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  1. Storm was as happy to be with Blue as he was to be with her. She needed a down to earth calm pony who cared for her rather than used her. Blaze had been that but she broke things off with him since she couldn't be near him without flashbacking to the pain his brother caused her. So she quickly pushed away from those thought sand thought of now and of Blue as she fed him his food.
  2. She slept rather well, probably better than she had in the past few weeks when she came to the town for Storm's funeral. Of course when she finally some up, she had Blue in her hooves, not wanting to at yo of him for fear that he may go of somewhere and she'd lose her security blanket.
  3. Silver quickly started to fall asleep when he spoke again, prompting her to open her eyes. She gave a small nod and nestled against his wing. "I'm quite comfortable....thank you", she murmured in clear contentment as she drifted off to sleep. Her ears twitched as the noises as the night on, though she really didn't want to waste effort worrying about it.
  4. Storm couldn't help bit smile at his response. She honestly couldn't have hoped for a better one, Blue was gappy to do these kinds of things with her, and that made her very happy. She nuzzled him affectionately and held the fork of food to his muzzle. "You gotta eat too".
  5. "See, this I'd why I like you, there aren't a lot of stallions who put up with my antics so its really great that you do, I gotta admit", she said and took her own fork in her wing to feed him since he was feeding her. It was something Flash had never let her do since he thought it was stupid, but she thought it as romantic in a really cheesy way.
  6. Silver smiled faintly and nodded veofr following him to his bedroom, just wanting to lie down with him, his earth to comfort her, his voice to converse with if he so desired. She cuddled up against him gently, still keeping a small gap between them even as she curled next to him, her self consciousness clear as day.
  7. dusk shade

    Private Echoes in the Summer Sun

    Deja only looked at painting she herself found appealing. Any others were very unlikely to enter her gallery s she only wanted those pieces she would enjoy looking at. She had a few in her office that Summer had seen, her obvious favorites, pieces she wouldn't be selling anytime soon. But, she was just happy Summer was enjoying herself in Canterlot for once.
  8. dusk shade

    Private Echoes in the Summer Sun

    "Admittance to the gallery is free. But we host various events, usual a showcase or an auction, that how I make my bits", she explained rather quickly and looked at the walls. "That's why there is always a lot of empty space here. I'm always chnagibg out pieces as I buy and sell them".
  9. Silver looked at him and shook out her mane trying to ease up a bit. "Maybe watch something or we could just go lie down and lie down together for a while...really up to you, in your guest after all", she said a bit shyly. "Um...unless you don't want to, I mean...I don't know", she fob she'd and clammed up.
  10. She smirked happily and took the food licking the fork to ensure she got it all. "Thank you, steward, I will eat all of your food if this does not satisfy. How's that sound, you big jerk", she asked him teasingly as she ate from his fork. "Very good, by the way", she smiled lightly.
  11. dusk shade

    Private Echoes in the Summer Sun

    "Well, the pony that brought said they felt most inspired for their art by Luna's moonlight, so she wanted to portray that fact in a painting, a sort of thank you to the princess", she explained and tried to ignore the alicorn princess bit but as usual it made her feel uneasy. She didn't know how to feel when she was called that, not that it displeased her.
  12. Storm laid there taking in the scent of his couch until he finally called her in. She waltz in ike she was some kind of royal princess or something. What she thought she was she wasn't even certain herself. She sat at the table and cleared her throat for effect. "You threw my royal self from the bed you should serve my royal self by hoof", she said teasingly.
  13. Silver smiled and accepted the drink as she seftgecleaned dish down. "Thank you, and I think you're right. I am not very fond of any drunkards to be honest .. All the drunks I have known have been rather unpleasant, boisterous and obnoxious to say the least", she retorted with a small smile, hoping not to offend him.
  14. dusk shade

    Private Echoes in the Summer Sun

    Deja nodded with a set of red cheeks at what Summer had said, since it wasn't known that she was with any pony, at definitely a mare. Then again, a lot of her life was new and strange to her so she figured it could be worse. She nuzzled the mare's neck gently and gave her a small kiss. "You're right about that one", she admitted in a tone of endearment.
  15. dusk shade

    Private Echoes in the Summer Sun

    Deja went to speak with her inspector and after a few moments of discussion, she came out carrying the painting and hanging it up. It was a scene depicting Luna and her beautiful night. She didn't speak much, only staring at the painting as she adjusted the angle to a perfect 90 degrees.
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