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  1. Happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a wonderful time~ ^o^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/6/2/908912/medium.png

  2. im on psn need some pony to play and talk to (psn: HikasuDingo)

  3. im on psn HikasuDingo im playing: call of duty:AW the last of us minecraft defiance (still have some dowloading to do but ill be fully on soon) i have a mic and would like to make friends with ppl who also have mics and like to chit chat.
  4. i love how every pony be like "ill just visit". move to where i am and then you'll see. no bronys but me my self and i. in a town with the biggiest kkk clan on the west coast. so when you go any where its like evrey one is have a staring match with every one. i mean im 26 and i sound like 13 year old lol. but yeah. sorry im in a ranting mood. love yealll
  5. SoaringSun

    MLP Tattoos

    yes when i have money. im going to get my arm done shoulder to wrist of rainbow dash doing a sonic rainboom.
  6. rainbow dash that way she can read daring doo books to me ^///^
  7. at this point yes ill go now just let me take my cat. she would miss me. plus it has to be way better then fing tillamook oregon uggg.
  8. how is evey pony doing??

    1. Kyoshi


      Very meh at the moment. Had kind of a bad day I guess. Lots of sad thoughts. I suppose right now I am doing little better.

  9. how or in what way has my little pony affected your life? ( in a good way that is ) for me i feel like i can interact with people better. it has most definitely helped me make some new friends.
  10. so bord i wish some bronys lived around here

  11. so had a good week end over at my friends house playing League of Legends. how was every ponyes week end?

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Good! I managed to get Sunday off work so I spent the day Christmas shopping online and playing assassins creed black flag :D

    2. SoaringSun


      that does sound like fun

  12. ok so now that im lv38 in skyrim its time to take a brake and go back to star ocean the last hope. ( lucky for me I all ready put 32 hours into it lol )
  13. whats a good way of finding bronys who live were you do?? i live in tillamook oregon

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