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  1. Yes, I do find myself stumbling across old posts of mine while seriously considering abandoning my account to make another one. Which I would, but it's a responsibility I will accept. 2014 to the first chunk of 2016 was a very confusing time for me, to say the least.
  2. Given how I am still on this site after basically being a pariah for years, I don't think I care about what others think of me.
  3. I began using Windows 10 Pro for 64 bit systems since June earlier this year. Took me a looooong time to make that change from Windows 7 to 10, but that ending support for Windows 7 gave me absolutely no choice. I am really not a fan of the ridiculous overhead in Windows systems.
  4. I absolutely despise Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 for its unit overspecialization, resource management, and ridiculously OP 'win from the couch' super weapons and support powers. Yet for some reason, maybe out of nostalgia, I will enjoy playing it every now and then.
  5. The kind that wonders why they are still a huge pony nerd after 7 years of MLP mayhem
  6. Oh, on here, it's insanely difficult for me lmao I dunno, I am probably just off-putting, I know I wasn't the nicest a long time ago.
  7. I was a little kid during those years, but I really do appreciate my elementary school years from 2001-2007, that school has been demolished now, but I will never forget all the fun times I had around the Thanksgiving and Christmas months with all the students and our families crammed in the cafeteria for a big feast. Geez, I remember when Windows XP was brand new and all the rage.
  8. My 1987 Chevy S10 is maybe a few thousand away from 200k total mileage. It has its original 2.8 liter V6 engine which is somehow significantly weaker than your typical I4 motor lol Probably a transmission issue, since it leaks and slips.
  9. Bottled water, sometimes I go for milk, that is pretty much it. I been severely limiting soda to the point I may touch it once a month.
  10. Years ago, I was as angry as an Angry Marine. After administrating on a large Garry's Mod horse server for so long, I calmed down quite a bit and now I'm pretty resistant to people openly insulting me.
  11. AM broadcasting is obsolete and is largely phased out since FM radio finished it off in the 90s, it's why you will rarely ever hear anything on the AM spectrum except noise. The fact of the matter is, the sound quality is poor and the signal was so vulnerable to interference, it was barely audible in big cities. I live right beside an AM station in my town (like 4 blocks), it plays everything from the 60s to the 90s, from The Hollies to the Blues Traveler (even some really rare gems from ELO), it was my station of choice and I never wanted to return to FM. However, no matter how good I tune in to it, there will always be that whine or whistle and if I manage to snuff it out, I sacrifice the "stereo" sound for something that sounds like a TV from the 80s. But yeah, I loved AM radio, before I moved to the suburbs right beside the aforementioned AM station, I was in the mountains far from civilization and I was utterly fascinated by the strange signals I picked up with my old Magnavox radio. I heard mostly really old gospel songs and folk music that sounds like it pre-dates the 50s, and I even picked up a steady beeping noise.
  12. I think very strategically, so with my brain. Sometimes I say or do the dumbest things or convey them in the dumbest ways and upset people, so my mind is all like "THERE'S NO TIME FOR MISTAKES".
  13. I am alone for the other 364 days out of the year, as if Valentine's Day would be any different lol Albeit it is a free pass for people to remind you how alone you really are. :^)
  14. Chicken fettuccine alfredo from the freezer, makes me want to freaking hurt myself every time the family decides having it for dinner. I am sure all you know what leftovers taste like after it is reheated, a little bit different, nowhere near as good as when it comes out of the oven. Well, this is like that, but the carrots are unevenly cooked and the chicken is disgustingly gooey and gristly. I also like to note, that the only way to make a hamburger is to grill it, not bake it. *shudders*
  15. Someone who becomes frustrated at someone else over being sad that an animal gets eviscerated by another (of all things to get mad about), simply tend to be a hard ass with no understanding of compassion. So, meh