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  1. @Pr0m4NV14 @Victoria Sponge Summer felt her knees become weak with so many ponies watching the three of them. She knew her voice was going to sound weak as she spoke. “If I may your highness,” She said as she gave a slight bow. “Could we call in the ponies that work in the engine room on the train? They should be able to vouch for Mike as they were the ones directly rescued by him.”
  2. @Raven Rawne "Not to worry, he's going back to Vanhoover with me." Summer said as she stuffed the squirrel into her bag. "Now stay in there ok? I'll tell you when its safe to come out." She said to her bag. She knew she probably looked pretty goofy, but her pet must remain hidden. "Its totally fine!" Frenzy exclaimed. "Your squirrel has nice stealth skills, I must say! i hardly saw him coming." She said laughing at the strange turn of events. Summer pulled out her boarding pass once again. "Now I wonder where I'm supposed to sit." She scanned the ticket and giggled nervously. "Looks like my seat is actually right across from you two...I promise we won't have any more incidents." She said as she gently pushed her belongings under the seat and sat down. "I'm not too worried." Frenzy said and her attention returned to the spell scroll. As the final passengers filtered in and began to take their seats, the boarding assistants began going over safety procedures. Summer had seen them a million times, but quietly paid attention anyway. After the quick presentation, the engine let out a loud roar before shoving off down the track. Summer glanced at the scroll that had Frenzy's attention. She debated whether or not to say anything. she didn't want to cause any more annoyances, but eventually her curiosity got the better of her. "I couldn't help but notice, is anesthetic spell?" Summer said quietly, as to not disturb the other passengers. Frenzy perked up a bit at the green unicorn's interest. "Yep! Not sure how much we are suppose to reveal about our trip...but we need to learn this pretty quickly. It will likely come in handy with our..uh...mission." "Sounds like a very specific mission." Summer said smiling. "I won't prod, but I can help you with the spell if you'd like. It's not quite as intimidating as the scroll makes it look." "That would be great! Thank you so much!" Frenzy said, excited to learn a new spell.
  3. @Victoria Sponge @Pr0m4NV14 "Princess Candence? I didn't know she lived here." Summer listened to Victoria's explanation. She was bit worried in that she had no idea how the princess would react to their story. "Hopefully she will understand that this was just a big misunderstanding." Summer prodded at the ground, nervously waiting to see what Cadence was going to do with Mike.
  4. @Raven Rawne That works. I'll try to leave it to end at that. And sorry for the late's been real crazy this past week for me. I'll try to get the response up as soon as possible.
  5. @Raven Rawne Frenzy happily trotted over to the boarding platform. The massive train sped by causing a swift breeze to send the unicorns' hair flying backwards. As their turn in line approached, Frenzy handed over her ticket to the pony who was assisting with the boarding. He stamped the ticket and moved onto the next one in line. Once inside Frenzy was wide eyed and impressed with how much bigger it seemed on the inside. Even though it had just a few cars, it seemed that this train could comfortably carry a large crowd. Frenzy followed Clarity to their assigned seats. They were seated towards the middle of the car, meaning there was a larger table and whoever they were sitting with, would be facing across from the duo, sharing their large table. Clarity looked excited about the possibility of a window seat, and who was she to stand in her way? "Go for it! I'm doubt I'll be able to sleep anyway, so there's no point in really having a leaning surface." Frenzy said with a slight giggle. She pulled out a soda, before tossing her own bags into the overhead compartment. "Actually I think I'll have a look at this spell scroll they gave us." She pulled it out of her bag with her magic and then sat down. She glanced at the ponies in the isle piling into the train cars. "Looks like we have a bit to wait for everypony to get on board anyways." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A teal and yellow unicorn by the name of Summer Haven was making her way through the massive crowds at the Canterlot train station. She shuffled her way into line and waited for her turn to hand off her ticket. "There sure is a lot of ponies her today huh Snickers? It looks like its completely booked." She said to the squirrel on her head, to which it chirped in agreement. Summer struggled a bit under the weight of her bags. She couldn't wait to get on board so she could sleep on the ride back to Vanhoover. One by one the ponies in front of her had their tickets stamped and disappeared behind the doors. "Your ticket please?" Said a friendly voice. Summer approached the ticket master and he stamped her ticket. "Thank you very much-" Suddenly the squirrel jumped off her head and took off down the isles. Summer quickly grabbed her ticket and followed. It effortlessly weaved in and out between the other passengers until it stopped in the middle and stared up at a two unicorns who had just finished putting their things in the overhead compartment. One was purple with a white mane and was dressed in an adventuring outfit. The other was yellow with a blue mane and tail. Summer managed to catch up and snatch the squirrel with her magic just before he was able to steal the yellow unicorn's soda. "I am SO sorry about that you guys. He gets so excited when he hears any form of can opening. He thinks its all food for him." Summer shifted awkwardly, since she was embarrassed at what her pet had done. She felt her face turn pink, and she set the squirrel back down on her head.
  6. @Pr0m4NV14 @Victoria Sponge "Mike you're here!" Summer was relieved that they had successfully found Mike. Summer looked around and saw the rogue bandit trying to escape from the two guards that were restraining him. "Looks like we got here just in time. Whats going on?" Summer scanned the room which appeared to be a court room. "Did-did they think you were with them?" Summer asked confused.
  7. This was my first attempt of making a pony sculpture! It was made using teal and light yellow sculpey clay (sorry I don’t know the actually color names) and features hand painted eyes and cutie marks. Though there’s a few things I wish I’d done differently I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! First WIP pic Pre-fire best angle XD alternate views The Oc in question: (I purposely left out the stripe in the hair because it was obnoxious and I figured I would mess it up)
  8. @Pr0m4NV14 @Victoria Sponge Yea I was hoping they could explore there a bit too since none of them have been there and it’s a neat place.
  9. Gotta go with Lilo and Stitch. It’s one of my all time favorite Disney movies!
  10. Go starlight go! Starlight drinks cider # 18
  11. @Victoria Sponge @Pr0m4NV14 Summer waited for the guard to leave before she looked at Victoria and said in a puzzled voice, “Did...did he just say palace? Why would they take him there?” Summer tried to wipe the puzzled expression off her face. “At any rate, we better hurry. They got a pretty good head start on us and we don’t want anything bad to happen!” Summer took off in the direction the guard pointed. She winced at the pain in her leg, but tried to ignore it to the best of her ability. Snickers was clinging onto her horn as she ran.
  12. @Raven Rawne Frenzy was relieved she had made it on time. Her eyes darted to Clarity’s attire, which she just now had taken notice of. “Hey nice hat!” She said smiling. “And yes, without this ticket I never would have found the terminal.” Frenzy said with a nervous laugh. Frenzy pulled her luggage off her back and let it slide down onto the bench. She began rechecking everything to make sure it was all there. “Well to be honest I’m kind of in the same boat. I hadn’t realized until now but, I don’t leave Canterlot that often. I’ve had a few family trips here and there as a filly, but aside from that...” The yellow unicorn frowned as she was thinking about her lack of traveling experience. “Hmm Maybe that’s why I’m so excited to finally get to see some other places!” Frenzy’s eyes lit up just thinking about it. “This will be a great experience for sure.” Suddenly a loud voice erupted from the intercom: “All passengers for the train to Vanhoover may now begin boarding. Please have your tickets ready for the boarding attendant.” The giant light-up board at the center of the station updated itself to reveal that the next train for boarding was the one to Vanhoover. “Hey! Looks like that’s us!” Frenzy jumped off the bench excitedly and dropped the luggage back onto her back. She grabbed her ticket out with her mouth so she wouldn’t loose it. She waited for Clarity to gather her bags before they could begin making their way to the boarding area. “Need thum help?” Frenzy asked with the ticket still in her mouth. She tried her best to contain her excitement.
  13. @Victoria Sponge @Pr0m4NV14 Summer followed the guard pony who seemed to be leading them further into the city. The Crystal Empire was absolutely gorgeous. The streets and some of the buildings seemed to made made from, unsurprisingly, crystal. They all had exquisite detail and yet we’re still able to be functional. Summer was sad that she didn’t have time to admire the them due to the circumstances. Unsatisfied with the guard’s leisurely pace, and general lack of concern for their situation, Summer decided she ought to say something. “Umm...excuse me sir. We appreciate you helping and all but, we are kind of in a hurry. If you want you could point us in the right direction and we can take if from here?” Summer offered modestly.
  14. @Raven Rawne Frenzy Bolt charged down the streets of Canterlot for the second time that day. This time she made for the direction of the train station. Upon arriving she remembered that, unsurprisingly, it was huge and had a ton of boarding platforms. There was a bunch of ponies shuffling about with bags and papers trying to find their way around. Frenzy made her way past the groups of rushing ponies and dug through her bag until she found her own boarding pass. She had walked by the station many times on her way to work but didn’t ever go inside. Since she didn’t frequent the station often, she figured she should ask somepony where to go. Frenzy approached the pony behind the counter and showed him her boarding pass. “Excuse me, do you know where I can find the boarding platform for the train to Vanhoover?” Frenzy asked with a smile. The pony looked down from his magazine and past his back hooves, which were propped on his desk. He gave a simple nod in the general direction of one of the platforms, and went back to his magazine. “Thanks! You’re so...helpful...?” Frenzy recalled her ticket with her magic and made her way through the crowds towards the building he pointed to. Once inside, she looked around and spotted Clarity sitting on one of the benches. Thankfully she was sitting near the door so Frenzy could easily spot her. She ran over to her and imidiately apologized. “I’m so sorry! I had some...complications...” Frenzy said nervously. She hopped onto the bench next to the violet mare, hoping she wouldn’t be too upset.