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  1. Request Shop

    Hello guys, Some of you might know that I've said that I wanna leave this forum forever, but there was something that just really bothered me during the three months I was away, and it is that I didn't finish these requested drawings that I promised so much to draw. And I think it's really important to stay true to the things you say, therefore I saw it as an absolute necessity to finish these requests. I apologise sincerely to all of the people whose requests I didn't draw, I drew half of the remaining requests now, the last three drawings will follow soon. So here are the first three drawings ^-^ @Pripyat Pony I finished the drawing of your OC Cha Cha, and I gave myself the freedome to change your requested pose a little so that she has one hoove in the air, because I thought that looks kinda adorable ^-^ I hope you think the same and like the drawing. @Feather Data Since your OC is called Animelodie, I thought she's a big fan of manga, it seems like she's come to a really exciting chapter in one of her favourite manga she's reading right now ^-^ I hope you like the drawing. @NightmareLuna800 Wow, I'am scared of what your mighty OC Astera is going to do next, the look in her eyes is really concerning, looks like she's going to make a death star or something like that O.o These weird white things around the star should represent some sort of magic shine, it's the best that I was able to do .-. I hope you like it though ^-^
  2. Well.....I guess it's time for me to leave now, you're an amazing community, but I have to leave because this forum just was too much of a distraction for me, it distracted me from studying for school and basically having a life, so it's just really necessary for me to leave. So.....good bye then guys!
  3. Hello there, so I'am going to leave this Forum in less then 19 hours, and I just wanna say good bye to you all, especially to three users who are the most important people here to me, and in order to thank them I drew a farewell picture with my and their OC's on it ^-^ (the 2nd one is obviously mine) So from left to right we have: @@Lady Kiriness, You seriously helped me so much, I sometime wouldn't have known what to do without your help, I'am sure you'll become an amazing psychologist. ^^ @@Battenberg, You're probably one of the nicest people I've met, even though it's sometimes a little bit hard to get you to talk, but once you do so, you're a really fun and interesting person. @@darkwingmare, You're definitly one of the more calm people, as well as really compassionate, just like me you're sometimes too compassionate, but that's okay, since there is not enough compassion in this world anyway. And then there are a few other users I wanna mention who didn't fit on the drawing: @@TheImmortalLegendG, I just loved your reaction to my drawing, originally I just wanted to tell you that I'am not a troll, but you turned out to be really cool to talk to ^^ @[member=TheName'sDash], I actually liked you almost immediately after I started talking to you, please don't worry too much about your Asperger Syndrome, you're a really lovable person, I would seriously hug you in person. ^-^ @, I actually just drew your OC, but you turned out to be really cool for a pretty random conversation, I can talk about a lot of things with you. @@Lil Pip, I think you're kinda funny and really smart, I just like how you often just come up with a super long explanation for something. @, You're actually a really cool RP partner, I often was almost embarressed when I compared my shitty replies to yours. And all the other people, you're (for the most part) also really cool, and I hope you like my drawing.
  4. Hi, how are you?

    1. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      I'am okay, why are you asking?


    2. TheRockARooster


      I saw that you're thinking of leaving.

      Is something wrong?

    3. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      Sorry, didn't get a notification. I'am leaving because this forum distracts me from making IRL friends and studying for school.

  5. I'am going to leave MLP Forum this Sunday. I'am gonna miss you all, come and give me a farewell hug \(*-*)/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. A.V.


      Farewell, then.


      *Hugs Br O N Y B U N N Y.*

    3. TheName'sDash


      Awww, *hugs*

    4. ScrewLoose



      Goodbye bromine oxygen nitrogen yttrium BUNNY!!

  6. I'am probably gonna leave this forum very soon, I just wanna say good bye to you all in advance.

    1. trademark2


      aw why? we are sad to see you go!

    2. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      It kinda distracts me from making a social life IRL and from school, so I think it just would be better for me to leave.

    3. The Gear Spinner555

      The Gear Spinner555

      Well, I wish ya luck in any endeavor you pursue. :)

  7. I always say I'am 99% straight, because I once had a big crush on a guy, but I think that's pretty normal, because sexual orientation seems to be more like a spectrum anyway. I firmly believe that everyone is a little bit gay deep inside <3 Regardless of what you say.
  8. ~~It's the small things in life, which are often not very big~~

    1. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      Like Donald Trump's hands.

  9. Web

    I wouldn't consider myself a "Brony".....even though it's literally in my name, but still please don't call me a Brony. I don't know, it's maybe to a part because I don't like the name, but I also don't think that I'am gong to watch season 7. When I watched the show lately, I always had kind of a cringe feeling during the whole episodes, because there are so many moments in there where I can see that the show really wasn't geared towards me. But still like to draw MlP ponies, because they're so cute ^-^
  10. Huh, that sounds interesting, I've never seen someone wanting to do something like this before O.o Well, you can pretty much just message anyone you like, including me ^^ And there are two sections you can't access right ahad, the "Life Advise" section where people pretty whine about their problems can only be accessed when you have a minimum of five posts, for the "Debate Pit" where you have intense dicussions about non MLP stuff you need 40 posts to access it and 100 posts to participate in it. I hope that was helpful.
  11. Hello Mr. Silent, I just wanted to aks you why you sent me a friend request. Since I actually stated in my profile that I don't accept random friend requests because I wanna get to know people first before adding them as friends.

    1. PiratePony


      Why would you make this public rather than PMing him?

    2. Br O N Y Kitty

      Br O N Y Kitty

      Wait a bit.....hmm, I thought this would show up on his profile so he can read it, not mine ._. Well....shit, you kinda got a point

  12. Web

    As much as I dislike LeafyIsHere, I have to admit he has a really badass music taste ^-^
  13. Health

    I'am really happy that you took the time to write such a long comment. ^-^ And I'am really sorry for what you had to go through, I'am actually quite lucky, because I was barely bullied in middle school, and now in my high school no one would mock you for something like that, people who would do that would be considerd stupid. But it's defintly not a blessing, I mean it has a few good things, but in my opinion, it's overall a rather bad thing. I just looked through the life advise section and there is a 15 year old guy who goes through a similar thing then you did, maybe you could give him some support <3 I think he really could need some help from someone like you.
  14. So, I just wrote down every single one of the 15 possible combinations for the mane six (took some serious math to figure that out ) Anyway, which two characters do you like seeing in one bed the most? And why do you like the ship you choose the most? You could also write you favourite ship including a side character in the comments, mine for instance is Big Mac Smith, I'am sure I'am not alone with that.
  15. Web

    WHAAAAT? O.o Not Thunderf00t! He makes a lot of other cool shit besides the feminism videos, he destilled Cesium on a barbecue grill, FUCKING CESIUM.....ON A BARBECUE GRILL! O.o I think this guy is just amazing for his science stuff ^-^