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  1. Farewell...at least for now...

    1. GamingGryffindor



    2. 3Dode


      It's fine dude.

    3. Clod


      "for now"

      *disappears forever*

  2. Nice review! I just finished watching two episodes, and I really like this show!
  3. The unpopular opinions thread was shut down :(

  4. This to the tenth power. I thought I was the only one who felt this way.
  5. Happy Birthday, Chikorita!

  6. Meep! Welcome to the forums!

    1. Moonlight Magician
    2. mipster


      thank you :) that is actually the first out state forum i have been in!

  7. I still believe that I am bisexual, and I have a huge preference for men. I won't rule out the possibility of me being attracted to a woman, but I definitely prefer men over women in terms of attractiveness.
  8. I usually just sit in bed when I feel ill. I don't feel like moving around, so I just stay in bed for the majority of the day.
  9. I don't remember watching Courage the Cowardly Dog much as a kid, but King Ramseys was pretty disturbing. The way he says "Return the slab, or suffer my curse" is pretty freaky. And speaking of freaky, Freaky Fred is just plain creepy. Especially when he began trimming Courage's fur. Fred's grin is just really unsettling. The blue fetus thing didn't scare me that much. I found it more funny than creepy.
  10. Hello! Thank you for the friend request!

  11. Hello! It's nice to meet you!

  12. That's what I thought at first! I think it should be renamed as the sin of Vanity. Pride is bad when in excess. I possess the sin of Envy. I tend to look at other people's appearance and I do get jealous, which further lowers my self-confidence.
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