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  1. So I've literally been a brony for more than half my life?

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    2. gamecubeguy214


      They call me big bunko

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Since when did you change your mane?

    4. gamecubeguy214


      I didn't choose the big bunko life, the big bunko life chose me

  2. That is true, Jar Jar Binks is not from Frozen.
  3. That's nothing compared to the feeling I got when I collected that 5th hot dog.
  4. I thought it was strictly February 1st, but Rainbow Dash having two holidays is a W in my book
  5. Okay, I just gotta not dive into the stairs.
  6. I successfully got a mending villager in Minecraft, which is really huge as I won't have to repair stuff every single time I spend a session with my tools.
  7. gamecubeguy214

    General You meet a genie

    I probably would assume that the genie would do what they're known for in media, which is to twist my wish in a way that I don't want, and I wouldn't give in.
  8. Because people torture their Sims characters for fun
  9. I can just barely handle a good bite of a jalapeno. To be honest, improvement at spiciness tolerance seems pretty linear and I think I could do it. It seems as simple as climbing the Scoville Scale. Climbing the pepper ladder, if you will. I can't be 100% sure though.
  10. gamecubeguy214

    Gaming Your Gaming 'Firsts'

    First video game I played: Shrek Super Party First video game I started taking seriously: Smash Wii U First Smash tournament: The Salty Spittoon, a tiny tournament hosted by a streamer I watched First offline Smash tournament: A tournament at a coffee shop that happened in January 2018 First traditional fighting game: Them's Fightin' Herds (Geometry Dash from here) First level completion: Stereo Madness First horrendous frustration: Dry Out First demon: The Nightmare First RobTop demon: Clubstep First hard demon: Nine Circles (I wouldn't count Infiltrated) First insane de
  11. gamecubeguy214

    General Are you cool?

    I'm gonna be honest with you. Heck yeah. Is there room for improvement? Of course. Does that make it not true? Not quite.
  12. Thinking about this level


  13. I decided to compete in an online Them's Fightin Herds tournament, and I did a couple cool things in Geometry Dash today as well.
  14. Sakurai said that in the Steve presentation. I agree with you; I like the songs that were included, but I don't think the peacefulness of the music is really much of a good reason to exclude them. This game already has The Roost in the Animal Crossing stages, so that decision is a little inconsistent. Some songs could perhaps at least be remixed into something more energetic, which I would be interested in seeing. Oh well, you get to play as Steve in Smash.
  15. gamecubeguy214

    Console or PC?

    It all depends on the experience you want and how serious of a gamer you are. Do you like to have an optimized experience with high performance and a good advantage given by great hardware? You play on PC. Are you a casual gamer who just wants to relax? Console might be for you. PC is more powerful and advantageous, while consoles are more physically comfortable because you can sit on the couch or in your bed. When playing on PC, you have to sit up in a chair, which isn't as comfortable. When I'm feeling more relaxed, I can say that I would enjoy playing Minecraft Bedrock on my Switch mor
  16. I think he's really fun! I never cared about tier lists so I'm not going to look into it, but he's my favorite DLC ever. My other favorite is Joker, and Steve beats him by a longshot. I wanted Steve and I didn't even realize it. I brushed him off as impossible and said I wanted Cinderace the most, but now he's in the game and I couldn't be happier. Back air is also freaking epic
  17. 5.5/10 for me. I think it's objectively pretty good, but for me it feels kind of weak.
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