so I'm now to be found at DoctorPrankenstein (That's the username, the title name is still Doctor (Docscord) McCrimmon so don't worry, I'm still me. I'm not changing THAT) Two, I have decided to try to focus my energies on one thing at a time. Fewer distractions. So while I CAN write, I prefer to focus on my Voice Acting for the time being. I'll still be willing to lend a hoof, but I'm not going to be a writer for projects. I'll edit and give guidance, but I won't head any projects. Which leads to three, I will happily help with any project I can, I won't be doing the take-charge thing I usually do. I'm really tired. Life has been dragging me down, and I don't have the patience or focus to organise and go all Twilight Sparkle any more. I'm sorry to anyone this may affect. And finally, I'll still be around, catch me on Skype, email, or twitter. I'm hardly on twitter, so email or skype work best. My Email is
  8. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)=)!

  9. HI! Sorry I haven't been that active here, I've had some personal things to deal with, plus working way too much, I kinda have been too busy offline to even check here much. And when I do, it's when I'm mobile, so I can't update the main post list. Sorry again. I'll try updating it tonight or later this week. Anyone wanting to join the Skype group go ahead and add my Skype. It's the same as here. Let me know who you are, and I'll add you to the group. Thank you all for your patience. It's just been a tough few months. I promise I haven't forgotten you. I've just been afk and working from my mobile so I haven't had a chance to add you to the list on the first page. When I go on to record later I'll add everyone to the list.
  10. Unfortunately I can't add you to the list on the main post because I need a sample to go with your username. But as soon as you get one done, I'll put you up. And if you have a Skype, I can add you to the Skype VA guild with or without the demo/sample.
  11. DoctorMcCrimmon

    Lizard Day

    Funny, I have a number of photoshopped pics of a lizard. I created an OC recently for Marvel/TMNT verses named Comma Comma (A chameleon mutant) I can change to that once I get onto the proper device.
  12. That is AWESOME! And I'm sure I speak for at least most of us when I say that any tips and pointers are appreciated. Anime would be a really fun area to VA. It's so expressive and lip syncing while keeping the lines as close to their original meanings? Sounds like a fun challenge to do. And I especially love Funimation's dub work. FMP is one of my fave animes, and one of the few that actually sound BETTER dubbed to me. (The original Japanese voices didn't seem to fit the characters quite as well as the American ones. Especially Kurz.)
  13. I would love to, but my schedule would have to be on the UK time (even though I'm American, I work nights, so I'm at work by 8PM). I am a committed individual, so if you're going to do a secondary time for skype meetings in the AM (US time), I'd love to join. Or Wednesdays and Thursdays any time. I'm perfectly fine with the rest of the rules and regulations... And would love to take part of this project... I just can't make 8PM on Friday-Tuesday Nevermind, the application form had a scheduling part. Filled it out for Voice Acting, and hope to be of help with this project. It didn't ask for a Skype, which I do have. It's the same as here: DoctorMcCrimmon If you need it. Just one question... Do you want me to fill out another sheet for each topic? I mentioned in the comments thing that I also am willing and able to help with editing, managing, and writing, but I'm not sure if you want me to fill out a new one for each or just leave it. I can edit written stuff, and do simple clean up and such for audio, but I can't mix or edit with any confidence (Haven't had any practice, and I would hate to say I can do something unless I know I can). I can draw a fair bit, but not on my computer, all my work is pencil and paper. I figured you wanted digital artists, or I would have added that.