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  1. *Receives a siesta* *Inserts approximately 27 gopher tears*
  2. *Receives copious amounts of waifus* *Inserts the power of friendship that was inside us all along*
  3. What if Button's mom is her full name? That would make me happy.
  4. I'm very excited but I'm also not gettin my hopes too high, but from what I've heard it sounds solid. Also, I believe the February 27 release date is just a rumor and it's yet to be confirmed...
  5. Carrots Favorite time of day? (Morning, afternoon, night)
  6. The relief of facial tension after your face scrunches up and possible release of endorphins (evidenced not proven) Favorite Fallout 4 Diamond City Radio song?
  7. Here I try my hand at some fanfiction again. Creative criticism and such is not only welcomed but encouraged! Hope you enjoy Chapter 1! "Rainbow Dash learns that with the title of an Element of Harmony comes a certain level of immunity from the law. Now She's determined to see just how far she can push it, whether Twilight likes it or not." http://www.fimfiction.net/story/252791/the-element-of-immunity
  8. This is very helpful, thanks a ton! Comma usage has always been one of my biggest problems in writing (mostly in dialogue) so this will help me a lot with that. Thanks a bunch! Most likely I'll end up re-writing this chapter but keeping the same premise, I'm still fairly new to writing and trying to get some practice in, but I like this premise too much to abandon it simply because I'm trying to practice.
  9. I wouldn't mind one a bit more like the Italian theme! >Doesn't know how to get video to show up on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey5ubV7ePoc
  10. I've never forgot but for a few episodes I think I thought Rainbow was a boy (if I remember correctly)
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