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  1. Br O N Y

    How often do you hug?

    I think confidence plays a role when it comes to hugging. A few years ago I'd get surprised whenever I got hugged, my self esteem was so low it surprised me that anyone would wanna get that close to my body. Because of that, I never initiated a hug, I hoped others would do that. Anyway, I tried to get over the fear of initiating a hug and managed to do it the beginning a little bit drunk maybe lol. And after a while I finally got that people don't find me disgusting or something and have no problem with hugging me. Obviously, it depends on the setting, hugging your teacher would probably not be ideal. I tried that when I was like 6, but she didn't let me.
  2. Even if you are the reason, they had to like you already in order to do that, maybe you are a likable person. And we should stop spamming here now lol.
  3. Yeah, and see it as a compliment I guess, she was just a bit awkward lol.
  4. I mean I don't like every girl I see, but even if I don't like her like that and have to tell her that, it would still be like a compliment to me.
  5. Br O N Y

    What would you do if you get...?

    Um....I just wanna ask, are you allright? Your comment there is a little bit worrying to me tbh.
  6. Yeah, from your description I think she took it a little too fast and touching someone when they say no is most likely a bad idea. But I'm very sure most guys would enjoy something like that, let's be real. That's why it seemed weird to me at first lol.
  7. You have a good point that, I even mostly have no idea what to say when someone randomly talks to me and just feel super awkward.
  8. Yeah, while reading this I was thinking "god damn dude, what were you doing? least give her a chance lol".
  9. Reading this, I thought your reaction to this was really weird, but after checking your profile I get it lol.
  10. Br O N Y

    How often do you shave?

    I wish all girls would be like that lol. Maybe trimming your facial hair would be a good option for you. I thought the same earlier, but when I trimmed it for the first time (I didn't even know a tool you can trim beard with exist before that lol) it didn't feel weird and annoying to me anymore, and I'm really glad I have a full beard now. I think beards can make you look much more masculine (I know that's not something every dude strives for here lol), and a beard can kinda hide flaws on your lower face, especially on the chin. I also sometimes shave the edges of my beard straight, before that I always thought many guys just naturally grow such a regularly shaped beard lol. When it comes to...the other hair, I hate them lol, because the thought of using anything remotely sharp in that area makes me very uncomfortable. It's a bit embarressing, but no one commented about that yet lol.
  11. Br O N Y

    How Are You With Needles?

    Since I inject myself heroin everyday, I'm pretty okay with needles. Okay no, but seriously, needles do make me nervous, a few years ago I almost started crying when they took a blood sample for the military, needless to say, they didn't see me as suitable. It has gotten better tho, now I just look away whenever a doctor takes a blood sample from me, but waiting in line for getting the blood sample taken is still a bit uncomfortable for me.
  12. I created this page in english and german: Since I'm a chemistry nerd, it's about a chemical compound. I was surprised no one else created one about this chemical, because it's really cool. It's a white powder that disappears into purple smoke when heated, it looks like real magic. Other then that, I just made some edits here and there.
  13. Br O N Y

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    @Cyclone I guess around 20 for you. For me it's 21, but I'm not proud of how it happend. Saaaaaame!
  14. Br O N Y

    Psst, tell a user a secret!

    @Jeric This is between you and me, I'm still thankful you sent me tzat PM message, you brought me back on the right track.
  15. Br O N Y

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I don't have a partner atm so can't answer. But I'm always crushing on the girls who are taken x_x Let's ask something more what age did you lose your Virginity ?(don't be ashamed if it's a bit late, I'm also a late bloomer).