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  1. Windseeker

    your opinion on thriftshopping

    I'd mostly go there for the Hall and Oates soundtrack lol
  2. Windseeker

    Health America's healthcare system sucks.

    Yes, this. I was waiting for someone to say this. As much as some peeps across the Atlantic don't like to admit it, their healthcare is also significantly flawed in some way. Quality, affordability, and accessibility. Pick two.
  3. Windseeker

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    She's much less diabolical now, thank you very much Venomous!
  4. Windseeker

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Hello Venomous, if you are up for taking another request, I too have a robot horse in need of an avatar. I'd like to see her with an innocent smile and less of a devious grin, you know lol?
  5. I think humanity's technology (especially in the colonial and modern age at least) was driven by the incessant need to compete on a geopolitical level. I imagine Equestria has little incentive to modernize since their neighbors aren't warmongers threatening their existence. That probably changed, I dunno, I haven't seen the show in ages, but I'm sure if the changelings had guns and were a known problem for ages, Equestrians would probably try to stay ahead of them.
  6. Windseeker

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Okay, so, my local library retired their Dell Optiplex 780 mini towers and I got one for 20 bucks. It has everything short of a hard drive, has 3.5 gigabytes of memory, a solid Core 2 Duo CPU, and a power supply of 225 watts. I want to turn this thing into a budget gaming computer for my sister as part of her birthday present, but between car repairs and school payments, money is kinda tight. I know the PSU is going to require replacement, but can a PCIe 3.0 video card operate normally within a PCIe 2.0 slot (both x16 size)? I heard that it does, but I want to be aware of any bizarre side effects.
  7. Windseeker

    Windows 10?

    I immensely dislike it, something is always breaking or never works the way it's supposed to; I can't even open pictures or play music without running into some issue anymore.
  8. Windseeker

    General What's your opinion on Furries?

    To put it bluntly, I don't like furries due to negative contact from them on a multiple year basis. I am not going to delve into detail because I know it upsets people, but long story short it was a mess of dramatic crap that made me attack those who pulled the 'they're just very vocal minority' card because quite the contrary is just deeply ingrained into me. I don't have many self-proclaimed furries as friends and I am okay with that, since I am not vehement about it all as I used to and I can like my anthro animals without associating with them, it's all good.
  9. Windseeker

    Gaming Civilization Thread

    Well, to me, it's not one of those games someone with sanity should spectate. Each round lasts for hours sometimes and becomes boring to watch, especially when it's 50 turns of SimCity.
  10. Windseeker

    Gaming Civilization Thread

    Yeah, I can't get enough of playing the Civilization series, I played them all except the first two and the sixth one. I spent hours on the Playstation 3 playing Civilization Revolution until I became bored with Deity and surpassed Winston Churchill in score. I been binging on Civilization V and Beyond Earth recently though, as in, the past week lol... I am also a huge fan of Freeciv and C-Evo!
  11. Windseeker

    do people disappoint you

    People don't generally disappoint me, no. I been to some of the pony servers in Garry's Mod DarkRP though... the evilness is real there. It is very real.
  12. Windseeker

    General Worst troll you've ever met???

    One guy in a Garry's Mod DarkRP server complained to staff about getting gunned down for random deathmatch'ing six players. The worst part of this was that he wasn't clever, yet still escaped any form of punishment.
  13. Maybe 1945? It was the year that permanently altered geopolitics worldwide and marked the beginning of an atomic age, with fierce capitalism vs communism sentiment which influenced pop-culture and affected the lives of millions for decades. It was also the birth year of the United Nations, microwave ovens, and atomic bomb- things that had a powerful impact on the world and how it is today.
  14. Windseeker

    Movies/TV The Orville

    I love it very much, the show gets really serious, but there are amazing moments of comic relief that makes it rather uplifting. My favorite part is I get to see Seth MacFarlane as a bad-ass.
  15. Windseeker

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Desperate peeps in eBay, apparently. Surprisingly, the Athlon II was manufactured for AM3 sockets and DDR3 compatibility. Even to this very day for the FM2 and AM4, just with the 'II' dropped. Even the Pentium is still manufactured for PCs today lol It's just neither of them are worth a grain of salt for even DX9 AAA gaming and somehow they are common processors for overly expensive gaming PCs.