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  1. *Blue slowly stirred awake, taking his wing that was being used as a blanket for Silver and stretched out, noticing that Silver had her hooves wrapped around him. He smiled warmly and let his wing back down on her and gave her a light squeeze.* "Well good morning there Silver."
  2. "Mmm, you don't have to feed me if you don't want to." *Blue said, swallowing his food with a smile.* "Although I do appreciate it." *He added with a small laugh.* "So do you have anything in mind on what we shall do today?" *He asked, taking another sip of his drink and putting it on the counter behind him.*
  3. *Blue only responded with a smile and a gentle kiss on her forehead as he faintly heard the noises of the night as well as saw Silver's ear twitch slightly as a silhouette in the moonlight that was shining through his blinds. He sighed happily as he closed his eyes to drift off to sleep.*
  4. *Blue chuckled and ate the food on the fork that was presented to him and swallowed.* "Of course I do dear." *He said with a smile to give back to her smile. Storm was really a great pony for him. She was someone he could be affectionate with and also joke around with, be serious and not so serious with, to take care of when the time came yet she could handle herself as well.*
  5. *He went and crawled onto his bed, having Silver curl up to him, having a sensation ir relaxation cover him as he fluttered one wing and laid it over her, somewhat like a blanket and pulled up a real blanket to them.* "You comfortable there?" *He whispered softly.*
  6. "Now it really isn't 'putting up with your antics' if I'm enjoying it and playing along myself now is it?" *He said before sitting down in his own chair, drinking some orange juice he brought to the table himself beforehand.* "Its fun and also very adorable if I say so myself."
  7. *He giggled softly as he put some more food on the fork and held it up to her.* "Your highness is the queen in these parts, therefore get whatever thy wants, I'm only a steward and make suggestions." *He said, playing along.* "And why thank you, I think I like to try my hardest, so if this does not satisfy, feel free to take mine."
  8. *Blue noticed Silver start to shell up a little and put on a warm, comforting smile.* "No no, those sound like wounder-" *He started before being interrupted by a yawn.* "-ful ideas Silver. Whoa, guess I'm a little tired. Lying down together sounds great, how bout it?" *He said, getting up to lead her to the bedroom.*
  9. "Ppffffftttttt" *He started out before he busted out laughing. He wiped a tear from laughing and calmed himself.* "Of course, as you wish your majesty." *He said, taking a fork in his wing and stabbed some food onto the fork and held it up to her mouth.* "Here you go my queen."
  10. "Same here, very very unpleasant if I do say so myself. Its never been fun to have to take care of drunks." *He said, closing his eyes with a sigh, remembering the times he had to take care of his drunk mom. He got up and cleaned his plate, putting a smile back on his face and going back to the table.* "So, what would you like to do madam?" *He said, trying to act proper.*
  11. *As he worked, he bobbed his head and swung his tail back and forth to an imaginary tune in his head, taking the two plates of waffles in his wings and put them on the table.* "Foods done." *He called out into the living room, yawning as he went to the fridge for something to drink.*
  12. *He nodded with a smile and poured her another glass of champagne, and went to pour himself another but as the bottle reached the lip of the lid, he froze and stared at the golden liquid slowly dribbling out and shook his head.* "I better lay off this stuff, as good as it is, a drunk Blue is not a fun one." *He said, placing the bottle down and drinking what was left in his glass.*
  13. "Yeah yeah, I'll make you breakfast since I pushed you off the bed." *He said, playfully sticking his tongue at her as he trotted out of the room and into the kitchen.* "Is there anything you'd like in particular this morning?" *He called back to Storm whom he left behind.*
  14. "Well of course I would be upset by the surnames, up in Cloudsdale, our friends would call each other insulting names, out of good fun of course, we never really meant it." *He explained returning to his plate and finishing his food and drink, pouring himself another glass of champagne.*