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  1. Geez it has indeed been a long long long time since I've been here...Don't kill me folks...(hopes no one remembers me too well) haha

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      @Lunar: no I don't believe we have but it is a welcoming sight to have your presence :)

      @BreBre: yeah it's been a long long time XD

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      Super Sand Legend

      Welcome to Lordran, Aero. Ring two bells to progress, this is the only real plot development you're ever going to get.

  2. (I apologize for my lack of posting here. I know it's not easy DMing and coming up with ideas for each individual character but such was what I chose. Due to school restarting, I have racked up a busy schedule; thus the RP may move slowly. Still, I intend to continue posting as much as my mind will allow me.) BasicTimeZone: character scenarios may happen without correspondence to other characters @Atarashi: Night comes as the sun breaks below the horizon. @Italy: Just after midday @California: Still late morning @@Charcoal Embers, In a city that never sleeps, even the night Atarashi was a grand sight and lively community. When the neon truly gleamed in a colorful array of essences, it seemed like night hadn't even arrived just yet. At least, it would have been this way had the creators of Atarashi not designed for all light sources to retain light pollution: their filters angling them to those who would look upon them below rather than omni-directional. It was quite the crafty way to design the magnificent digital screens that lived upon the building sides. For the young Prisca, the light would not invade her slumber as Atarashi glass was meant to block these specially designed neon. Even the lowest class of stay at Atarashi was in fact quite unparalleled to many other countries. Respect and happiness was all the city cared for: it's people. Extrovert annoyances weren't usually the reason many couldn't sleep in the splendor of the city. @@clockwork24, Some had offered initially to help Jeremy up but by his determined expression, they turned and continued about their day. The man was quite intimidating to some while others figured they had seen even more sight worthy things than a man with mechanical legs. "Hmm...interesting mechanization around the tibialis anterior though lacking satisfactory muscle aptitude," a young woman with long shaggy chestnut nodded, watching Jeremy as he went about his work. "Dr. Wheaton, I presume?" This woman appeared fierce in every way, her attire being that of a deep oceanic blue robe with what appeared to be gallant leather armor beneath about her waistline. Still, she left little about her upper torso beneath the robe either than what appeared to be of a dress structure and a golden amulet embedded with a white diamond. She only stood about 5'8" in height and was very beautiful in her body's stature. Her eyes, however, were a bright amethyst, staring unwaveringly at Jeremy below lick an eagle would a field mouse. No weapon was visible on her body, but the way she carried herself was more than enough to ensure she didn't simply mean to have a comforting chat. @, Brunhilde stood as well with Vincent but was silent the entire step in her motion. " are in grave danger I fear..." Her whole demeanor was different at such a sudden moment and only Vincent would know her stance...fatal combat. Slowly yet blindingly fast, the woman's left hand gripped the sheath of her mighty rapier as the other extended to Vincent directly, her index and middle finger the only ones expanded with her palm flat to him. Her target was...him. She was distant, as she always did before challenging an opponent, mixing three different styles into one: bushido, art of the duel, and phantom noise. Each one she had taught to Vincent in some manner but mixing had yet to have been covered. As though entranced, Brunhilde closed her eyes to initiate the first gate of the phantom noise combat. "Master Vincent...Why are you so scared?" she asked in a calm yet eerie tone, "You have everything you need to protect yourself...I would be an utter fool to not treat you as an equal as I was your teacher...yet...I you desire understanding, chains shall be broken and an unraveling of the future would assume full control over you. Vincent...please don't make this any harder than it must be..." @@notten1, "Well sell it!" the man on the other side of the line said eagerly, "No reason to hold onto a dying brand. Besides, the money will be good I'm sure! The deed is beneath the wood at the register. Take the money to my office then give them the deed. Have a good day Kell!" With that, the phone was hung up as the two men eyed Kell with impatience, obviously wanting to leave the establishment as soon as possible. (Ampharos: I will be sure to have you a post by at least tonight. I'm trying to consider what exactly to do with your character to key into the plot at the moment. I will have something by tonight.)
  3. Just asked a very beautiful girl out (both personality and physically) and I am utterly terrified. I looked at her facebook and now I don't feel good enough! Gah!

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      *hugs* And good luck too you to :D

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      Confidence my friend, and you are the one who could truly bring yourself that.

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      Super Sand Legend

      Aero. You're probably hawter than her. And you've got an amazing personality.

  4. @@Ampharos,@,@@Charcoal Embers, Guys guys, it's fine! Honestly I'm busy as crap with my life now with school and work No pressure on this but I apologize to those of you who are really pushing it hardcore. I'll try to keep up.
  5. @@notten1, "Oh I don't believe you have any drinks hard enough for me," the tall one retorted finally, grinning slyly. "Most of the stuff in here is watered down anyways. It disgusts me." The pair seemed to be getting impatient with the boy's antics, the bald one tapping his foot to a annoyed beat. The boss on the other side of the phone seemed to be a very carefree man, laughing as soon as Kelly answered. "Well hello to you too Kell! So much are they offering? Did they set a price?" he replied nonchalantly as it sounded like booming music in the background. Obviously, the boss was at a party of some kind and seemed to be more than enjoying himself due to the slur in his voice. "Eeyyyyhehehyyyy Sunneh," Erin giggled drunkenly as he wrapped an arm around the bald man, more than terrifying the small man due to Erin's size. "Let's be findin' a room aftur yer talks with the wee lad." "Let him go fool!" the taller man shouted before lifting Erin's arm and shoving him away, who only laughed in return. The short man had been sweating before taking his glasses and cleaning them. "D-do you seriously l-let people do that h-here? Y-you're lucky I don't sue!" @@clockwork24, The chubbier man wearing an apron covered in grease sighed and mumbled something that mocked the word 'tourists.' He then held out his hand and took the writing before studying it for a moment. "Oh, you're headed towards the Atarashi Conventional Center. Kinda weird you've never seen it. It's at the dead center of the city and is the biggest building, I think in the whole world. Not height wise of course," the attendant nodded before handing the paper back to Jeremey. Stroking his chin, the man continued: "You're quickest way from here would probably be taking the aerial tram. It's free so you won't need a ticket or anything." @, Brunhilde seemed to carry no expression as she heard Vincent's questioning, nodding as he willed a first hand look at his father. "Vincent...bluntly, he was attacked. All onlooking individuals within your father's embassy, well...those who didn't die, witnessed the event. Heh...but you'll may still inquire it hard to believe," she answered before sighing and standing, her rapier chinging in its sheath to her side. "My informant was panicked when he spoke to me: terrified if you must. According to his description, a white haired man with an enormous sword across his back led a group of four other individuals, all of their own descriptions, straight through your father's stronghold and...well...decimated three quarters of the manor...Your father had sent out a distress signal beneath the rubble but when decapitated head was found, they pronounced him dead. Does this satisfy you, young master?" @@Ampharos, "O...oh...okay then..." the young woman responded, watching Pat turn tail and leave before growling to herself and pounding herself on the head. "Of course she left! You scared her away! Gah!" With that, the girl took off sprinting in another direction, sifting through the crowds like lightning. Atarashi still seemed lively, even with the sudden attack from the psycho recruiter girl. Everyone seemed to go about their business quite thoroughly and joyfully. Still the aroma's filled the air as dinner time was coming about. The sun was starting it's decent, casting magnificent colors of pumpkin and sakura through the slightly clouded sky. @@Charcoal Embers, Isao grunted in disappointment before Nao adjusted his glasses and looked at Prisca skeptically. "Hmm...that's a pretty long description compared to just innocently saying 'no' or going about your original style of speech...Isao, she's hiding something," he immediately assessed before Isao sighed and bowed respectfully to Prisca. "Well, then her secrets are her own I guess...Sorry for bothering you Prisca. We'll be headed off now. We need to find out at least something before nightfall. We don't exactly want to be out here in the cold heh..." Mikio sneezed to finish off Isao's words before the group turned around and began heading down the docks again. "See ya later Prisca! It was a pleasure meeting you!"
  6. @@Charcoal Embers, Isao seemed ultimately nervous in his approach towards the cutely attractive girl. He almost didn't even retrieve her hand for a shake as he was entranced by her voice and appearance. The other two behind him weren't much of help either as the larger one expressed a face of determination and fierce conviction to the conclusion of the interaction as though her was watching a romantic anime. His counterpart was practically drooling from his eyes. "Oh...Prisca huh?" Isao smiled as he took her hand and shook it firmly, knowing she must not have been from any oriental nation. "I-It's a pleasure to meet you!" Suddenly, the fox-hooded friend jabbed Isao in the back, causing him to jump and look back. Embarrassed he released Prisca's hand and stepped out of the way. "Oh and this is Mikio," Isao introduced while pointing at the chubbier one before pointing to his friend with the glasses. "And this is Nao. We're natives here to Atarashi. Funny enough, this isn't even the whole gang. We were actually here looking for-gah! Stop Mikio!" Again his fox-eared friend jabbed him, causing Isao to start pounding him on the head while shouting incoherently. Nao quickly stepped forward and bowed, adjusting his glasses before addressing Prisca. "Sorry, but our intentions here are strictly confidential." "No it's not! It's not like she'll be of any harm...geez..." Isao retorted, relieving Mikio from his onslaught of terror. He then walked past Nao who responded with a grunt. "On any terms, she might be of help. Prisca? You didn't see anything odd on your way here did you? Maybe on the boats or in the water?" the blue-haired boy asked genuinely. @@Ampharos, It was no surprise what would be found in Atarashi as it was indeed the capitol of new beginnings. Uniquely to Pat's location, there laid many aromas of food derived from every nation: chinese, italian, american, french and european, indian, japanese, etc. The best part about it, however, was how Atarashi even had it's own little taste from those who had done a little culture mixing in their ingredients. Food often was the main target for many tourists just as much as the attractions themselves. The young woman's cry did cause quite the startle among the masses as many of them stopped just to stare and judge her a bit. After a few second, none of them really cared and went about their merry way. "Miss! Miss!" a young female voice shouted while running to Patil. The smaller girl had the look of a maid about her with a menu in her hands. Out of breath when she caught Pat, she bent over to her knees to catch her breath. Still, almost like a firework, she immediately sprung to action. "You really know how to catch someone's attention! Well, we can really put that to good use!" Obviously there was a catch to the maiden's action with her overly exaggerated expressions and voice but she fought ever opportunity for Patil to lose eye contact. "I'm from the Atarashi Conventional Center looking for skilled spokesmen...or spokeswomen in your case haha! You've probably already seen some of us around the-" "Hey! Would you like to try some of Sweet Gum's barbecue-" "Truly the best taste in Atarashi! Spring roll a'la-" "Here! Free sample! Come to the-" Suddenly, Patil was under an onslaught of advertisers from different restaurants. The young girl from the Conventional Center looked like she was about to explode as smoke started fuming from her ears. In complete insanity, the little maid pounced onto one of the advertisers and started gnawing at his ear, who in return yelped painfully. "Aah! Someone get this maniac off!" The girl then pounced in front of Patil off the man and glared viciously with a little bit of blood on her mouth from the man's ear. "This is MY prospect," she growled, "MINE!" The advertisers were immediately struck with fear at the little devil and backed away sweating before attempting another possible customer...far away from Patil and the she-devil. With that, the little girl spun around and smiled as though nothing had happened, wiping the blood from her mouth and bowing. "Sorry, heh...sometimes they don't know when to stop. Feels like the stoneage at times here," she apologized with a sweat. "Here, take a card. Hope we can hear from you's your name?" @, Vincent's words seemed to give Brunhilde an appeasing aura, sprouting a sling smile upon her face as she took a sip of her warmed tea. Silently, the woman listed to every word she had grown accustomed to hear from her master's mouth. It didn't surprise her even in the slightest. Brun knew her ambition. Brun knew her master's ambition. Despite their lack of blood, she saw Vincent as a prodigy and partner rather than a master. The skilled woman had taught a great deal to him. Whether her teachings were entirely moral was led to speculation but it built Vincent into a strong willed, young man. Brunhilde was proud of his accomplishments. "Well..." she interjected to break the silence that had followed before lowering her tea cup and closing her eyes with perfect posture. "...then I will follow your ambition. My contract is tied to you alone, Master Lancer." Vnnng...Vnnng... The butler's pocket began to vibrate from a black phone she had carried. Calmly while sighing, she pulled up the device to her ear and answered in proper respect: "Yes?" After almost five minutes of dead silence and a humming from words being said, Brunhilde lowered the object and set it on the counter top to her side. She seemed distant slightly but her calm expression only voice eager anticipation. Collected in her mindset, Brunhilde crossed her leg over her knee in a casual manner. "It would seem your father is dead, young Lancer..." @@clockwork24, Almost as immediately as Jeremy made his advance, a salesmen caught his direction of intent and practically galloped over to him. "Why hello sir! Say, have you ever thought why you can't hear so well in large cities? Well that's due to your-" "Oi! Get yerself a fresh wrench from moi shop!" a girl butted in before followed by another. "You-must-buy...Two-fo-one..." Suddenly, all seemed to stop and freeze in place, not even the air chancing movement. "Dr. Wheaton..." a deathly voiced echoed from that of a man. "So you have finally arrived...Find the location at which I speak then we shall move to the hallowing dawn...Atarashi Conventional Center...third floor...vacant store...passcode 135791#...use your algorithmic cube to decipher the rest...bring the codex..." As the voice faded, everything returned to normal with the salesmen assaulting Jeremy's position with there many gimmicks and offers. @@notten1, The bar's bustle was still usual as the little exchange of words was met between Kelly and the two men who seemed a little on edge at the boy's antics. Who did he think he was, acting as though he were the owner of the establishment. No matter, they would do what had to be done in order to fulfill their own boss' expectations. "Well erm," the bald one started, "that's fine if we must wait for you to call your superior. Really, I would have expected more from competition. I'm sure our offer will more than suffice for this one." It was more than apparent that he was boasting more to his friend than Kelly as he looked back and chuckled, waiting for Kelly to call her boss. Even though Kelly was standing his ground and butting out his chin, the men cared stability perhaps or maybe they were compensating? "Come on, I'm sure your boss will love to hear the offer," the bald man said again. Oddly enough, the taller one had been yet to speak but showed an eye of arrogance just as level as his shorter counterpart.
  7. @@clockwork24, It's no problem I just have to throw an hour or two into making another post for you guys haha (...someone help...)
  8. @@Ampharos, Technically not behind since it is the introductions anyways lol
  9. @@notten1, Erin seemed appalled by Kelly's lack of consideration towards him after he went through all the trouble of stumbling over to him. He was about to say something belligerent before the doors to the Cloverlief opened strongly with a slight bang. Entering were some men in new age, black business suits. One of them was short and bald while the other long and growing largish black hair that trickled down his face. They had a look of determination about their face with a large briefcase to the short one's side. Despite their dramatic entrance, they proceeded quietly to the register where Kelly was sipping soda and grumbled at his improper mannerisms. "Eherm..." the short one interjected, "Sir, is your boss in today? The members of the High and Tight would like to spe-" "Oi would ye look at that!" Erin blurted out loudly, drawing everyone's attention. "Wee lil Sunny and Cher come to perform a ditty for de world again! I'll be drinkin' to that hahaha!" Erin began laughing far too heartily, causing himself to fall off the bench he sat on and go quiet with a groan that sounded like him saying 'ouch.' The two men glared at the man in disgust before returning their attention to Kelly. "Nasty customers for a nasty bar. Makes sense...So is he here, boy?" @@clockwork24, Atarashi was unusually bustling with people as the temperatures were dropping with the sun. Time was far from a reality in the city as nothing seemed to ever sleep. No shop ever closed nor any building of public commerce. Still, there were unfortunately salesmen here and there outside of shops, handing out fliers or anything that might attract any onlooking tourist's attention. The best part about Atarashi is that there wasn't any vehicles except public transit through aerial trams that numbered the sky above the city. Funny enough, if the buildings didn't reach so high, it would have looked like a theme park with all the lights and rails. The usual bustle of the ever so popular city never failed expectations. With the winter festivities, such as the parade or the other activities expected from such, it was no surprise there seemed to be more visitors. @, Brunhilde gasped at his humoring as she watched him walk back inside, closing the shutter behind him. "If I didn't, Master Lancer, your father would have my head-and need not I remind you of disgust one might behold to see my inner organs exposed to air!" she explained in frustration before putting her nose into the air and crossing her arms. "Besides, the Atlantic would be a much better place to jump into the sea. The waters there are much more relaxing." After her little excursion of expressing her distaste in his threat, Ms. Augustine walked forward and past Vincent to the kitchen. "When might our relocation commence?..." she said in a quieter fashion as she returned with a pair of warm cups of tea, awaiting Vincent to take his pick. "I know your motives...When your mind passes into silence, you have grown bored with the current fashion of your existence. not wish to stay here as directed by your father...correct?" @@Charcoal Embers, "Welcome to Atarashi, an ingeniously man-made island city at the dead center of the Sea of Japan and ho-" "Geez, can the reiterate it enough?" A young man with slightly blue color hair that smoothed kindly to his ears uttered next to Prisca. "I know, right? So annoying," another boy behind him stated. It appeared that there was in fact a trio of boys that were next to Prisca, looking up at the city lights and horribly loud speakers in a carefree manner. The one with the bluish hair was obviously the ringleader with a thin, well fit body and carrying a backpack. The other two behind him appeared to be more of the otaku style, the chubbier one wearing a hood with fox ears and the other with a pair of glasses that looked like three glasses stacked on top of each other. "Isao, looks like we're not alone," the one with the glasses assessed, looking directly at Prisca with a blush. The ring leader, Isao, turned to see what his friend was talking about along with his chubbier counterpart before blushing in unison. They stared for quite some time before Isao shrugged and walked towards her with a cough. "Um...sorry about that. This isn't exactly our first time. My name is Isao. Are you new here?" he asked after introducing himself and bowing as with his culture.
  10. I'm starting to wonder if I should just move on without him but it wouldn't quite feel right...I guess he could come into play when he decides.
  11. @, lol going to post? XD Still waiting on yours and Ampharos before I can reply
  12. Wow...canceling the RP after telling me, "you should be patient." Haha alright guys. I've been very busy with work and yes, last night I indulged in some fluid video gaming but that doesn't mean anything towards the RP. It is and will happen. I just need to get the RP thread up. RP IS UP bleh and of course the title would be different lol