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  1. I would try and ask the bears, wolves, cats, frogs, birds, worms and all other animals to accompany me to town, and them point out that...umm...animals eat other animals including all of these and a whole lot more than them. Almost every bug in the word is cannibalistic, all birds eat other birds of smaller size at least one point or another. So forth and so on. Then point out that I am an omnivore, not a carnivore.
  2. Out of the mane six? I would have to say Applejack easily! She can see through just about any lie. She saw through the flim flam brothers twice, saw through filly vanilli when big mac was hiding the fact he couldn't sing. Her perception is what makes her so damned sharp. Not a whole lot gets by her. She may be stubborn at times, but her highest qualities are that perception, her ability to assess what is most important for a task that the characters currently need to take on, and her critical thinking abilities just seem to be higher than most of the others. The next would probably be Discord but...I think he is actually much smarter in reality.
  3. Accent. Its all the same from everyone that lives inbetween the lower states of Arizona and Georgia. Its all the same Western southern Jargon with almost little to no difference.
  4. Sweetie Belle is my favorite supporting character!
  5. I think you have put in too much thought to a cute song about making people smile.
  6. Accent does not change between Arizona and georgia, since her accent matches those and her style matches that of Texas. I have no clue wtf you ponies are talking about.
  7. 1. More applejack 2. More Pinkie Pie songs 3. Another Flim Flam Episode 4. Trixie joins the mane six as the seventh element of harmony 5. Spike stops being an annoying kid and becomes a really cool character. I.E FAR less whiny and stops with that rarity obsession. 6. Iron Will comes back for another seminar based episode! 7.I wanna see another bad ass fight scene like with Twilight and Tirrek. Maybe something with luna 8. Also more luna episodes 9. A rainbow Dash Song in an episode that does NOT have to do with her flying or joining the wonderbolts 10. what the heck...above. Just let her into the wonderbolts already so we can stop with those episodes already. ..yes...yes..OMFG YES!!!! I support this idea fully!
  8. Who do you think is the worst motivational speakers ever? My vote goes for this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXu3mklr0pE
  9. lo..but yeah! what IF that pony universe existed but, what if they are all just normal like all of us is? lol. I think that would be the biggest damper on the going to equestria ever! at least a grimdark of horror based land can be saved somehow. This.....just no fixing it loll.
  10. Not only does none of the mane six even know each other, no ponies personality matches up from the show or voices. Pinkie pie and rarity are both quite devout Christian Fundi's who's life revolves around their church and working. Half of the mane six have kids and families at a rather younger age then normal. Lets make that Rainbow Dash, pinkie and fluttershy. Magic is exaggerated and does not actually exist like it does in our t.v show. Cutie marks are cultural tattoo's that are chosen at a young age based on what the child sees on a "vision quest" like Indians have. Finally, no one randomly sings in public. What do you do?
  11. Fair enough I suppose! 18 character limit.,
  12. No, It just common brony knowledge. I assume you are not a new brony when you make statements like that. But, yes, It is not something I pulled outa my plot. The calculations could have a chance of being slightly off, but no one with better math skills has come along to prove it wrong yet.
  13. You don't pay attention a lot do ya? It is not fandom. Its scientific fact based on the mach cone that appears around her. It was mathmatically calculated by a student. Science brother!
  14. 1. Because Disney made Queen a villain in any series for little girls and boys and adults everywhere. It is Disneys fault that the queen is automatically evil! There has never been an evil princess in Fiction. Always a queen. 2. Probably has to do with past ponies and who owns the rights for that particular character? I am not sure. Plus, those names suck donkey whatevers.