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  1. Well....as much as having this happen sooner would be better, the power to give the final go-ahead lies solely with our DM. Therefore, we must be patient and wait for a post. Unfortunate, but true.
  2. So, to add to my awesome scheduling constraints, I am now sick with a 103+ fever JUST THIS AFTERNOON. This means I can't play ANYTHING this weekend, even if it's just a practice. Life can really be a jerk sometimes. Anyway....yeah. I'm going to bed. But before that... Double Rainboom!!!!! YEAH!!!
  3. Just letting you all know, my schedule is going to be a little tighter than before. One, I've got a funeral to go to this upcoming weekend. Two, my friend and I are working to create a really cool film that will take a couple of months to complete, so we'll have to be out for whenever we can to scout locations, work on storyboards, plan, gather our team, and actually go out and film, not to mention the weeks it will take to edit and fully render with special effects. Needless to say, I may not be AS available as I have previously been for a while. Hopefully I'll have some time during the summe
  4. Welcome back! I hope it was fun! There is now a slight lull in action here, and I think we have a little more to get squared away before we start this. I know it's been a long time waiting, and rest assured that we ALL want to play errayday, but a tad more waiting is in order to make sure it is about as streamlined as possible. Anyway, I wouldn't be too worried about having life events interrupt online events right now. I mean, even if we were already playing and you had to go for something important, I'm sure the rest of us would understand. (though we might be moderately disappointed-but tha
  5. Just to make sure, you have filled out the character sheet for Ballistic, yeah? If so, then all we have to do for the practice is gather our available members and schedule a time that is acceptable for everyone. (though mostly for Mr.GM) / Good to see you again, twilight.
  6. Not to sound like a giant jerk, but....you haven't exactly been posting for a while now. That's not to say you aren't or never were involved, though! I'm just saying that might be a source of confusion.
  7. Way to go, Addem. Joking, of course. Well, if we all can't make it, then I propose that we instead make this weekend a practice session of sorts. Addem already has knowledge of all some/most of this, so having a practice session for those who CAN attend sound like a good idea to me. Anyone else?
  8. Well, I just got done with about the most stressful week of my life.That was fun. I should (should) be good to play on Friday, Saturday, and maybe some of Sunday if required. Side note: Does anyone think that we should change the banner for this thread? Changing it might not be "technically" correct, but it might help to...deter. Of course, I don't mind others coming to the thread, but I hate the feeling when I / we / Ballistic have to send those people away. Anyway, just a suggestion.
  9. So, as far as I'm concerned, the majority rules that Skype should be the preferred method of communication, with Roll20's chat system as a valid stand-by. Alright. The following is a list I compiled of all of the information I know about this group in a single spot. Ballistic will known more, and might be able to fill in the missing info. If I got anything wrong or missed something (besides the information I don't have), I'm sorry, for some of this I had to use my powers of deduction and such to figure it out. Time Zones: GMT, GMT-5*, GMT-6 (some of these have multiplicities)
  10. Lo siento, hombre, pero, tenemos basta participantes en el momento.
  11. I tentatively vote "yay." Edit: Now we have 4 votes for "yay"
  12. It WOULD go much faster. Though, then we wouldn't have the ability to do things like this--- *breathes sigh of relief*--- without feeling really awkward.
  13. How terribly sneaky. If you were to give an estimation of when....when? Ignore this:
  14. I noticed something that doesn't matter at all, but still bothers me, so I'm going to share. Opalicious has his name spelled wrong on his character description in Roll20.
  15. One important detail needs to be changed. He has eyelashes in the picture. You may want to disable that, unless our tough paladin is going to have a feminine side. Though as a disclaimer, I have no problem with that.
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