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  1. Mothra

    what's your favorite animal?

    I cant help but love stingrays and their doofy faces
  2. Mothra

    movies/tv Any other cartoons you enjoyed besides MLP?

    Rick and Morty, Star vs the forces of evil, and Gravity falls are the only others I've watched recently, all of which are great!
  3. Mothra

    Have you ever had a creepy experience?

    I was walking to school really early one day, you were allowed to use the computers before school started and at the time I didnt have my own so I used to leave super early and sometimes even be the first one in so I could get some good time on the internet. On this particular day, it was still dark out, I walked through a park nearby to use as a shortcut, and there was nobody around, so I started singing. I wouldn't dare do it infront of people but I was the only one around for miles (Or at least I thought I was) I was about 20 seconds into a song and suddenly I heard this crunching sound behind me, I turned around and there was this tall man just standing there. Nothing paranormal, just an actual tall guy, but the fact that he was seemingly following me in this park with plenty of space, quietly at that. I was so scared I couldnt move or make a noise, but as soon as I turned around and looked at him he just stopped, turned back around and walked away. I ran as fast as I could out of the park looking behind me every so often and I've never seen him since. I can only imagine he must've stepped on a fallen tree branch or something, I cant imagine why he was following me or why he didnt do anything when I turned around, there was still nobody else around as far as I could tell
  4. I was a lot more chill as a kid, but these days online competitive games get to me really quickly, fighting, sport, you name it. With friends it's fine but if it's with someone I dont know then I get annoyed easily
  5. Mothra

    Is social interaction dead?

    Just a couple days ago I saw a man walk into McDonalds with what I assume was his son, and when they sat down with their food the man took out 2 phones, one for his son and one for himself, and they just sat there in silence while they ate and played around on their phones. It'snot dead for sure, but sometimes you have to wonder what happened
  6. Mothra

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Prefer not to say right away Age: 22 Gender: Male Country: UK Likes: Pokemon, Zelda, well, video games in general really. Gravity falls, Mlp (duh) South park, comedy stand up specials, and a ton of youtube are all things I watch, and anything football/soccer related Dislikes: All the usual stuff you'd see on here, that being mean people in general Hobbies: Writing short scripts, listening to music almost every minute when Im not talking to someone, shiny hunting in pokemon if I've got a good amount of free time, and I guess playing games in general if that counts too Other Info: Im super introverted and struggle at times to keep a conversation going, but it doesnt take long for me to understand someones 'limits' for lack of a better word and be able to be myself around them, which is a lot less shy and anxious
  7. I dont really see the point of telling people what bronies are on a forum...exclusively for bronies. TBH I havent seen the fandom dying. (We still have multiple pony related conventions like you said, seems pretty alive no?) dunno if it is or not, but if it does die, who cares? People have their own rights to not watch a show or continue to watch a show if they choose not to, if you like it, then you continue to watch it. It's not like everyone is going to stay in the fandom, and when the show, or G4 at the very least ends, you can expect there to still be art and fanfictions and music, just because there might be less doesnt mean we should force or pressure people into making more
  8. Mothra

    Potential episode list!

    Was also 'leaked' for last season in a fake list, suspicious?
  9. Mothra

    Potential episode list!

    Any reference from where you got these? Could easily be fake
  10. Twilight and Fluttershy took a while to bring their siblings into the series, I wouldnt be surprised if RD has one too
  11. Mothra

    Who Got You Into Games That You Now Love?

    The first time I'd ever heard about the any Zelda games was from a friend who let me lend his copy of Minish Cap, and I thought it was alright, I liked the music, the adventure, the sense of playing as this hero in a world full of monsters and saving a kingdom. So naturally, I looked into other games from the series, the new one out at the time was Wind Waker (spoiler, my favourite game of all time to this day) Being on a home console to play on a TV instead of a small screen was a step up from the start, but my god The music, even more beautiful than I could've imagined. The world, huge with tons of stuff to do. The art style was amazing to me back in those days, and most importantly, I was at an age were I still had child-like wonderment, but was also starting to be semi-decent at games with a little challenge. For me, it was a combination of both the game, and the timing. Who knows, if I hadnt been introduced to the series when I was, I might not be in love with the Zelda games as much as I am now, and I honestly cannot thank my friend enough for that
  12. Mothra

    Books Book recommendations

    The only book I've ever read from start to finish is The Count Of Monte Cristo, and from what people have said it's one of the best there is (And I'd agree.) The only scary thing about it is how scarily long it is, something like 1200 pages I think?
  13. Mothra

    Your FIRST time being TRUELY terrified

    This thing. THIS. THING. Has stayed with me ever since I was a child, so much so that I still sometimes have nightmares about it.
  14. Mothra

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    Pouring the milk first is almost a sin
  15. Can't beat the original PS1 Ah, the memories of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot