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  1. So I bought Waifuwatch, I mean Overwatch, after the free weekend. It's pretty fun to play but I wish I were any decent in sniping, so I could play as Widowmaker.

  2. There's an Overwatch free weekend going on, and, I rather like the game. Basically TF2 with more MOBA mechanics in it. And after 3 hours of play I haven't seen a single death treat on chat, so that's a bonus...

    Still not sold on the idea of buying it (pun intended) though. Mercy and Sombra are the only ones I have a decent grasp on, and they aren't very vesatile. Widowmaker plays decently but I'm a horrible sniper so, waste of a hero in my hands.

  3. I think I want some new game to play, but nothing really catches my interest these days. :unamused: SpecOps: the Line killed the FPS genre for me, MOBA's are way too toxic for my taste, Witcher 3 and Pillars of eternity beats most RPG's in my eyes... That new Star wars Battlefront didn't look too bad on the tin but, EA, nuff said.

  4. Request Shop

    So... I've made it through al the requests! @Adamgreen - added the CM @Lektra Bolt I decided to go light on therobot, since my other attempts made him look weird. @Twisted Cyclone - and here's your headshot: And with that, I take a short break from requests. See you all soon.
  5. Request Shop

    @Adamgreen I've completed your request. I used a completely new pose for me, but, all in all, it didn't turn out bad, I guess. Such is the way with first atempts, after all. Since the cutie mark was imposible to discern from the Ponytown avatar, I can add it once you show me some visual reference. Also, I will close the shop after I'm done with the current batch of requests, in order to focus on practicing my drawing skills. I will reopen soon™.
  6. Request Shop

    Pencil headshot, sure. I'll add you to the queue then, and notify when I'm done. Come to think of it, I haven't done pencil art for over a month. So that will be some welcome practice.
  7. Request Shop

    Fresh batch of content. Because nothing helps making art like a national holiday on Saturday. @ShadOBabe I made if, it seems. Your character was a bit troublesome but, the result of my "struggle" is passable, I think. @Blueberry Dream here's your request, I kinda like how it came out actually. @RDash11 aaaand yours too! Phew, seems like I finally caught up a little with my queue. Anyway, as per usual, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the delivered pieces, what wirked, what didn't etc.
  8. Just a little something for Independence Day:



    Art critique: my first try of bipedal pose, and with a new crowquill nib. Done rather loosely and quickly.

  9. Request Shop

    @Chrysalium as promised, here's a version with the cutie mark peeking from under the wing: Also, I finished your request, @Chance I have to admit, griffons are rather hard to draw for me...
  10. Request Shop

    Hmm, I'll try to add it next time I'll be drawing something.
  11. Request Shop

    @Chrysalium I've completed your request: As usual, I'd like to hear your thoughts on how it came out.
  12. Request Shop

    Well, I do have a bit of a queue but I'll make a drawing for you too. So, ink or pencil? Also, layering 3 manes on one head might look confusing due to the lack of color, but different tones could help.
  13. Private

    @Nightmare Season The earth pony had some decent sleep that night - it's easy to close your eyes after a full day of physical excercise, after all. She was awoken, and forcibly so, by her unicorn companion. Natural Order came around to her senses and almost knocked away the other mare as she shot up, looking around frantically what was going on. "Wai?!, Wha? Uhh... okay..." - She jumped out of the wagon and stretched her back, making a series of pops as her mane caught some morning wind into it. Brushing some stray hair off her nose, she looked dorn onto the station. The train was indeed, there. Still groggy, but eager to get away from ths misbegotten rock land, the mare packed up as quickly as she reasonably could, grabbing just some cold bites on the fly instead of having an honest to Celestia breakfast. They were on the move when the Sun was still rising, and she figured the steel behemoth would stop for a few hours anyway, Griffonstone being it's end station and all. Still, plent of reason to hurry up, since she had no idea when the next one would show up, right? They were making reasonably good progress but, halfway to their obejctive, the mint mare had to dig her hooves into the ground just to avoid colliding with Peony. "Hey, don't stop now! We need to move!" - she started, then scanned her surrounding for the cause of sudden stillness and apparent fright of her companion, until she looked all the way to the station far ahead. Then, she cursed aloud and unhooked herself from the harness to tackle peony into the nearby bushes. "Celestia's Sun if I never see that son of a bridge troll, it will be too soon!" Keeping both her and peony hidden, she poked her head occasionally to check where the group was headed, muttering some very unladylike things under her nose. Thankfully her wagon was most probably poorly visible from down there, or their cover would be blown in the most obvious way. Only once the ridiculously decorated carriage rolled ff to Griffonstone, did she get up and dust off, then helped Peony on her hooves. She proceeded towards their objective, but Natural remained causcious for any signs of the rich bastard coming back. They did manage to reach the train on time. Actually, it was scheduled to roll out in a few hours, so they had plenty of time to buy tickets and sort things out, like loading the wagon and such. Natural couldn't help but smirk at the frowning train staff once they realised that these two mares somehow had first class tickets! They both certainly didn't look like even third class themselves, with ruffled coats and manes, dirt and all. The earth pony felt out of her element in the spacious coach, and at first didn't want to sit down to spare the furniture... Thankfully there was a tiny nook for the passagers to clean up, and she was all too eager for the opportunity. She might live in a wagon and all, but she had standards! The train finally rolled out at noon, having resupplied water and other necessities, as well as giving the staff some rest. Since it was a long distance train, there was a restaurant car, and rather well supplied too. Although truth be told, Natural Order liked the sea voyage more. Maybe beause of the open deck and less luxurious accomodations. She liked creature comforts but this was a bit too... ornate for her. Thankfully the ride to Trottingham would take only three days, or she would go bonkers in the small space! On the afternoon of the third day, the train rolled into the Griffish Isles station, located on the mainland. The mares would pass through the... town? It may be called like that, probably... The map on the station informed the earth pony that she was in the town of Caneigh, in reality a big complex of warehouses and a spacious port ferrying goods and ponies from the rail to Trottingham proper. There was a ferry, orthree, actually, that would take them to the Isles. wincing slightly from the sounds of industry in her ears, Natural stumbled into the clean-cut roads leading towards the Port, having memorised the route from that big map she saw at the station. It only took a few wrong turns and a couple questions to the passerby to reach the ferry piers. Natural had some loose hair flying on the breeze in front of her nose, and huffed them away with some frustration as they awaited for the ferry to arrrive. There was quite a crowd at the pier, and it only irked her more - the mint mare felt uneasy in large cities, and Trottingham wouldn't be any better than Manehattan, or Vanhoover. Still, she mamanged to bite her lip and think of Equestria as they boarded the ferry, and travelled to the looming metropolis, now glittering in afternoons sunlight. She stayed on the lower deck, inside her secured wagon during the trip, to avoid the crowds. That, and it was the only place she could have a smoke in peace...
  14. When you brave it through the work week all the way to Friday afternoon, and there's nothing waiting on the end of that line. Well, except for a new work week come Monday.


  15. Request Shop

    Sure, can do. Here's to hoping I'll manage to find the time this weekend so that I can get through most of my to-do list...