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  2. This time of year always makes me feel sluggish and uninspired... the snow doesn't help matters.

    1. Misscellanio


      I would say that this time of year I become easily irritable.

      I wake up and I'm like "FUCK IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!" 

    2. Vocal Analyst

      Vocal Analyst

      Agreed. I have to channel AnimatedJames' Winter Wrap-Up parody to adequately describe my feelings about the season. I used to love it, but yeah... the cold can turn any holiday-loving human into a ball of rage at the snap of a finger.

    3. Misscellanio


      It could turn any human regardless if they celebrate the holidays into that ahahaha

      Ive always hated it

  3. Mega Thread

    Sia - Free The Animal
  4. 145
  5. Science

    Done! Hope the results of this turn out interesting enough.
  6. Food

    Tortilla's smothered in allioli. Nothing better than a garlic carb snack!
  7. Mega Thread

    I try to use Discord when I can, but I don't have a lot of people to talk to on the platform, so more would be appreciated. If you wanna talk, then add me here: TheCCNetwork#6055 Just give me a heads up first, so I know who you are and such.
  8. Since the Castle Of Friendship came into being, I have noticed the subtle shift in conflict and moral divides to become more consensus based than in seasons prior, yet until this topic came through, it wasn't as starkly apparent to me. In the first four seasons we often saw the immediate conflict stem from a misunderstanding or a difference in opinion being converted round to a the friendlier, more civilised 'better' option... that or it's a one-sided as sin in comparison to the alignment spectrum that it has to lie on. As @Dark Qiviut noted, it's all about finding a middle ground, where all can share their points and establish a stable platform where both can stand on their own and an understanding is reached. This is especially the case as they followed up from Party Pooped, Gauntlet Of Fire and The Times They Are A Changeling/To Where And Back Again this season to where we see how those societies have progressed since their socio-political ideologies were shifted. Hell, as Marks And Recreation noted, Cutie Marks significance isn't the be all and end all that it used to be, as it's now been established, much like Testing Testing 123 that everyone tackles it differently, leading both parties to come to terms with their opinions after divergence nearly caused irreparable damage. Then again, Season 7 showed that highlighting both sides of an argument and trying to bridge that gap isn't always successful as Fame And Misfortune noted... not every argument can be settled with consensus and it'll continue to rage forevermore.
  9. For years I contemplated changing my name of Frederick to its shortened version of Freddy because its the one I use more. However, as I've grown up... the realisation of having to change EVERY document I have just to shorten my name was ridiculous... so I didn't bother.
  10. Mega Thread

    I'm thinking about how Sonic Forces could disappoint given how much potential it had to be amazing...
  11. Movies/TV

    Most likely, it seems like the in-ring product means less and less to WWE's bottom line nowadays... which sucks. I do hope around January things start to pick up, as I want to ensure my second WrestleMania in NOLA is as awesome as it can be and the build-up is worth the time. That being said, post-Smackdown; Clash of Champions is looking pretty tasty. Should be a fun show if the matches on paper can deliver.
  12. I used to cycle a lot many years ago... but I've not done it properly in a long time, mostly because my exercise is restricted to NOTHING. I need to get back into it, as it was the only form of exercise I enjoyed doing on a regular basis. Looks like that's a New Years Resolution for me to pin down.
  13. Post

    My Black Knight Rises (Monty Python Batman parody) shirt and navy jeans.
  14. Gaming

    Having not played many new games this year, I just have to go with what I know: Breath Of The Wild deserves to win every award its nominated for, with the exception of Best Art Direction. If that doesn't go to Cuphead, riots will probably ensue. Persona 5 will most likely win RPG of the year, without doubt. Overwatch deserves best ongoing game... all because its the only experience of the nominees I have. I'd love Sonic Mania to win best family game, but it'll probably go to Super Mario Odyssey FIFA will probably win Sports Game, even though Forza/Project Cars or Gran Turismo Sport probably deserves it more... as they're better overall games but lacking the popularity to potentially sway voters.
  15. 5/10 - Enjoyable and catchy... but in comparison with other songs I know titled Xanadu (in particular Rush's awesome opus), it doesn't hold up well for me despite its melody and singing working well. --------- Coheed And Cambria - Deranged