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  1. All I need is Jojo part 6 and Spyro in smash and I can die happy

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      If they add Spyro, then it would be cool if they added Crash. The two seem to go hand in hand, in my opinion. Wasn't there some Jojo games on the Nintendo consoles at one point? If so, then having one in Smash Ultimate would be pretty epic.

    2. Mothra


      Jojo in smash would be insane and out of nowhere, but I just mean I want that part 6 anime (no spoilers folks)

  2. MLP Is the 2nd best show ever only beaten by Breaking Bad. Fight me I dare you

  3. I cant help but love stingrays and their doofy faces
  4. I REALLY hope coutinho stays, but I do believe if a player is unhappy at a club you should let them leave, they'll never give 100% again if they're somewhere they dont want to be

  5. Is it just me or does the newest event Mew look pregnant?



    1. catnet


      It sorta does, I guess? Let us know by February 6th if they give birth to anything :o

  6. I swear I heard something laugh in my room last night, freaked me out so bad I didnt get much sleep

  7. Rick and Morty, Star vs the forces of evil, and Gravity falls are the only others I've watched recently, all of which are great!
  8. Almost failed a shiny mareep, been after this thing for way too long

  9. I was walking to school really early one day, you were allowed to use the computers before school started and at the time I didnt have my own so I used to leave super early and sometimes even be the first one in so I could get some good time on the internet. On this particular day, it was still dark out, I walked through a park nearby to use as a shortcut, and there was nobody around, so I started singing. I wouldn't dare do it infront of people but I was the only one around for miles (Or at least I thought I was) I was about 20 seconds into a song and suddenly I heard this crunchi
  10. Just saw Spider-man homecoming, and I was never a fan of the original movies or reboots but I loved this one, went to see it with a friend and long-time spiderman fan too and he loved it all the same

  11. One of the funniest things I've seen recently

  12. I was a lot more chill as a kid, but these days online competitive games get to me really quickly, fighting, sport, you name it. With friends it's fine but if it's with someone I dont know then I get annoyed easily
  13. Just a couple days ago I saw a man walk into McDonalds with what I assume was his son, and when they sat down with their food the man took out 2 phones, one for his son and one for himself, and they just sat there in silence while they ate and played around on their phones. It'snot dead for sure, but sometimes you have to wonder what happened
  14. Posting on r/roastme was easily the worst decision of my life so far

  15. Name: Prefer not to say right away Age: 22 Gender: Male Country: UK Likes: Pokemon, Zelda, well, video games in general really. Gravity falls, Mlp (duh) South park, comedy stand up specials, and a ton of youtube are all things I watch, and anything football/soccer related Dislikes: All the usual stuff you'd see on here, that being mean people in general Hobbies: Writing short scripts, listening to music almost every minute when Im not talking to someone, shiny hunting in pokemon if I've got a good amount of free time, and
  16. Im really struggling to see why everyone thinks todays episode was the best one yet, or even good at all

  17. Anybody else here shiny hunt?

  18. Anyone know any sad / dark shipfics but with happy endings?

  19. I dont really see the point of telling people what bronies are on a forum...exclusively for bronies. TBH I havent seen the fandom dying. (We still have multiple pony related conventions like you said, seems pretty alive no?) dunno if it is or not, but if it does die, who cares? People have their own rights to not watch a show or continue to watch a show if they choose not to, if you like it, then you continue to watch it. It's not like everyone is going to stay in the fandom, and when the show, or G4 at the very least ends, you can expect there to still be art and fanfictions and music, just b
  20. Got tickets to the Liverpool legends vs. Madrid legends match! Havent been to a game in years, can't wait for it

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      We hope you'll enjoy the game.

  21. Was also 'leaked' for last season in a fake list, suspicious?
  22. Any reference from where you got these? Could easily be fake
  23. When you wake up on your birthday and the first thing your mum says is "Got any 20p coins?" and leaves the house

  24. I guess that makes me a llama

  25. Twilight and Fluttershy took a while to bring their siblings into the series, I wouldnt be surprised if RD has one too
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