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  1. “The mountain caves would be a good location for storage or hiding if their practice is looked down upon by a majority of Equestrian society, though that wasn’t exactly the impression I got from our earlier conversation. If we’re lucky, they’ll be out in the open.” It would be good if the slaves weren’t already being transported, though she could certainly provide air support while he took whatever boat they were on. Before the dragoness could continue with the conversation, an object that could best be summarized as two weighted spheres connected by a thick cord shot past her, one of the balls missing her face by a few inches. More of the same type of object came from the forest below, though she tried to avoid them without throwing Midnight off her back. The projectiles seemed to be meant for immobilization, though the cord itself wasn’t long enough to wrap around her midsection with her wings extended. That didn’t mean they couldn’t do some damage or force her tail fins closed. “Whoever’s throwing those things either has a good bit of strength or their using magic.”
  2. (Right. I’ll try to do that in my next post.) Gale paused in thought at Midnight’s observation, simply gliding in a straight line for a few moments before pulling into a gentle U-turn. “Yeah, I probably should’ve asked which way we were heading before taking off like that. Thankfully, you’re a bit more familiar with Equestrian cities than I am.” Honestly, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had looked at a map, so it would certainly be best if she left navigation to someone with a bit more world experience. Either way, she did notice the stronger grip he had on her upper chest and shoulders and figured it would be best to at least help him relax to some extent. If this was his first time doing this, she wanted him to at least enjoy it. “I suppose it might be a bit of both, though I do apologize if it was a bit rough. Thankfully, the hard part should be over, so it should be a smooth glide from here on out.” Assuming that the weather didn’t go south, she would certainly try to land in some inconspicuous location within walking distance of their destination, if only to avoid drawing too much attention to them.
  3. Gale nodded in understanding, hoping that the dorsal ridges on her back weren’t digging into his chest. It honestly felt like a large, thick blanket had been placed over her, though she tried to not think about that too much. “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I had in mind. The air gets a bit thinner the higher up you go, and it can have some nasty side effects if you aren’t used to it.” Granted, flying low would also make her more vulnerable to any being that might want to chance catching a dragon, especially since they were about to start investigating a potential slaver operation. Trying to push that thought to the side, the dragoness took to the sky with a beat of her wings and leveled off just a few meters above the tree line. She wasn’t exactly at her top speed, though that was mainly a result of Midnight’s weight upon her back. Aside from that everything she associated with flying was still there: the wind rushing over her scales and a feeling of freedom that allowed her to not care about whatever might be occurring on the ground below.
  4. Gale nodded slightly, figuring that such might be the case. This was also the first time that she would be doing this as well, so they would at least be breaking ground in new territory together. She also made sure to keep the wing next to him close to her body when she felt his hooves on her back, not wanting to hit him by reflex on accident. “That sounds to good to me. I’ll try to start off slow and see how it goes from there as well.” The dragoness then lowered her body as instructed, figuring that having Midnight jump on top of her would probably do more harm to her back than anything else. The added weight would certainly slow her down, but it would still probably be faster and less risky when compared to walking.
  5. Gale paused for a moment to think about the question Midnight had posed. She doubted that either of them had a means of giving him a secure seating arrangement on her back and simply carrying him underneath via claws and feet would only increase the risk posed by the activity they might undertake. “I suppose the best thing to do would be to just lay on my back and hold on as best you can. I’ll try not to go too fast, so that would certainly help. This is sort of a first for me as well.”
  6. Huh, and here she thought that ponies were strictly herbivores, though it was a rather welcome surprise. At the very least, the similarities in their diet would probably make things easier in the long run, considering that neither would have to worry about their diet disturbing the other. “Yeah, though claws and teeth tend to make hunting a bit easier.” Either way,she simply nodded as she looked in the direction they would be heading in. “That sounds good to me. If you want, I could just fly there with you riding on my back.” At the very least, it would save a good bit of time, though doing such a thing with the extra weight would most likely leave her tired once everything was said and done,
  7. Gale watched as Midnight danced, interested in the movements. She was honestly tempted to join, though her size and the fact that she couldn’t perform such intricate maneuvers on the ground stopped her from doing so. She didn’t even notice the pattern that was being drawn until the end. “You have nothing to apologize for. It was rather nice.” Granted, the event itself was rather dark, but that was besides that point. A light heat then rushed to her cheeks once her diet was brought up, and it was only then that she realized how such a thing might have been interpreted. “Oh, I typically eat fish and maybe a few of the smaller wild animals that inhabit this land. Either way, you don’t have to worry about that.” The last thing the dragoness needed was for him to think that she might eat him or something.
  8. Yeah, that sounds good to me. I can sort of see the students of class 1-C being more or less outcasts, if only for the fact that they’re the newest group of hero students that have only come in after some pretty major events for A and B, and even students that aren’t in the hero course would probably be openly hostile towards them because they weren’t included in such a group.
  9. Gale raised a brow, though she didn’t really comment about Midnight’s age. Heck, she was just getting to adulthood, and it still sounded like she was younger than her traveling companion. “The past is just that. There is no reason to dwell on what cannot be changed.” A gentle smile then graced her lips, hoping that such a thing might comfort him if it was needed. Turning her attention go the bodies, she gave a light nod as she slowly walked towards them. “As for this lot, I suppose that would be a fitting end. Thankfully, the more explosive variant is only really useful for larger opponents. My normal prey is much too fragile for an application of such force.” Stopping a few feet short of the pile, the dragoness opened her mouth, and a stream of flame that held the same coloration of that ussed in her earlier demonstration was released at a moderate pressure. If either knew what such a thing was, the flames could easily be compared to those of a blowtorch or bunsen burner. Either way, it didn’t take long for the fur of the ponies to ignite.
  10. Gale shrugged slightly as she looked at the pile of bodies. It was a good way to ensure that they wouldn’t make anyone else suffer, but all of this was sort of new to her anyway. Either way, a gentle laugh escaped her lips, despite the rather morbid scene. “To be fair, I don’t think he even saw you, so you don’t have to worry about rumors spreading about you coming out of retirement.” Granted, it was more likely that a target would be put on her back as a result of her interference, along with Midnight’s, but that was something she could deal with later. “Besides, it was only fair since they did give us a potential location. This lot was apparently heading for Trottingham.” It was kind of ironic that ponies would be slavers, giving their belief in the magic of friendship or something like that, but there were bound to be some that would sell their soul for a quick bit. “We can probably pay the city a visit on the way to the gryphon kingdom if you want to look into this a bit more.”
  11. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I sort of came up with a system as to how the many NPCs that might come about in the RP could potentially be handled. It sort of divides them up amongst each user while also trying to minimize the burden of controlling multiple characters. Of course, this doesn’t take into account for a group of our characters, but the only thing that might change would be the speed at which the interaction progresses. Either way, the use of canon characters wouldn’t exactly be required for every post, but including them every once in a while could potentially lead to interesting results. @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ Wolf and her family Any teachers at U.A that would interact with class 1-C Any original villains that they might want to use Any characters (Major or Minor, but still in the anime) that might interact with Mamoru or the villian of the next user @Dynamo Pad Mamoru and his family An original villain they might want to use Any characters that might interact with Tharas or the villian of the next user @Jedishy Tharas and his family An original villain they might want to use Any characters that might interact with Canteen or the villain of the next user @Canteen_the_unstable Canteen Their original villain Any characters that might interact with Ryu or my villain @Drago Ryder Ryu My original villain Any characters that might interact with Noroi or the villain of the next user @TBD Noroi and his family Their original villain Any characters that might interact with Wolf or the villian of the next user
  12. Gale narrowed her eyes as she though about what to do next. Midnight would most likely appreciate the information, but he might not appreciate the fact that she had let the pegesus go. Still, it wasn’t like she could just kill him either. After a few moments, she shook her head and motioned for him to leave. He had probably only seen her, so that wasn’t much of a concern for her. “Just try to keep better company next time.” Woth that being said, the dragoness turned to walk back towards the area where Midnight was. From the sound of it, the zebras were gone, so hopefully they wouldn’t have any more issues with slavers for the foreseeable future.
  13. Gale raised a brow at the pony, not that they could see it, surprised that he would think such a thing. Granted, this was probably the first time he had ever done something like this and was thus scared out of his mind. Heck, he might have even been forced into this mess due to some other situation in his life. Letting a light sigh escape her lips, the dragoness eased the pressure she was applying to his back and motioned for the pegesus to stand. The fighting probably wouldn’t last much longer, so she would need to get as much information out of him as possible. “I’m not going to kill you. Ponies don’t really taste that good compared to other things and doing so for any other reason would just be pointless. I just need to know if you were working for anyone that wasn’t already in the group you were with, the boss of your boss so to speak.” She figured that playing good cop would be for the best for now. If that didn’t work, Midnight could take over.
  14. Gale gave a light smirk as she watched the pegesus fall, and it didn’t seem as if Midnight was having any trouble. Figuring that the pony would try to escape on hoof and not noticing any reinforcements on the way, the dragoness flew into the tree line and gave chase, hoping to pin him down before he could escape. Granted, he could potentially take her in a fight if she wasn’t careful, but that thought didn’t cross her mind at the time.
  15. If Gale had overheard any of what the slavers had said, she didn’t say anything about it at the moment. The strange orb he held also caught her eye, though she did nod when he spoke of the pegasus, pushing her curiosity aside for the moment. The last thing either of them needed was for word of their actions here to spread among whatever circles these ponies might be a part of, and any questions that might be raised concerning her traveling companion could be addressed at a later time. Noticing the pegasus take flight, Gale followed suit with a flap of her wings. It would have been easier to do this at night, but her speed would certainly help her in this instance. She would still be limited to her own strength during this fight, however for a few rather good reasons. With a low growl, she rushed towards the airborne pony, intended to make a quick swipe as she passed by.