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    Applejack Fan Club

    Shes ok
  2. Yo is this rp full? If not il submit a characters sheet
  3. This seems tempting cool way of playing the roles and what not, might submit an OC later.
  4. Mmmmmmm, idk man, not sure I spend enough time on these forums to full engage in the role play ;_;
  5. Just had an idea on how I could jump into the RP again, but it consists of killing Blaze using Hurricane and throwing in this new OC who's a friend of Blaze.
  6. OG Blaze

    i am new

    Welcome and enjoy the shadows.
  7. OG Blaze

    Applejack Fan Club

    Perfect way For her to relax and still be productive
  8. Woah, I've been gone for a while, sorry bout that. Does anyone mind just catching me up from when we finished off the Hippogryths?
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  11. OG Blaze

    Private Journey to the Higher Plane

    @@Lightning Bliss Blaze looked at the little one riding on Lightning Bliss's back. He had previously believed that the baby couldn't deal any damage, but in the right circumstance he believed so. "Well some are born fighting for the only things they have." Blaze said sincerely while looking into the eyes of the baby. He hoped that he would live a joyous life and forget any of the awful things he'd seen today. As he was thinking his ears perked up when he heard Lightning Bliss's answer. "I hope she's alright." He answer back. @
  12. OG Blaze

    Private Journey to the Higher Plane

    Blaze followed Lightning Bliss to where the others were supposedly at. He hoped they had left their captivity unaffected physically or else even more time would be needed to care for everyone and their injuries. He couldn't help himself from thinking about the bird either, why would any thing ever want to keep such a beautiful creature caged? Maybe the hippogryths just despised beauty and freedom altogether, that seemed somehow likely to him. "Did you see Hurricane at all Lightning?" Blaze asked eagerly and assuming her answer would be yes. @@Lightning Bliss, @
  13. OG Blaze

    Private Journey to the Higher Plane

    @, @ Blaze looked around for any other cages or places that some pony could be held. There was nothing other than large rocks split into pieces that were scattered among the floor. He kept his ears perked and wandered before something caught his eyes. He trotted over to a cage containing a rather large bird with extensive wings that were rainbow colored. "And who might you be?" Blaze asked the bird who in response, only moved his head a little to the side and stared at him. Blaze smiled and then used his blade to cut the cages bottom so the bird could escape, "You're free now." Before anything else could be said the winged animal flew off from the remnants of the cage and into the sky only to be seen for a few seconds before completely leaving his sight. He then turned his attention back to finding Hurricane, and after a while of searching he deemed that she had probably left and made her escape to the others.
  14. OG Blaze

    Private Journey to the Higher Plane

    Blaze stood aghast as he watched Steel Tempest tear up the Hippogryth with his katana. He hoped that would stop the creature for a little while. Blaze turned his head and also tried to look past the others to see if Hurricane was there. To his surprise she wasn't, Blaze looked around and dashed off into a different direction to try and find the remaining member of the team. "Hurricane where are you? We gotta go now!" He yelled out throughout the area. @