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  1. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Leafeon,@@Vaporeon, @@Umbreon, "Yay! Très bien, Jeanne!" Abigail said, scooping up her krabby in a hug. The krabby pushed away and snapped its pincers irritated "koo!". "Heheh, no need to be embarrassed, mon'amie." She said, as she put it down. She brought her hand up to her cheek contemplatively, "huh... wait a minute, I wonder were the others are... I hope nothing happened back there without me." Thankfully, her musings were answered by a certain boy coming up from behind. Abigail happily turned around and waved at him, "Oh, bonjour, Elias." She looked around, "umm, no, I haven't e
  2. Happy Birthday,Scarf boy! :)

  3. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Umbreon, Abigail stared awkwardly and absentmindedly as the nurse apologized to her. In time, a chansey came and brought a tray with her pokeballs, and she snapped out of her stupor and grabbed them, bowing slightly in appreciation of the chansey's help. She clipped the pokeballs to her belt, and looked around. "W-wait? You said the gym leader was injured, that'd be Morty, right? Aww... he's why we came here in the first place... well, thank you, Nurse Joy." The girl walked towards a seat in the corner of the pokemon center, taking the moment to relax. She let out a sigh, wondering w
  4. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Umbreon, (I apologize for the delay) Scooping the pokeballs off the ground, she turned to her krabby and clefairy, "sorry you two, time is of the essence!" She returned them to their pokeballs. She figured she could keep her vulpix out, as it was riding on her shoulder and would not slow her down. She turned north, and with a inhale of air, she took off running towards Ecrutek city. "Oh, wait, I'm leaving Cilla, Elias, and Al behind, aren't I? Awwww. I hope they catch up." She ignored anything and anyone who might have been in Ecrutek, and stumbled into the pokemon center. She put
  5. @@Midnight Scribbler,@, @@Evilshy, @@SilverHeart, @@Golbez, Gardenia felt relieved as Sunset invited her along to go shopping later, but was rather surprised when she took the seat next to her. Not disappointed, though she had expected Emerald to take the seat, just, surprised. Shortly, the rest of those accompanying her had taken their seats, and she took the moment to consider the hall she was in. There was a few shady figures up in the balcony, and a hooded figure on the stage. She was mistaken, apparently, as they had caught the magician practicing her performance. A pleasant surprise.
  6. I would also like to offer an apology for my inactivity as of late. I've no intention of dropping out of this RP, and will work on a post tonight. I've recently found that the amount of RPs I've involved myself in were more than I could handle, alongside my other pursuits, and the weight of it all kinda caused me to stall in my tracks entirely. That was irresponsible and inconsiderate of me, and I will resume regular posting in this RP, for it interests me greatly.
  7. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, @, @@Vaporeon, Abigail let out a gasp of relief as the heracross missed its charge at her clefairy. However, as the heracross continued on wards and smacked into the tree, the girl looked on in concern. To make matters worse, the heracross jostled about three pokemon out of the tree, and Abigail audibly screamed as she saw the angered pinecos glow. She recognized this move, and was in no way a fan of it. She hurried forward as the heracross was blown back, and she knelt down beside it as tears formed in her eyes. "Non non non!" She shook her head as she bawled her eye
  8. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Leafeon,@@Vaporeon, @@Umbreon, @, "HWEH?" Abigail exclaimed, loudly, in surprise of the heracross's attack. The blow hit the clefairy, who was right beside the kneeling Abigail, squarely in its torso, and was knocked over onto its back whilst Abigail fell backwards out of surprise. "-Ryyy!" the clefairy cried out in pain, and Abigail stood up, "oh no, Isabellla! Are you alright?" The clefairy picked herself up off the ground, "clef... clef-fay!" The clefairy was panting. This enemy was clearly rather strong, and all of its anger was towards the clefairy. Meanwhile, the vulpix, who wa
  9. GaleFenrir

    Private Seekers (Pokemon RP)

    @@Leafeon, @@Antismurf9001, Cecil had attempted to wave good-bye to the strange purple-haired girl, but she was quick on her feet and was out of sight with great haste. "So... odd, that one. Oh well, she did give me something new to keep in mind." He turned his attention back to Jacques, "hmm? Oh, well I intend to challenge the gym here, of course." He stated matter-of-factly, "assuming that there is one." He started walking down the street, confident Jacques would be following along, "though, I might not rush over there right away. Who knows, maybe I'll pluck yet another stray pokemon
  10. GaleFenrir

    Private Starfall

    @@Vaporeon, @@Umbreon, Gallin looked at the strange boy, a thoroughly bewildered expression on his face. Said boy was pointing at each of Gallin's scars, and commenting on them, attributing their origins to names the half-orc gabite morph was unfamiliar with. He got one from Sharp-Bug, another from Fierce-Cat, and the last the scrawny boy had pointed out was from Flying-Fire-Lizard. Whatever these 'Scyther', 'Zangoose', and 'Charizard' were, Gallin would very much like to know; primarily so that he could hunt them down. "Me, Gallin." The brute repeated, irritated. This little boy was
  11. @, I think I am, unfortunately, going to have to back out of this RP. I was really interested, but I have plenty on my plate, and I think joining another in-depth RP will prove to drain me. Sorry about dat, Cinder. Have fun with everyone else, dough, seems like it'll be a good RP^^
  12. GaleFenrir

    Private Seekers (Pokemon RP)

    @@Leafeon, @@Antismurf9001, "Oh, yes, Scout is a most faithful companion of mine." Cecil said in casual response to Comet's remark. He was indeed proud of all his pokemon, and some would say that he had an 'authoritative' style as a trainer. Thus, whenever his pokemon did obey his commands, he was quite pleased. The growlithe was also quite pleased, as the girl scratched it behind the ears much like another friendly girl it had known back in Kalos. The growlithe was caught unawares when the snivy popped out, however, and looked questioningly at it while it was growled at, "grow?". "For
  13. GaleFenrir

    Private Johto Storm

    @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, @@Vaporeon, @, (including all yall in the post, cuz you're all on the same route, so... yeah. Just in case.) Abigail's eye widened as she saw the very large, very pink beetle fall out of the tree. "Hweh?" She gasped, before widening her mouth in a giant smile, "la vache!" She exclaimed, using a more colloquial expression than she typically allowed herself to use; she had a reputation back in Lumiose of having a rather loose tongue, and she had made the conscious decision to try and speak more 'lady-like'. Her expression quickly turned to one of terror, however, as
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