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  1. Br O N Y

    Do you take any prescription medication?

    Yay, welcome to the antipsychotics club! I take Seroquel too, it always makes me really sleepy and I get just suuuuuper weird dreams from it, I pretty much dream enought for a whole life time every night, it's funny. My doc gave me seroquel to make me somewhat calmer, however, the most common anti anxiety meds are benzodiazepines like xanax, but you have to me super careful with this stuff because you can get a physical dependence on them. Wellbutrin is an interesting medication, it's an amphetamine like antidepressant which acts as a dopamine noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. I'd say you should maybe try to eat more food containing phenylalanine and tyrosine, because your body needs these amino acids to produce dopamine and noradrenaline. You can also buy these as food suppliments too, maybe you could talk with a doctor about that.
  2. Br O N Y

    Rate song, then post another!

    5/10, not really my thing. I'm just gonna continue the spanish theme with this masterpiece here:
  3. Br O N Y

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    I've definitely never seen this person before.
  4. Whoa, I've just given you the 10000th brohoof! Congratulations there ^-^:balloon:

    1. Mirage


      WOW! Thank you. :D


    2. Br O N Y

      Br O N Y

      It was an honour to give you this special brohoof ^-^

    3. Mirage


      You are very kind. I feel honored, truly! 

  5. Br O N Y

    The recent purchases thread

    I got some super sick molecule building toys recently ........fuck I'm a nerd lol. I think they just look so pretty! Bonus points for anyone who can guess what molecule that is.
  6. Br O N Y

    Rate song, then post another!

    Wow what a speedy song! I just don't really like metal, so....5.5/10. This here could be my theme song lol.
  7. I'm surprised only one person mentioned the cold war yet. I think it's the most interesting and scary time periode considering humanity came close to total destruction several times in these 44 years. In fact, during the Cuban missile crisis, one person on a submarine prevented World War 3 by deciding against starting fire. And as a chemistry nerd, I find it interesting that Methamphetamine was discovered 1893 in Japan. Without this drug, World War 2 would have been completely different and way less destructive, since german and japanese soldiers used Methamphetamine for extreme performance enhancement, it's the perfect war drug. Hitler himself got it injected two times daily.
  8. Br O N Y

    Rate song, then post another!

    It's one of this songs I think I've heard before already, but I'm not sure. It's nice, but too slow for my taste, 5/10. I kinda got into Britney Spears lately, here is THE BEST motivational song ever. If you have some dishes to clean, thank me later .
  9. Br O N Y

    How long did it take you to reach 1000 brohoofs?

    Wow I really look lame compared to everyone else here, I joined about 3 years ago, and considering I still only have slightly over 400, it would probably take me......7 years? But to my defence, I don't make a lot of posts, never planned on getting famous on here lol.
  10. Br O N Y

    Health Do you have Diabetes?

    Yeah it is, if I get it someday, I'll have to live with it, but there are worse things then type 1 diabetes, I could live with it.
  11. Br O N Y

    Health Do you have Diabetes?

    I don't have any type of diabetes, however, my little brother got type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, so I have a quite high risk of getting it as well, but that doesn't really concern me. Sure, my little brother has to keep track of everything he eats and inject insulin after every meal. It's tedious, but unless you love eating sweets and sugary stuff all the time (which I don't), it doesn't impaire you very much.
  12. Br O N Y

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    There are many, the strangest probably I'll regret posting this.....the pink character from Happy Tree Friends when I was about 13 I think, not kidding lol. What are some deal breakers for you when it comes to dating?
  13. Br O N Y

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I just try to avoid her as much as possible and talk with everyone except for her. It doesn't work very well tho lol. Do you know better ways of giving hints?
  14. Br O N Y

    game Would You Rather..?

    $5000 every week, it's more in total and I'd be terrible at handling so much money, I don't wanna habe so much at once lol. If you would get a mermaid as a girlfriend, yould you prefere upper half human and lower half fish, or lower half human and upper half fish?
  15. You're obviously lying, everyone knows that girls don't fart! Okay no, but I don't think there isn't anyone who managed to prevent it every time their whole life, anyone who would click on no would obviously be lying. I try to avoid it, but I think if a person you're close to doesn't bother with not farting around you, it can be flattering in a weird way, because it shows that they feel very comfortable around you. I know I'm a bit weird lol.