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  1. Oh! I get it now. From an Equestrian standpoint, yeah,I get where you are coming from. XD But admittendly, if I was going for a completely Equestrian character I will admit, it wouldn't be this Character. XD
  2. You might need to go into more detail as to why you don't find it believeable. BEcause I don't quite see why.
  3. Believable motive? As in for why she chose to go there specifically or why she chose to run away?
  4. Wow... has it been that long? I don't remember when I last updated Charcoal on here, but wow... it's been forever since I asked for a review. XD Sorry for the double post, but yeah. I do need to update Charcoal a bit. I put too much shyness into her. XC And even a friend of mine said that the shyness can get in the way. So I need to refresh that part of her a bit. And how would you suggest that I fix her backstory?
  5. @, Hey, not trying to be pushy or anything, but we are just waiting on you and Ampharos to post in the RP.
  6. @@clockwork24, So is Aerodynas I'm sure. But if they did forget or they have to stop it is really going to put Aerodynas into a bad mood.
  7. My heart skipped a beat as they mentioned that I was hiding something, but I was grateful to see they didn't want to press me for anything right now. What they wanted to know didn't bother me, but I was a bit disappointed to see them having to go. "Alright, I'll be seeing you guys. I hope you have some luck with finding what you are looking for. And if I could be of any help, just come find me." I said with a smile, not expecting to see them any time soon, but feeling the need to say that anyway. Then I was on my way. I had never been here before, but I wasn't coming here completely unprepared. I brought out a map of Atarashi that I had gotten and used it to lead myself. And with only some slight issues, I was able to find my way to the hotel I would be staying at. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was at least good enough to not be a shithole. Checking in and getting the keys to the room I would be renting I found my way to my room and began to get settled in, going straight to the bed with a smile on my face. "Ah... it is getting late, if I start sleeping now I can hey up earlier tomorrow and begin exploring. I have enough money to let me last a while, but I will need to find a job as well. Oh, but I am so excited to get started." I squirmed a bit in my bed, so ecstatic to explore the next day as I closed my eyes, attempting to fall asleep and get the next day started.
  8. @@Aerodynas, I knew that they couldn't be talking about me. I had never been anywhere near my entire life. Yet, when they asked me if I had seen something... weird, I couldn't help but think of my... ability. It made me slightly nervous, but I kept a cool head and continued to smile at them, only shifting my feet slightly. "Strange you say? Well... I can not say that I really remember seeing anything strange while on the boat. And the strangest thing I have seen since I have gotten off the boat is how load that announcement is. So, I'm sorry, but I don't think that I have seen anything strange. Maybe if you specified what you were looking for I would be a little bit more helpful. But for now, I'm sorry, but I can't say I know what you are looking for." I said to them, being mostly genuine about my boat ride. It was true about me not seeing anything out of the ordinary, but when you were me, you usually ended up having a few things go wrong around you from time to time.
  9. @@Aerodynas, I was surprised when I saw how many people actually stood around here waiting for transport while that loud announcement speaker was going off. It would deafen me after 30 minutes of hearing it. But what happily surprised me, was how I was pretty much immediately greeted by a very nice boy right off the bat. I smiled at the three boys, looking over them and easily noticing the blush from Isao. "Oh, well aren't you just a gentleman. It's very nice to meet you Isao. Yes, I am new here. I just got off the boat and was just wondering what I should go do first. I know I should go check into a hotel somewhere, but there is just so much here and I am sure that it is something I will want to explore as soon as possible." I said with a smile as I spun around a little, looking up into the sky and at the tall buildings. But that's when I remembered my manner, as I stop my spin, flattening my light blue skirt and shifting my white long sleeve shirt I look back at Isao. "Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Prisca. Prisca Casa. Nice to meet you." I said, holding my soft, yet firm hand out for a handshake.
  10. It was greater than anything I had imagined. Well, that wasn't true. I had seen many many pictures about this place. Atarashi, I had been waiting to come here for a while now. And now, I was finally here. The boat I was riding on couldn't have arrived faster, as I already had all my things ready and in my hands, wanting to get off this boat. And when we were finally aloud off the boat, I couldn't have taken it all in. All the lights, the colors, all the people and different places to go, it was all too much. "Alright, calm down, let's just take a deep breath." I said to myself, taking in a very deep breath before releasing it. This was a new home, with new opportunity. New people to meet and new experiences to be had. "Oh, I can't wait to start meeting the people around here." I said, finally starting my march forward, not really sure where I was going to go to first.
  11. Sorry. Aero got a little distracted with Shadow of the Colossus last night. I really Don't know what is going through his mind about this. But unless he tells me other wise and either of us say something here, I would assume that the RP is canceled.
  12. Name: Prisca Casa Gender: Female Age: 21 Appearance: 5’-1” Tall, Prisca normally has long, blond hair, but she occasionally has some sort of coloring in it to give it a little flare. Her bust is very average, while she is quite lean, toned, and has a face that will make a lot of people stare. Lips with just a bit of pink to them, a face that some would say practically glows, and her eyes are a very nice Amethyst purple. She always enjoys dressing up a bit, nothing TOO flashy for just normal walks, but things like some light makeup and a nice dress. Personality: Prisca is a flirt. If she likes you, she won’t be afraid to say it. If she thinks you are good looking, she will tell you. She knows she is good looking and will show it off. She has nothing to hide and if you ask her, she will tell you pretty much anything. And while she can go overboard sometimes, she is still sweet at heart. She does care for people who care for her back. She isn’t afraid as well to use her charm and looks to try and get things she wants. She won’t steal, but she will occasionally try to get people to do things for her. But despite her outword appearance, she isn't entirely happy. She always acts happy for the others around her, but leave her completely alone for a while, and she will lose it. She needs to have company around to stay sane and she is always finding it hard to sleep at night without someone there with her. History: She never knew her parents. Almost as soon as Prisca was born she her mother died from a heart attack. And when she was very young her father died through means that were never explained to her. But after her father died she was immediately moved to her grandparents where she was immediately put into a boarding school with pretty much all girls. Starting out it was an all girls school, but the year Prisca came in it changed to where boys could apply too. She was alright in her classes. Passing them easily and moving through the grades. But despite her being so popular, there were a choice few that really tried to make things hard for Prisca. They wouldn’t do much, but the biggest thing being that one of them found out about her parents. They would tease her constantly about it. And despite what she would act like at school, it hurt her badly. So badly that eventually, after her grandparents got the story out of her, they put her in a little bit of therapy, and hired her a personal self-defense teacher, since they felt that bullying always ended with the bully hurting their victim. To the surprise of everyone she did especially good, learning some of the basics very quickly at a young age, and Prisca really enjoyed it too. She soon started taking different martial arts classes, learning different forms combat while growing up. And she very soon became nearly a master at many different forms of combat. She personally prefers combat involving landing hard strikes to sensitive points at the body, but knows much more than just that. After she graduated from school she happily moved out of her grandparents’ house, ready to take on the world. She currently lives in Atarashi, knowing that it is a very good for a new start. Abilities: Umbra Vivens Much to the fascination of her companions and family, Prisca's subconsciousness takes on a form far more physical than simple information within her mind. As if moulded by some supernatural force, Casa's very shadow appears to move with a mind of its own. In reality the shadow is simply following the commands of the owner's subconscious thoughts, though how this is even possible is still up for debate. What is known is Prisca has some slight control over the shadow, though these manipulations often reflect her current state of mind rather the concious thought processes. The subject has shown particularly strong responses to powerful, immediate emotions, often the shadow may take on a very disturbing or outright terrifying appearance as a defensive reflex to being scared. More often than not, the shadow is unable to interact with the physical world and simply carries the properties of a malleable lack of light. Perhaps the most supernatural aspect of this power is when the two parts of the mind think in unison, often it is particularly difficult to have the subconscious side to cooperate but when it does spectacular things are sure to occur. The shadow, as if an extension of Prisca's will may be granted the ability to interact with the physical realm... With kinetic force. The more complex or difficult the task the harder it is for such a unison to be achieved, with simple actions such as lifting a glass of water being relatively easy compared to operating precise controls on a machine. It appears that through meditation and training, she has somewhat made this process easier, but only time will tell if such an event can ever become "easy," to instigate. Whether through self-indoctrination, psychological trauma or perhaps even an inkling of truth, Prisca is convinced that the shadow is able to speak to her at times. Perhaps it represents her subconscious side communicating with her conciousness, perhaps she is delusional, none can say as only she has ever testified to communication with the entity. (Credit for the ability going to Sanctified Absence for the full amount of details.)
  13. I remember you! XD Got any ideas? Ideas for what it is going to be are really the important part right now.