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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello, there, Battenberg! It's been a fair while - how are you doing? :P

  3. Victoria Sponge

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    I was so ready for Cozy to be Chrysalis Oh well, she's still a great villain and I doubt we've seen the last of her.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Raspberry was worried by the prospect of encountering Pinkie again, especially if it meant her meeting her timid husband. She could see herself potentially getting in a fight if she refused to leave them alone, as much as Citrus's shy behaviour annoyed her she would always stick up for him if necessary. "We'll figure something out with Pinkie Pie, as for my baking skills... baking isn't really my forte. You'll notice that I and my twins have taken a rather different approach to the rest of our family. Even Red would rather stick to wedding cakes and snacks than bake a batch of cupcakes or something of the sort. That's not to say I can't do it if I want to, knowing Lemon you've probably heard the story of the battenberg and Victoria spongecake that she decided to name her children after for whatever reason, but baking is definitely below flying and jam making in terms of fun and my own abilities." Raspberry had always been keen on doing things her own way, even as a filly she had been very independent, her attitude was evident not only in her interests but in the side of the family that related directly to her. As she had mentioned, two of her daughters were not named after cakes and had taken on non-baking professions with flower arranging and chocolate making being their specialities. When Benny addressed the approaching pegasus she appeared to be startled by his words, or maybe it was his toothy grin. Her eyes widened and she let out a muted shriek before stumbling backwards and tripping over her tail, landing firmly on her rump. She didn't get up again but instead began to shrink into her self, getting as close to the ground as possible, wanting to get further away from that which had surprised her. Raspberry snorted with a chuckle. "Good luck with her, I used to think my sister was easily frightened until I met this filly." Strawberry had buried her head in her hooves and was breathing quickly, while Raspberry, despite beginning to look a little more concerned, did not make a move to help her, Lemon had finally noticed her friend's attempts to introduce herself and quickly trotted over to help. She sat down between the pegasus and Benny and stroked her mane, encouraging her to look up, making eye contact with her. "It's ok Berry, he doesn't bite." She giggled slightly but stopped when she saw the panic and fear that remained in Strawberry's eyes. She stood up and helped the pegasus to her hooves. "Come on, if I made friends with the dragon then you definitely can. Nothing to be afraid of." Raspberry nodded and took a deep breath, letting it out with a sigh. With Lemon's help she managed to get closer to Benny. Lemon glared at Raspberry who shook her head and looked the other way, she then turned to Benny. "Sorry about this, Strawberry is trying her best, it was actually very impressive that she got as far as she did. You can introduce yourself now Berry." She nudged Strawberry who slowly looked up at Benny, her mane falling to the side and finally revealing her whole face, which was still in an expression of terror, her eyes wide and wet looking directly into Benny's as she struggled to find her words. "S..." She gulped, the words couldn't quite find their way. "I-I-I'm S-so..." She suddenly looked away, burying her face in Lemon's mane. Lemon hugged her friend and smiled at Benny apologetically. "If you thought I was scared of dragons you haven't seen anything yet." A quiet and muffled voice emerged from Lemon's mane. "I-I'm sorry Mr Dragon... I... just..." She pulled her face away and slowly turned to look at him again, breathing slowly and deeply she tried again. "I-I don't m-mean to be r-rude..." Her face seemed a little more relaxed now, though the rest of her body was still as stiff as a plank, her legs stuck out at awkward angles and her tail flicking nervously behind her. "I-I'm S-strawberry... Spr-sprinkle." The poor thing was so nervous you could practically hear her heart pounding in her chest as she continued to breathe rapidly and stand in place as if she were made of stone. "I-I'm so sc-scared of d... dr...." She gulped again, trying to swallow the lump in her throat to allow her to speak more clearly. "D-dragons... b-but y-you seem to b-be nice... m-my daughter l-likes you a-a l-lot!" Her right hoof suddenly shot up, in a very robotic manner, it seemed she'd just about managed to muster up the bravery to shake his claws. Lemon stepped back a bit, ready to stop Strawberry from attempting to run the second Benny reached out to shake her hoof, but she kept one hoof around the stiff mare, gently stroking her in an attempt to calm her. "Just be slow Benny, once she warms up to you she'll be much friendlier I promise!" Lemon and Raspberry hadn't been friends for the longest time, only a few years but like Battenberg and Sprinkles the two had quickly become inseparable. It was clear Lemon had had to deal with Raspberry before, every move she made seemed to calm the shaken mare more and more. Lemon hoped this would help her friend overcome her dragonphobia at least a little, in the same way she herself had begun to warm up to the idea of dragons and ponies being friends.
  5. Victoria Sponge

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Pretty good! I'm surprised this is the first time the map has chosen the same pair for a second time.
  6. Victoria Sponge

    Gender Race

  7. Victoria Sponge

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Dragons can be pretty scary, my sister can tell you all about that. It's crazy how big your species can get!" Raspberry seemed a little more intrigued with dragons than her sister, talking about them in a way that was reflective of her brother in law Felix. "We are indeed moving to ponyville, should be much more to both of our tastes." Raspberry's eyes seemed to narrow slightly at the mention of Pinkie Pie, it was almost as if she were wincing in pain. "Oh I know all about this Pinkie Pie. I sold her some of my fruity jams and jellies, instead of using it to make cakes or even a sandwich, the silly filly proceeded to fill a paddling pool with the stuff and dove straight in. It seemed most unconventional and in my opinion it was a waste of my hard work. If she hadn't paid me so well I would have had a few choice words for her. Citrus definitely wouldn't like her either I don't think, she'd be a bit... much... for him." Citrus Orange was so introverted he couldn't even associate with people who would do all the talking for him, in fact he was probably more afraid of contact with extroverts than he was with other introverts. "It would be nice to see a familiar face like yours though, we could do business together even maybe, I sure would love to get my jam out there in the hooves of the general populace. I currently make it for Cloudsdale Catering and they use it to make all kinds of consumables, but the ponies who buy there stuff aren't really in contact with the ponies behind the food most of the time, to them I'm just some nameless pony who makes jam for a much larger company. We plan to move nearer the centre, more ponies for me to talk to and potential to get Citrus back in the fruit marketing business, I'm hoping to find him an assistant who he can bare to spend time with. I can't go back into the fruit business myself but he's hopeless without me or somepony else holding his hoof, he's an excellent fruit farmer but a terrible salespony." Raspberry had heard of the Everfree forest, and while she thought she would be able to handle it no problem she knew it wasn't the place for Citrus or any of their children. While they had been talking Strawberry Sprinkles had been cautiously edging closer towards them. She'd been trying to make it hard to notice by taking a few small steps every few seconds and continuously looking back to the table as engaged in conversation, and whenever she'd been looking in the direction of the strangers her mane had been gently drooped over her eyes, just in case they tried to make eye contact. To be fair to her, she had gone largely unnoticed, her soft hoofsteps and general silence had made her almost invisible, despite her bright pink colouration. When she finally got close enough, though this was still a considerable distance by normal conversing standards, she waited patiently for a lull in the conversation before coughing gently to get attention. When her lack of volume prevented this from working she tried stomping her hoof a few times, each one harder until they finally noticed her. As soon as they turned towards her she took a step back and turned her head slightly to the side, still hiding under her long, sprinkle filled mane. "H-hi..." She seemed to choke on the one word she uttered, as if unsure if she was allowed to talk to the newcomers and if she were if this was the right thing to say. She attempted to get more words out but she didn't really know what to say and ended up repeating herself in a slightly goofy way, something which caused her to blush in embarrassment and take another step back, still avoiding all eye contact and instead looking off in the direction of her best friend Lemon. "H-hello... I... mmm..." Raspberry rolled her eyes but did not attempt to help the shy mare directly, instead silently gesturing to Pop and Benny to say something to her.
  8. Hey, Battenberg,

    Recently, I have decided to leave the forums, and I just wanted to say thank you for being a friend. I've really enjoyed our conversations, and I will miss you now that I've left the fandom and the forums...

    1. Victoria Sponge

      Victoria Sponge

      It’s a shame that you’re leaving :( but do whatever is right for you. It’s been great talking to you :fluttershy:

  9. Victoria Sponge

    Early Seasons vs. Newer Seasons?

    The old episodes are great and they’re fun to look back on but I feel the show has grown into a much funnier and much more intelligent/self aware entity in the more recent seasons.
  10. Victoria Sponge

    S08:E19 - Road to Friendship

    I think this is my second favourite episode this season, because you can’t beat that Celestia episode We had two great main characters, great new characters, lots of scenery to look at (some of which we’ve seen before at some point), a great song and great and realistic interactions between two friends. I went on a very long 30 day trip across Europe with a friend once and we had all sorts of falling outs so I found this episode super relatable. You can be very close to someone and not realise that you can still get tired of eachother sometimes, especially after seeing eachother so much so that was very well portrayed in the episode. I also liked the continuity, like Trixie talking in her sleep, as we’ve seen her do before. Great episode, been waiting for something like this for a while
  11. Victoria Sponge

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Yep, those are my three." Raspberry smiled. "I haven't really gotten on well with them. I think it's because I kept leaving them... flying off to cloudsdale, a place where only Heather and Caramel could follow, but they rarely did." The death of Raspberry and Lemon's mother Cotton had been hard on her, and her wings gave her the freedom to go anywhere she wished, it had meant her family hadn't seen much of her for a period of their life. "I should never have done it, but I just couldn't bare to be in that house anymore, not without mother. I knew Citrus would do a good job of taking care of them, even if he acts like he can't even live without me." Lemon interjected with important details. "That's her husband by the way, Citrus Orange. If you think Strawberry and I are shy you just wait until you meet him." "Yep, so shy he won't even leave Trottingham for a day visit, let alone come to stay with the girls for a while. I have to keep heading back there to see him. This will all be sorted once I secure that house in Ponyville, Citrus can live with me again and regain some of the little confidence he had and there will be a place for the girls to come and see both of us at once, hopefully that will sort things out." Repeated movement had made the family a little distant. "It's good to hear Caramel is getting on well, she's probably the one I see the least of. Red's a mature and kind soul so she makes an effort to see me as much as she can, Heather doesn't see me because she wrongly thinks I'm disappointed in her and her clumsy ways but she still loves me so I do get to see her occasionally, but Caramel... I don't think I've seen her in a year." Lemon added that most of them did not see her much at all, she often kept to herself with only Heather being in constant contact with her. Raspberry smiled at mention of her grandson. "That little rascal has had such a good effect on everypony, he's going to grow into such a wonderful stallion, probably going to fix all the little holes this family has. Thank Celestia Red is the daughter I see the most because it means I get to spend so much time with the little colt, and yes her husband is a delight too. He's a little uptight and quiet but he has a great heart." She did a twirl in the air to demonstrate to Benny what she was capable of. "I'm so glad I'm a pegasus, I couldn't imagine being stuck on the ground like this lot." She gestured at everybody, despite the fact that almost half of them were also pegasi. Sky and Sprinkles heard what she said and looked at each other laughing to themselves, it was funny to see her go into this high and mighty mode, she would always say weird and silly things like that when she did. "I hear some unicorns are poweful enough to fly too though, and good on them. I think anybody who has the ability to fly should learn how to, it's great fun."
  12. Victoria Sponge

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Felix was the first to speak, though he seemed to be more interested in Benny than Pop. "Good to see you again my scaly friend! And of course your lovely marefriend Pop. I would tip my hat to you but I've been scolded for wearing it at the table before." He chuckled sheepishly and shot his wife a glance to which she responded with a gentle push on the shoulder, her light touch did little to move him though. The Strawberry mare gave a quick wave with her hoof but looked away almost immediately, as if embarrassed. Sprinkles shook her head and tried to make her say something but was unsuccessful. "Don't worry about her, she'll warm up to you... eventually. And don't worry about him being a dragon mom, he's pretty gentle!" "She was the same with me at first." The bearded pony spoke now. His smooth voice seemed to calm the shy old mare though she continued to hide in her mane. "Cupcake was so excited for her to meet me, but it took longer than she expected for us to actually introduce ourselves to eachother." He laughed at the memory and Strawberry let out a very quiet sound which could only really be interpreted as some kind of laugh or giggle. "The name's Sky by the way! This sweet young filly has been telling me all about you, she's very excited to have made some new friends, always is." He put a hoof around Sprinkles and squeezed her and she shook her head and blushed. "I-I didn't tell him everything! Just said I met a wonderful couple who appreciate my baking and have high potential to be my new best friends!" While all this had been going on a few members of the party had been looking inquisitively towards Victoria, surprised to see her here and smiling of all things. Surprisingly Strawberry was the first to acknowledge her, though she spoke almost in a whisper, not wanting to draw all the attention to herself. "Hi sweetie, you doing ok? You have such a lovely smile." Victoria blushed and thanked her mother's close friend. "I'm doing much better Strawberry, I'm glad you like my smile, you'll be seeing a lot more of it." Strawberry smiled at Vicky and brushed her mane aside, finally revealing her big pink eyes. "I like what you did to your hair, you look very pretty." Vicky toyed with her mane bashfully and seemed about to respond when Raspberry interjected. "Lemon, didn't you invite my girls. It seems weird that Victoria is here but none of mine." Lemon frowned at her sister. "Vicky is a changed mare, she's finally let her sweet side out, that's why she's here. I did invite yours but they all said no." It seemed Raspberry was a little jealous of her sister having both her daughters present while she lacked all three of her own. "Why?" "Red's busy with a wedding, Caramel didn't want to say and we met Heather earlier and she said she didn't want to ruin things." Raspberry shook her head. "Silly filly, she needs to realise she's less clumsy than she thinks she is, and Caramel needs to stop avoiding me all together." Lemon patted her sister on the back and comforted her. "They'll come around eventually... mine did." She smiled at Vicky who was now nibbling daintily on a biscuit and tried her best to smile back without spilling to many crumbs. "Let's not be down Raspberry, why don't you talk to our new friends?" Raspberry nodded and turned to look at the friends in question. "Sorry about that, I just miss my girls is all; I rarely see them these days. I'm Raspberry Drizzle by the way, I see you're well acquainted with some of my family members, and I don't know what you've done to Vicky but I must congratulate you." She took off and fluttered across the table, offering a hoof to them without landing. "If you stick around after the tea I'd love to show you some of the tricks I know... aerially." "She's a great flyer, she's a masterful jam maker, as her cutiemark will tell you, but she's also very skilled in the art of aerial manoeuvres." Raspberry nodded eagerly. "She likes flying more than I do! And that's really saying something." Sprinkles loved to fly with Raspberry, she'd even learned a few tricks off of her, but it was clear the Drizzle sister had more fun with the art than even she.
  13. Victoria Sponge

    What ethnicity would the Mane 6 be as humans?

    They're all voiced by white people so I would assume they were all white.
  14. Victoria Sponge

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Well, it's not entirely to match my name, I guess I also did it because Battenberg has two colours and I felt boring having just one." This was just another element of the unconditional love Victoria had for her sister, even at a time when she acted like she hated her she still looked up to her big sister and even imitated her look. "Most of the mares in our side of the family have two colours, I guess I got dad's DNA instead with just the one colour." "You look great no matter what Vicky!" Battenberg was pleased to hear this part about Vicky taking inspiration from her, it was good to see that her sister had cared about her despite the way she acted. Vicky gave an appreciative nod. "You just have to use conditioner Benny, keeps it soft and fluffy no matter what you do to it." She smiled and toyed with her hair a little, showing off it's light and shiny nature. Lemon seemed saddened by Pop's statement as she was saying it, but laughed as soon as she'd finished. "Now I know you truly don't understand him! When it's your natural born talent to go off an explore the world there isn't much that can be done to stop you. To be honest it's a wonder he has a family at all, but that's how I know he really does care about us. The fact that he fell in love with me and gave me two wonderful fillies and even stayed around for many years to help look after them, even with urges against ever settling down, lets me know that he loves us dearly. It may seem like he doesn't have time for us but he really does visit us as often as he can and we rarely go more than a couple of weeks without seeing him, he has ways of making it up to us too, lots of presents and cuddles and the like, even has time to help his elderly mother." Lemon honestly believed it was better that he wasn't around so much, she felt that his not being around smothering Victoria all the time was the reason she had bonded to him so well, it meant that she had always had a figure to love and be loved by when she pushed everypony else away, ironically she may have been even lonelier if he had been home for a larger amount of time when she was growing up. The group finally arrived at their location, a quaint little cottage on the outskirts of town, Victoria smiled upon seeing her childhood home again. Though it had not been long since she was last here she had done a lot of avoiding the place since she and Battenberg had got their own place. It was nice to see her mother's cottage through eyes that could actually appreciate what it stood for. "I hope you find my cottage homely, it's a little small but it's a lovely place, very cozy. I bought this home when my mother passed and we moved the family back to Manehattan, we've had it ever since and most of our fondest memories are here." She opened the door and gestured for them to enter. Upon entering the main hallway it was clear this place was both old and not that large. With a low ceiling filled with exposed wooden beams and a creaky wooden floor the room had a nice feel if a little cramped. "Don't worry if you feel a little claustrophobic." Battenberg looked towards Benny as she spoke, he was a little larger than the rest of the group after all. "We're going to go through to the living room, it's a little bigger than this, I think it was built more recently but I can't remember." Vicky smiled, distracted by the family photos hung up on the walls, the same grumpy face visible in each one of them. She'd have to take a photo with everyone again now she'd learned how to smile. Suddenly a flash of yellow shot by and collided with Victoria, knocking her backwards and pinning her. A very excited Sprinkles now stood over her, her tail flicking about like an excited puppy. "Heh, hi Cupcake!" Vicky was a little surprised but happy to see her friend again. Sprinkles snuggled her a little then stepped off, allowing her to get to her feet. She then turned to address the others. "This is a bigger party than we were expecting, it's no biggy though! I'm glad to see Vicky actually decided to come along for once, it's great to see her becoming part of the family again! It's good to see you two again too Benny and Pop! You should come through and meet everyone." Doing as she said they followed her into the living room. This room was indeed larger, with a higher ceiling and a lovely soft carpet. At one end a beautiful stone fireplace stood unlit for now though its mantle was decorated with pine branches and even more family photos, the two sisters, Felix and Lemon on their wedding day and an older one showing a young Lemon and Raspberry with their parents Tiramisu and Cottonbud. In the centre of the room a large, round, oakwood table stood sturdily, a bright bunch of various flowers sat in a tall antique vase in the middle and around it plates filled with small cakes and biscuits showed off their products invitingly. A steaming teapot sat amongst them with little cups and saucers stacked neatly beside it, waiting for someone to have a refreshing cup of tea. And around the table sat the family members, who turned and smiled at their unexpected guests. On one side a small pink pegasus hid behind her sprinkle covered hair with a small and very shy smile on her face, next to her sat a proud looking stallion in deep blue with a bristling beard and slick hair. Across from them another pegasus, somewhat resembling Lemon but with long curled hair draped all around her head, covered in pink streaks. Sat next to her, as Benny had predicted, the stoic stallion from earlier grinned at his new dragon friend, his hat on the table in front of him and his hair slightly messy from being underneath it. Lemon happily ran over to her husband and gave him a big warm hug, happy that he had indeed decided to stay. She then turned to look at the rest of the group. "Come and introduce yourselves everyone! Raspberry, could you quickly grab some more cushions for them to sit on!" Rasberry nodded and carried out her little sister's request, flittering quickly out of the door for a few moments before returning with her hooves filled with cushions. She dropped them neatly around the table as Sprinkles returned to her seat next to her bearded boyfriend and Vicky quickly rushed over to sit next to her father.