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    Search for your light in the darkness, once you find it, never let it go
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  1. MinunShy_Kay

    Mega Thread Do you wear MLP clothing in public?

    Go to welovefine,com or you could order it via Etsy.com! That and Hot Topic :3 that's what I dooo :3
  2. MinunShy_Kay

    Pinkie Pie drawing!

    It's actually pretty good! I checked it out thinking I would look like something a kindergartener would draw but honestly keep practicing!! You'll get even better!
  3. MinunShy_Kay

    What is your gender identity?

    Sammmeeeee ^.^ although biologically I'm female
  4. MinunShy_Kay

    Do you have a beard? Do you like beards?

    Ewy!! I'm not a fan of beards /.\ or any facial hair for that matter. No offense but I don't wanna kiss my fiancé and get a face full of fur
  5. In economics class, listening to seether and browsing tumblr
  6. MinunShy_Kay

    Where Are You From?

    California! /.\ That makes me super rad right?
  7. MinunShy_Kay

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    My cutie mark is a twenty sided die with three Magic the Gathering cards behind it. This is my cutie mark because I am huge nerd. I adore playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and, of course Magic ^.^ Awe don't say stuff like that! I'm sure you're good at something :3
  8. MinunShy_Kay

    How old are you?

    Hehe, I'm 18! yep yep! I'm an adult Although I look like I'm 15
  9. MinunShy_Kay

    Getting a Little Personal

    Really? Oh good! Now I don't feel like such a weirdo
  10. MinunShy_Kay

    Getting a Little Personal

    I know its just a little tough...
  11. MinunShy_Kay

    Getting a Little Personal

    Hey guys.. Okay so apparently I have a tendency to follow people I care about around. My grandma brought this up to me last night and it hit me why I follow everyone around. Because I'm scared. After losing my siblings, my parents and family members it's difficult to cope and I'm so used to everyone leaving me that I follow them around to prevent them from leaving me like everyone else has. I'm sorry for being clingy... I'm just scared...
  12. MinunShy_Kay

    Fallout 4

    Tunnel Snakes Rule! ^.^ hehe I'm totally feeling fallout! Anyone else a Fallout fan?
  13. MinunShy_Kay

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I am demisexual!! That basically means I feel no sexual attraction towards someone unless I have an emotional tie to them :3
  14. MinunShy_Kay

    Who's um . . . unsure of their sexuality?

    I sooo feel you. I've been confused about my gender for some time now but it'll be okay. Just follow your heart and do what feels right for you. The only person you should make happy is you
  15. I like them either way but honestly I prefer the side view of her