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  1. How old are you?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      Wait , this person who relpied isn't even me. I'am actually 20. Anyway, I would love to know why you think I seemed younger then that from my post

    3. Rawzy


      oh.....because you were describing your...umm....sexual feelings like as if you had just discovered them....

    4. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      Not exactly "just", but about three years ago I guess, that's about the age most people have their first time, so I'am really a bit late for some reason I guess.

  2. You aren't my boss anymore, so NAH! GOOD BYE!
  3. Mega Thread

    Boku No Pico What's your favourite kind of pet?
  4. Mega Thread

    I didn't read it either, it's more a women's thing anyway. I mean I wanted to read it in order to get inspiration for a novel I'am writing: 50 Shades of yellow: A crazy watersports adventure. And that's easy, you lie terrified and paralised in your bed awake at 3am. Oh shit, forgot the question. Umm....what is your favourite fruit?
  5. Mega Thread

    To have fun. Bread with nutella, but the nutella layer is thicker then the bread, I know it will kill me eventually. Did you really think I was for real? .-. I was just joking, who would say that someone is racust because they prefer a certain colour of skittles......actually......there are such your response wasn't that unreasonable. Anyway, if someone says that next time, just assume they're sarcastic, and if they're not, enjoy the show. Anyway, what if the 50 is you favourite shade of gray?
  6. Mega Thread

    Well well, so you judge thing based on their colour. You prefere red skittles, what comes next? Yellow smarties? Green gummybears? White people? That's it, you're raciat! Which already brings me to my question, how do you deal with racist people like him? I'am seriously upset now, I'am almost crying!
  7. Um....I do like the parts with the cartoons.....5/10 I'am more into these kind of songs:
  8. Mega Thread

    Penis Cloner this HTML class. Value is What is your skittles colour?
  9. No way, dude, no way, even your face tells me that you grab butts in the subway.
  10. You look totally gay to me. I mean I hope you're gay, sweetie <3
  11. femboii, lol, I forgot the b, this is really awkward .-.
  12. She's ma femoii <3 ^-^
  13. Enought now! Bring me my food, servant! Aww, don't worry, I'am a nice kitty ^-^ Jumps onto you and stomps on your stomach for 15 minutes.
  14. But's I'am also cute and fluffy You can't resist snuggling a cat, can you?
  15. That's good, because a certain cat here needs his daily amount of snuggling now.