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  1. XDD Spanish comment passing through. Yo estaba estudiando eso en el colegio hace unos meses
  2. Flutters +1 Twi -1 Twilight 13 Applejack 19 Fluttershy 17 Rainbow 9
  3. Derpy +1 Lyra -1 Current Standings Lyra Heartstrings: 28 Octavia Melody: 26 Derpy Hooves: 20
  4. So, its been a while, so I figured out I would do an update! Everything is the same, these are one of the few thing that changed in my collection The brushables shelf grew a lot, i now includes most of the Cutie Mark Magic brushable ponies, Im missing Fluttershy and I think thats it, I hope Then I also added to my collection the Princess Cadence Funko vinyl figure And lastly my new Equestria Girls display, they are just stacked on top of each other Thats it! I will keep you updated