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  1. Anti listened to what the others said, but he didn't say a word himself. "What is the purpose of this 'game' anyway?" "Why put us in separate places when we would still have to find everyone else?" he thought. "Eh, whatever. If it takes me closer to Dawn, then I shall do whatever this crazy dude says". And, again, he trotted forward without talking. (OOC: Dawn is a female OC I'm currently developing to be Anti's girlfriend)
  2. After Veertus had dissapeared, Anti had more questions than answers. "What is this place? How am I here?" he asked himself. And now, all of a sudden, he had to choose. He thought about it for a while, and stepped forward. Feeling as if everypony was looking at him, he walked towards the left portal, hoping he had made the right choice. He took air and walked inside the huge oval before him without saying a word, ready for the worse. And then, he found himself in the middle of an unknown jungle, all alone and with no clues.
  3. (I'm deeply sorry I haven't posted on this since I got accepted yet. But well, here I go) Proton was rapidly flying home. Something terrible had happened. He arrived and immediatly opened the door, fearing the worst. He entered the humble house he recognized as his home and quickly started searching something. Something important. However, he couldn't find the artifact anywhere near. "Damn," he thought. "Just when I needed her the most, she isn't home. Where did she put it?!" He kept searching for around 15 minutes but eventually gave up and left the house. But just when he left, he heard a noise that sounded terrifyingly similar to a roar. And it was coming from the Everfree forest. "What was that?" He thought immediatly. But he didn't have time to investigate things like that. "Eh, I'll find out later. First, I need to search for Clarity". GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Another roar. But this one was way stronger than the first one. So strong it moved the ground under Ponyville. "Ugh...," Proton moaned as he fell to his knees and his head fell right into a rock, getting him unconscious. (First, sorry for the short post. Second, the "she" and "Clarity" in this post refers to another of my OCs, who lives with Proton)
  4. "Calm down Shardz. I know what to do" said Proton calmly He then left his cover and flew rapidly toward the group of turrets "There you are" they all said at the same time, right before they started to fire It seemed Proton was having a hard time dodging the bullets in mid-air "Woah, these guys are fast!" he said as he got closer and closer Two seconds later, all the turrets had been rammed by Proton and were lying on the ground while he came to a stop "AND THAT WAS FOR MY SHADES, DISCORD!" he yelled at a camera right next to him
  5. "DAMN IT MY SHADESSS!!!!" Proton said angrily "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS DISCORD!" Proton then noticed Shardz trying to cast a spell "Uh, what exactly are you trying to do?" he said "There you are" The turret fired at Proton while he was questioning Shardz and hit him in a hoof "Ow!" he yelled as he took cover behind a Companion Cube
  6. Proton fell to the ground right next to Shardz "Ugh, where are we now?" he said as he recovered The chamber looked empty "Perhaps Discord wants us to go insane in here, huh Shardz?" Then a hole opened in a wall and some turrets fell through it. "Damn! Take cover!" he said
  7. (OOC: Uh, guys, you do know there's an application thread somewhere else, right?) Proton was unamused. "Remember this is the Enrichment Center girl" he said as he flew toward Shardz "Its not supposed to be easy, and its not supposed to be painless, either" he added
  8. But that wasn't the last of Proton, as they saw horrified his crumbling, fragile corpse flying towards them. "Great" one of them said, "a zombie pegasus. What now?" Fortunately, Proton's rotten body collapsed in front of them and fell into the cliff. Again.
  9. What nobody knew is that Proton had been following them silently all the way, and when they were unsuspicious about anything, he flied at full speed and screamed, scaring them all out of sudden. But then he crashed with a tree branch, lost control and ended up in the bottom of a cliff, never to be seen again. (OOC- this story is not canon for Proton, so he is still alive on other stories)