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  1. rainbovv dash

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I'm not sure what your avatar is thinking. But the person he's facing must have pretty dry eyes.
  2. rainbovv dash

    Gaming Is Nintendo irrelevant?

    Rephrase that into "Sega pushed them self into the failure pit, Sony put a lid on it and Microsoft saw it was pointless to do anything about it".
  3. rainbovv dash

    Gaming Is Nintendo irrelevant?

    Sega actually managed to push itself out of business. They had a series of terrible ideas named 32x, sega CD and Saturn. After that they released a CD based console without copy protection. Sony merely helped by announcing the PS2 just shortly after the dreamcast. Notice that sega is not yet out of business, just not as big a name as it has been.
  4. rainbovv dash

    Gaming Is Nintendo irrelevant?

    IMO Nintendo is stuck with an outdated marketing scheme and trying to bring inventions in that are irrelevant. They keep on going with the slightly outdated but more stable hardware choice, but instead of making gaming cheap and accessible they make unnecessary stuff to try to set themselves apart. The 3DS is a great example, you don't need the overpriced 3D and the 2DS sucks. Instead of selling a decent gaming console with stable and solid games they add a pointless feature that most people do not use. That is a way to waste millions for users and developers. The wii u is another exam
  5. Ok, let me know whenever we start then.
  6. Why does nobody hate drinking games either? I can't stand them, I think they're primitive and boring... But everyone else seems to love them
  7. Great. How many people do we need total?
  8. rainbovv dash

    Planning 1x1 romance

    You can PM me if you're interested... Your char sounds cool ^^
  9. May I join you guys too? Storm cloud is in my description. Not sure about the whole dying part of the RP :S
  10. rainbovv dash

    Gaming Eevee evolution

    I just read the hottest comic involving eevelotions.. Not posting the source for obvs reasons Tell me that Flareon isn't awesome
  11. rainbovv dash

    Profile music

    Let's go back to the times when MySpace ruled the world and people used frontpage to style sites. I'd rather not have those back, thank you. People link youtube videos in their profile and that should be enough disturbance.
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