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  1. I was having some trouble with my mic on Discord. I rejoined the call and asked if my friend could hear me. "No," he sarcastically responds. Let's just say I'm not too proud of how I responded to that.
  2. My dad's place is a little more lonely since we don't talk a lot, and he's often out working as well. I do like to be alone, though. The quality of the house is generally nice though. My mom's house is an older house so the quality of what's in it is lower. It's not miserable, but it's what it is: a house with a few things that don't function at their best. It is easier to interact with people in that house, however.
  3. My favorite video game is a tie between Geometry Dash and Smash Ultimate. They have great differences, and when makes both games special are the things that I cherish the most about them. Geometry Dash demands that you meet multiple stages of competence for every hard level you commit to, and it's all hard work throughout. Smash is a slow, repetitive grind that you improve in a way that is measurable mainly by long-term tournament results. You don't usually feel yourself improve in Smash as far as I can tell. My efforts could be making me improve right now and I don't even know it. The sheer amount of interactions, matchups, and ways to play the game make Smash Ultimate a truly beautiful experience. As for my favorite non-video game, gotta go with chess. The game's complicated and I'm not too great at it, but it's a great way to get you to use your head and think about your options. I get frustrated at the game because of how many stalemate situations I keep getting myself into, and frustration with my current knowledge is a wonderful thing because of the vast amount of things that I don't know. I can't doubt that there's deep beauty in chess that I can't even see as a low-level player. As a competitive Smash player, being bad at something competitive is a different perspective that I like to experience at times.
  4. Oh, absolutely! The drink's been important in my household my whole life. I've been drinking it for about 7 years now. Adding coffee to any basic activity just makes it all the better. The only time coffee makes something worse is drinking it hot when your mouth is burned by spicy food. A day without coffee is a bad day.
  5. January, I guess. It's a bummer when my favorite time of year is over, and that it's then time for life to be more normal and basic. I don't really dislike the month though, it's just my least favorite. I don't have a reason to dislike any months. In fact, a perk of the early year is that it often happens to be the time where I pick up a new video game and fall in love with it.
  6. My ideal life would be short and sweet; as happy and healthy as it needs to be, but it sounds exhausting to live past 50. I want to get things done in the time I have but the afterlife I'm looking at is so nice that I don't want to wait 60 or so more years. If I do live past 50, I sure hope I go out with a bang and die at 69. I will not tolerate 68 or 70.
  7. I would simply enjoy the new perspective. There would be some femininity everywhere I go an I am the source of it, so my behavior would probably change as well.
  8. I'm perfectly fine staying inside, but otherwise things are being affected by it and I hope it ends soon. It seems difficult to get since I believe only a million people have it in a world with 7 billion people, but the fact of the matter is that people are sick and dying. It's also just something for big media to be annoying about. It also kinda stinks that fighting games are primarily online at the moment. Otherwise, it's a situation that we can both take seriously and make light of at the same time.
  9. Geometry Dash is the best at making me lash out with anger, but Smash makes me frustrated on the inside. I just tend not to lash out in that game because I feel that my opponent always deserves credit for making the right plays.
  10. The most that's ever really been done to me is reminders by mods in personal DMs with no other action taken. The first example to come to mind was on the Minecraft Forums when I said "Bump" on my own thread just to bump it to the top of the page and offer nothing to the discussion. How silly I was when I was younger. My excuse was "If the thread gets sent to page 2 where nobody goes, how will the discussion continue?"
  11. This level is just as gorgeous as it is hard. It's a load of fun, but a pain in the booty.
  12. Online classes are actually seeming preferable. I'm feeling more inclined to work and the whole system is really flexible.
  13. I feel slightly down for no apparent reason.