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  1. Mega Thread

    Wow... that's kinda impressive. I've recently started playing the new Layton game and unlike the rest in the series that I've played, have enjoyed the puzzles AND the characters. Maybe a change was nessecary to liven it up.
  2. Mega Thread

    Hello there! It depends entirely on the robot and the context within the series within which they reside in. Some are great, some just don't do anything for me. Star Wars has a resounding success with good robots, while Bender is key to Futurama being awesome... the rest, well the fact I can't remember the names shows my indifference as a whole. So, what video games have you recently been playing?
  3. Mega Thread

    Hallelujah! Music discussion in the thread! Do you prefer Leonard Cohen's original or Jeff Buckley's cover? On the subject of robots, I'm indifferent. Hi.
  4. My favourite film critic has review the film, but I'll wait until I see it tomorrow to see whether out opinions clash or diverge... good idea?

  5. uwu

    Cute Yui-senpai. c:

    1. Vocal Analyst

      Vocal Analyst

      Can't go wrong with Yui, the character who I believe is me in anime form, outside of the gender difference of course! :muffins:

  6. I always found school tough... as I didn't really get a chance to showcase myself, and due to my Asperger's and ADHD I often got into bad situations with other kids and teachers or misread situations which made my school life surprisingly lonely. I also hated the authoritarianism of school rules as I got older, which again I felt restricted my ability to be myself. I felt like I was forced to respect people who didn't respect me back... and my standard moral rule is that if you treat me with respect, you get it back from me and I got let down so many times which made me leave the school system for about a year after I struggled with depression following some unsavoury moments regarding other pupils and how the school perceived me. However, entering Sixth Form College I got exactly what I strived for in an educational environment. The teachers treated me with respect and helped me whenever I wanted it, while also challenging me while I studied subjects I WANTED to learn. It was extremely rewarding, even if I still struggled with emotional issues due to my Mum's ill health and no real social life as a result. University, was a mixed bag for me. I loved its openness and learning but struggled with the depth and complexity of things... got my degree though... even though it nearly cost me my life to do it. The educational system as a whole for me was one tough SOB with a few glimmering lights to be found amongst a quagmire of worries and problems. I wouldn't change my experience for the world though, as I wouldn't be the person I am or gained the friends I have without it. Then again, I do wish I did more with friends in retrospect... as my social life is still barren.
  7. Animation

    Having grown up with the original PPG, I was quite looking forward to the reboot. Oh boy did that enthusiasm evaporate quickly. I still love the visual style of it, but the writing is so tone deaf and abhorrent that honestly very little good could've been taken from it. As for not calling in the original VA's for the job AND getting rid of Ms. Bellum for NO REASON, I'm still annoyed as hell. Tara Strong not being Bubbles breaks my heart. As for a second reboot, it won't happen. I agree with the consensus, as long as this current one keeps making money CN will keep putting it out. I WANT some of the merchandise because it's adorable, so blame me loving cute things if the show is still on the air... I won't watch it but the dorbs merch will still tempt me.
  8. Seeing the movie this weekend, hype is increasing. Hope it's good.

  9. Mega Thread

    Madeon ft. Passion Pit - Pay No Mind
  10. Gaming

    Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle And The Millionaire's Conspiracy for my 3DS and WWE 2K18 for the XBone, and I know I'm enjoying one over the other. Oh, also got A Hat In Time having had it on pre-order since 2014, was worth the wait despite the fact my Mac couldn't handle it.
  11. If something that's Netflix produced is released (i.e. a Netflix Original), which I believe MLP would become if Netflix got the liscencing, it's often out in the UK and the US simultaneously. So that statement is kind of redundant.
  12. I would sat Netflix, but considering the UK hasn't got Seasons 6 or 7 yet, I'd want them on the platform before they unveil new episodes so people CAN catch up if needed. Not a problem for me, but I do want to be considerate. Then again receiving episodes at the same time as everyone else would be nice.
  13. Gaming

    Fur Fighters - No matter how times I've played and beaten it, I always find it a joyous as ever. It took me 15 years to get past a bastard of a glitch and advance to further levels I'd never been able to beat, so now I can fully enjoy it whenever I boot up my Dreamcast. Kirby Games - Sure, the bosses are a pain in the arse, but the simple gameplay, cute visuals and bright colours will always bring me back. Overwatch - Never have I played a competitive game that always puts a smile on my face... my go to game whenever I'm feeling the need to remind myself why I game in the first place.
  14. Equestria Girls Month enters its second part, as it's Legend Of Everfree's turn to be reviewed:
  15. Just found out the movie is only in one cinema in my area, showing three times a day from Friday until next Thursday, talks about a limited release... this saddens me.