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  1. Went on a bit of a hiatus there... Back now though, i had a bit of an idea for a roleplay! ^^

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      Quick question. What exactly is hiatus

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      Tricksters Pride

      1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

      Basically i've been gone for a real long time and just resurfaced... Kinda out of touch by now though :P

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      It seems you're back.

  2. @, Stalling = Good chances to RP... Go ahead and keep stalling Cinder, its fun! ^ ^ ((Internet is back!))
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  4. Patience @, Patience wasn't too surprised that the Captain didn't need any help, most crews already knew what they where about before setting sail. That said Patience had said that she'd help out and offer to assist she did, as far as she was concerned that was allll she was obliged to do. So she nodded understandingly and was about to speak up when the Captain cuffed her... It was a friendly gesture she supposed and it was the Captain so he was safeish so it wasn't a big deal... That said instinctive reactions where hard worn into the merk so she loosened her wings defensively and easily sidestepped away from the Captain, only muttering "Yes Captain." as he leaped over the side of the ship onto the docks to greet those who where approaching. Merely glancing back to Scribe when he spoke up but uninterested in his words, as far as she was concerned she wasn't sharing her 'room' so she wasn't much bothered with it all and returned her gaze back to observing the newly arrived ponies instead. First thing learned was that the previously noted, and way to strong looking, unicorn was apparently named Pavisa... She seemed friendly enough and got on pretty well with the Captain it seemed but when she walked on board it became obvious that she was wearing the remains of some sort of armor... So she probably knew how to fight to some degree as well as having magic, coupled with everything else that naturally made Patience inwardly nervous. She didn't like that particular combination one bit... So when the Pavisa spoke up and waved Patience politely waved back and continued to watch the rest in silence. It seemed that there was some bad business between the Captain and the dull brown pegasus though, cause he was immediately in the air and questioning his own safety... Meh, smart of him she supposed. The other pegasus had landed and boarded by now too but he was addressing Scribe so Patience wasn't really paying much attention to him. Wasn't to fast, by her standards, and was excitable so he wasn't concerning. Yep, there was definitely a bad history between those two but... Not that bad though as the Captain was still willing to work with him despite a few warnings tossed in, valid warnings she supposed but when looking around... Even with the profession being dominated by pegasi this ship certainly didn't have many. And thankfully it seemed that the pegasus was willing to work with the Captain as well and he flew on deck and examined everyone within sight before moving over to the opposing railing and sitting on it to carefully watch everyone more carefully just as she was doing... Nice to see another pony with any measure of caution at least but all the more reason to be careful. Though by now she was done observing the new ponies and had gotten bored... Time to find out where that brandy was and get a bottle and get comfortable before everyone got all chatty. So patience casually avoided everyone else and made her way down to what she assumed to be the storage area, walking past and pretty much ignoring the pair of stallions in her search of brandy... But she didn't know what barrel contained her goal so after a moments search she muttered in annoyance and sits in front of the barrels to glare at them before looking over her shoulder to ask Scribe about it. "Hey Scribe, which one of these is brandy and do you guys have a spare flask that i could borrow for... a while?"
  5. Patience @, Patience rolled her eyes at the Captains bravado. Scribe can get seasick she was just fine having a bottle without being sick... That said if she had to pretend to be seasick to get one that wasn't going to be happening any time soon, she couldn't do much of anything if she was pretending to be seasick and it wasn't in the merk to be idle and useless... Even for brandy. That said Patience followed the seemingly eager Captain across his ship to hear him out before checking out the cabins herself, though she shook her head and chuckled at Scribes imput and the Captains unhappy response. As unamusing the thought was of one of the cabins falling apart it was still kind of amusing to hear about with the Captains reaction. Though when Patience made her way below-decks to check out the cabins she quickly decided that she didn't want to be sleeping down there. It wasn't the craftsmanship that Redwave was quick to dismiss as bad because it wasn't really that bad of work, she'd certainly seen worse, it was merely that below-decks was far to cramped for her and there wasn't enough space for her to move around should she be forced to fight... To say nothing of a few bad memories it was just off putting for the aerial instincts that she'd developed over the years and thus unsettled her a bit to be there. So after taking a moment to get a good idea of the layout she quickly, and nervously, made her way back onto the main deck and after taking a moment to relax she glanced up to the crows nest before tuning back into her surroundings in time to see the Captain humorously leap onto the prow and state that backup was coming, someone named Fisher and some others. Backup was always welcome as far as the merk was concerned so she made her way past the others to look over the prow of the ship, as tastefully far away from Scribe and the Captain as she could be while trying to get a good view of those approaching. The other group seemed to consist of an unconscious and really dusty pony... Couldn't make heads nor tails of him with him being on the ground like that despite her vision being as good as it was... Whatever, if he was important then she'd be getting a good view of him soon. A rough looking Cyan earth pony mare. Seemed decent enough and she wasn't incapable if that sword was anything to go by. Then there was a... rather 'eccentric' looking deeper orange unicorn, with his gender being made obvious by his facial shape if not by his more lithe form..... A stallion and a caster, not going near him. Next was a lavender unicorn mare that was obviously a noble... Nobles where sooo much fun... Not really. Next was a white Pegasus stallion. She'd have to note how fast that one was juuust in case. After that was a blondish unicorn... A really strong looking one. Yeah Patience was a bit unnerved by that particular mare on sight, any unicorn that big was just....... Well regardless she shifted a little in discomfort and quickly shifted her sight to somepony else. Near the lavender unicorn was a brown pegasus... Same as the last one he'd need to be evaluated later, he looked to plain to be nonthreatening to the merk... It was always the ones that you least expected. And after them was a pair of unicorns, small cyan filly and a blue stallion... Both looked to be the scholarly type and they where casters so they'd have to be avoided on principal. After examining the approaching group Patience glanced to the larger unicorn mare nervously for a last time before turning her attention to the Captain and spoke up in an easy manner. "I don't get seasick Captain but i'll take you up on that bottle anyway and i'm thinking that you think to little of your families craftsmanship, it ain't the best in the world but i've seen farrrrr worse than yours out there and some of them got paid for it... Regardless i'm a bit uncomfortable below-decks..." She then opened her wings slightly as if to explain why before continuing. "so might i ask to use the crows nest as opposed to a cabin? I assure you that i know how to secure my stuff and myself on rougher waters so there won't be any risk and i'd be willing to keep an eye out in return as well as any other jobs you wish to stack on to that." And after her question she smirked and her tone turned semi sarcastic. "I assure you that i won't be getting seasick by the way, i have sailed before in my time. Its the best way to get around when you've got an over-water route... That said i ain't that great a sailor so as far as it goes i'll be needing a few pointers to get an idea of what ya want me to do but don't take me for an incompetent captain..... Anyway what do you need done to get the ship ready to sail captain, i did offer to assist if you'll let me and i imagine that it'd be nice to have the ship ready by the time your friends get here so?..."
  6. huh... my internet is gone and i work online..... so fired :P

  7. Patience @, Patience remained silent and trailed behind Scribe and the rest when they made their way down to the docks, simply content to follow after her question had been answered seeing as she had little interest in chatting needlessly... Though she was uneasy for the entire trip as she was anticipating an attack from something, she figured that the Jumpers and their kin where driven away from most of the roads but she wasn't about to let her guard down till she was on the ship and she had checked the dam thing over from top to bottom. Last time she had assumed that it was clear one of them had nearly torn Dice to pieces, the dam things could practically smell it when you dropped your guard... And she wouldn't put it past them to actually be able to do that, they learned too dam fast for her liking. When they got to the docks and Patience got a chance to see how few ships there where in any condition to be called a ship she relaxed slightly, Not to many places to jump from with nothing but wrecks and derelict vessels around... Of course this only lasted until every time they walked by a abandoned ship on their way to the Dreamer, there was plenty of places to jump from on those few vessels that could still vaguely be considered ships. Though she did take her time to pause and look at one particular empty spot in disdain as they made their way down to the Dreamer. *'Offfffff course, i bet he fled the moment things started to get hard. Dam coward didn't even tell the rest of us that he'd left...'* Though when they arrived at the ship Patience sat behind the rest to examine it for a moment... While it wasn't the biggest or most top of the line ship it was still a pretty nice little Caravel. It may have been patched up enough to look like there was little that hadn't been replaced at some point in its past but to be honest... That only spoke well for the little ship to her. It had lasted a long time and wasn't sunk yet and its captain clearly cared enough to keep it in good shape thus it was reliable and even better the Captain was. You could have the newest ship in the sea but if it where untested then it might have design flaws yet to be found, same goes for the captain, but this vessel had obviously taken its kicks and kept on going. That said even with her opinion of the ship and its captain being rather high when he started his speech and rounded on them Patience merely listened attentivly, visibly unimpressed at the bravado even if she was listening, to the captains words and shook her head after he went on deck. He must have assumed she was an Equestrian but she was completely willing to listen to him in the exact manner described. Problem was that Equestria only carried as much weight as it carried bits to her and the sisters meant nothing without their coin... She wasn't getting paid. Sooo she'd listen to him as long as she liked and as far as she was concerned she was following his words to the letter, no breaking of her word required. So after the others made their way on deck Patience glanced around a moment before sighing and following them on deck... Just in time to see the Pegasus mare grab the Captains drink and fly a meter or so in the air to presumably ensure that he couldn't take it back... Note to self, don't let the mare see her drink nor let her take it if spotted. Either way she didn't want to get involved in that, though a note was taken that there might be brandy on board and she needed to ask about it, so she looked around to find Scribe. She wanted to find out where she could keep her stuff and the Captain was busy. So after spotting the unicorn in question she walked over till there was a meter between her and the stallion before speaking up with amusement. "Soooooo is it time for step two or can you direct me to wherever i'm allowed sleep?... As well as possibly showing me a bit of the ship cause i'm afraid to say that i haven't been on a caravel this small before so i have no idea where anything is on board."
  8. @@Torrent505, Ironically if i had the time i'd offer to host one cause i got a bit of a system for running Campaigns online... Just to busy right now. ...... And yet again ironically i'm not actually a melee type, i do my best work as either a wizard or a gunslinger... The rest of the party was just so green that they forgot the most basic rules, don't split the party and loot everything. I'm now playing as a gunslinger... A gunslinger that can probably kill anything in no time flat from a range of at least 100'..... I'm a very good gunslinger! XD
  9. @@Torrent505, Ummmmmm no... Good one, its just that the rouge can make some stupid decisions at times. I was a fighter and a very well made one, one-shoted everything and almost never missed and nothing could even touch me with my AC.... Dead now though so now i'm trying something else.
  10. @@Torrent505, Meh the kitchen's to small, the heating is crap, the stairs are faulty, and there's plenty of lose floorboards in addition to a few electrical problems... Pfft, kicked out? I'm just getting a good reason to make my lazy self upgrade! He shot at the druid earlier on and burned parts of his grove while i was away... He was also using sneak to hide............. So invisible
  11. @@Torrent505, Meh, some rip of artist Realtor sold my family a house... Thennnn he booted us from it cause of something in the contract, No save no refunds. Though in Pathfinder i went to get a drink and while i was gone the rouge had pissed off a druid and a bog Nixie... Druid summoned Sturges and the Nixie captivated me into a lake, half drowned me, and Coup de Graced me by cutting my throat... I would've lived where it not for the dam Sturges and their constitution destroying ways!!! XD
  12. @@Torrent505, Been really busy lately cause i'm getting kicked from my house, cause of such i've been having troubles posting as often as i'd like and in addition to that when i did get some time recently... My character in my Pathfinder campaign was absolutely wreaked and won't be revived ever. So i've been pretty busy writing up a new one. Sorry!
  13. Hah, you guys and your big plans. I just wanna... Make a few bits off of the open warfare hehehehe. Remember guys, it ain't profiteering if the war started first! ^ ^
  14. Patience @, As Noble made his dramatic statement Patience continued to watch the stallion for any signs of aggression, a twitch, a glow to his horn, anything that would give her time to react if he had tried to attack. But all she saw was a disappointed demigod with a flair for dramatics and a dislike for the word betrayer. So when he suddenly opened up a pair of wings Patience merely tensed to react and as she watched him fly away with no obvious intent to come back she relaxed slightly and turned her attention back to the mare, the designated threat was gone now all that was left was to see what was up with the other one. So when the Captain lowered his blade and tried to converse with the mare Patience shook her head and sheathed her blade, reaching back under her stomach and unlocking it before tilting her sheath back up into its usual position with the blade properly secured in it... Though she didn't close her wings or relax her defensive stance much, that mare had previously been quit quick to draw her crossbow and Patience wasn't about to let her guard down and let somepony get shot... Not that she cared about the others! She just didn't want to get shot is all!..... The mare initially spoke up defensively as was expected but her sudden shock and sadness was slightly suspicious, she'd just confessed that the other pony was her brother... The alicorn demigod! So Patience wasn't sure how to deal with the other mare cause on one hoof she could have actually been sad and that sucked in all but in the merks opinion it was more of a family problem and it didn't change anything other than she and her brother needed to work it out themselves, but the expedition was overseas not here in Equestria where her brother was so not only was it none of their business but... It had no place on the expedition, just drama...... That said the more likely option was that she was faking and that the demigod could teleport so it was just a trap to catch them off guard, Patience was having none of that so she took little notice of the other mares tears and instead watched her surroundings more carefully. Then the Captain stalled out, apparently not sure how to deal with the emotional mare... Not that Patience could blame him, if she where in his position she wouldn't have been any better at dealing with it. That said she wasn't real pleased to have the rookie deal with her as opposed to the Captain, when she noticed the guard over where the rook used to be she understood but it was still a bit irritating. So when Scribe asked to start things over again without swords Patience rolled her eyes, folded her wings with a faint click, and brought her now folded wings to her side before sitting down and watching the pair. She had figured that she'd use this opportunity to see if Scribe was as green as he looked and had thus stayed quiet. *'There's a difference between tactless and blunt and to the point you know...'* So Gwyn stopped crying and spoke to Scribe, explaining little of what had happened and generally sounding pitiful... Whatever it was either fake, though by this point it probably wasn't seeing as the theoretical trap should have been sprung the moment the Captain turned around and let his guard down, or not her problem so lets see how Scribe deals with it... To which he just paused, looked around, grinned nervously, looked to the Captain for some reason, looked back to Gwyn, and stated that because he doesn't know where his sister was that they should stick together..... What?... Umm ok so hes obviously reallllly naive at least and probably pretty green indeed. Then he said that the Captain would come around and that he'd be making uggh... 'gooey-eyes' at the pegasus mare over there. So he had a marefriend, good for him now what does that have to do with him coming around in any way?... Maybe his marefriend was soft? Eh made sense, going with that. So by the time Gwyn was thanking for his naiv 'kindness' Patience was shaking her head and sighing. *'This is going to be a looooong trip... Poor rook, i don't know how green the poor stallion'll be by the end of this.'* And after a few moments she instead opted to ask something more on topic to her, choosing a more neutral tone as she didn't really know what to think of 'Rook' as she had decided to call the younger stallion. "Alllright now that that's done with... What exactly are we doing here, all the flier said was that you and the Captain need some assistance and you had an idea of how to end this mess. Soooo i'm here and i'd like to help, tell me what you two have planned and i'll try to help you guys out... No charge considering the state of things around here but i do need to have an idea of whats going on in order to offer you guys any help....."
  15. One day off the site and i get like 50 notifications??? What madness is this that states that everything happens when i can't do anything?