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  1. *cough*Anala's lingerie*cough*


  3. I would like to be the guard who is best friends with Script! My OC's Link is in my bio! Electro Twist!
  4. LunaKitty R5

    Open Outcast Academy

    (Hey guys! Sorry I left! I had to do other things! Moving in 3 days! SO EXCITED!) Electro nodded. She smiled "Are you in math? If you are we can go together!" She blinked her eyes. The lighting in the school was bright. It made her black coat look like a dark grey. Her lime green mane look sort of yellowish. She fixed her backpack and stretched her wings.
  5. LunaKitty R5

    Open Outcast Academy

    She picked up her book and walked away. She sighed and got to her locker. She put her stuff in and then walked over to a group of ponies. She saw Leo and walked up to him. She said "Sorry for asking while your talking.. But where is math?" She asked. Blinking her adorable green eyes.
  6. LunaKitty R5

    Open Outcast Academy

    Electro was looking down into her book. She bumped into some pony. She looked up, blinking her emerald green eyes "O-oh sorry! I didn't see you there!" She took a few steps back. Her robotic hooves clicking on the ground. She looked at Darius with large eyes
  7. LunaKitty R5

    Movies/TV Equestria Girls Vs Frozen!

    Shrek is love! Shrek Is Life.. And Frozen! I like it much better! And were talking about F***** Disney here! They spit out good movies like its nothing! But Tangled was waaaay better then frozen!
  8. Username: Lunakitty Character name: Electro Twist or Electro for short Character age: 17 Link to Pony: In Bio! Species: She's half robot. Her legs are robotic.
  9. She smiled widely. "That sounds amazing!" She giggled. She looked at the horizon. Her large green eyes glowing with excitement. (OCC: Awwwww That sucks! Well let's try and squeeze in as much RP now as we can! And also! Making a grilled cheese! Mmmmmmmmmm! So excited to eat it!)
  10. (Hey guys! Sorry I left yesterday! I was packing to move! The great move is on July 18th! And after I packed a little bit my friends called me over for a Mario Kart 8 Competition! I came in 2nd with Toadette! She is my favorite character!) She said "I love Cloudsdale at 3AM! Cause you can see the horizon! Well the thin line of the sun! Celetsia will rise it in an hour!" She blinked her emerald green eyes and she fluttered beside Thunder
  11. (Yes we should! And i've gotta take a shower! I feel all icky cleaning up cat puke :\ So just pretend that she is sleeping!) Electro snored in her bed. (SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM)
  12. She smiled at Crowbar "Thanks your a good friend!" Her eyes began to grow heavy though. She yawned and continued holding the ice pack to her face. She started to fall asleep. After about a minute she was asleep. (Yeah It's fine! I bleached it! It's coming out! Woot woot! Atleast my mom won't kill me!)
  13. Electro looked at Kit with warm green eyes. She smiled "Thanks Kit.." She put the ice on her cheek. 'Wow thats cold!' She thought. The swelling died down. She walked over to the couch and laid on it. (Sorry if I don't respond. My cat threw up in the living room! Poor Olive! ) (Update! My living room now smells like bleach cause I sprayed ALOT of it! Cause I have a white rug in there)
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