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  1. I am goona be singing and acting a DISCORD!
  2. MarsMoonDancer

    Voice Actor's Guild

    I am co- creating a spin off and would like too see the new blood so if you could.. either send me link at my email, or my skype kingmarsx32 lol either way I also don't mind if you have other talents such as music, drawing, programming... but yeah.. might be a real show so.. roll the dice.
  3. MarsMoonDancer

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Actually this is stuck in my head
  4. MarsMoonDancer

    Mars & the Mares: #2 WARNING 18+ ONLY!

    This is not the best quality due too " Skerp " but 18+ ONLY!
  5. I learned harmonica in 1 day lol
  6. If you wanna see true brotherly love and grief please watch the whole thing
  7. MarsMoonDancer

    Voice Actor's Guild

    NICE! Christmas I am supposed too get a condenser mic for my mac
  8. MarsMoonDancer

    Gaming First videogame you played ?

    Super Mario/Duck Hunt on NES!
  9. MarsMoonDancer

    " Nightmare Stampede "

  10. MarsMoonDancer

    Voice Actor's Guild

    I already posted some of my range. lol I can always use work LOL! you flatter me, I have found that A LOT of people enjoy this XD I am red in the face right now but if everyone loves it then I won't take it down This is music but I am very proud of it I am thinking of starting a vocal group.. I want to do bass vocals lol
  11. MarsMoonDancer

    Voice Actor's Guild

    Since I have been making connections I will gladly make an effort to send your demos out. I cannot guarantee you will get calls ( that is up too the company ) but don't hesitate too show me your demos, PM me or post on here, I will let you all know when I have shared your demos.. thank you - King Mars aka MarsMoonDancer I do Rarity for FlutterAether lol!! so enjoy!