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  1. request shop

    Hmm, I'll aim for Canterlot at first. Maybe a night scene somewhere on the City Walls or other relatively simpler setting. I want to show the characters, rather than put miniatures in a zoomed out street snapshot for example.
  2. request shop

    Hmm, I sure can try and make a scene with them both. Although you're sure you can't give me some pointers on that? For example, where could they meet? Deciding on a place is half the battle really.
  3. request shop

    Sure thing, I'll give her a shot. Just a couple questions: she has no Cutie Mark, right? And those wings are bird or insect like? If you have a backstory I could think about something reared to it.
  4. request shop

    @Randimaxis thanks for the Bro hoof but I'd rather hear your thoughts on the matter. Want me to draw something else? Keep you on the to-do list till I pull that face off? It's not like I'm drowning in a sea of requests as of late...
  5. @Dark Horse I know Nightmare gave us a lot to catch up with his post, but it's your turn since Wendnesday...
  6. Ugh... gotta make up my mind which way I want to go with my art style... I'm going all over the place with different concepts, each piece a mix of different things, which obvously doesn't help. Funny, when you look at canon ponies, they seem so easy to draw... 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I'd go for your own unique style. :)

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Guess you're right. Lots of practice before me to reach what I want but, should be worth it in the end.

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Can't beat your own style, it's your after all.

  7. request shop

    @Randimaxis As much as I'd prefer to be otherwise, it appears that I am not yet versed enough to pull off what you wanted. I did several headshots, fron and 3/4 view, and the best I came up with was this: First, it's more like the "but I didn't listen" face than anything else really, and I noticed too lately that I forgot to add the glasses... The different colours of his coat can be handled with hatching, so that can still be added but, yeah, seems like I need to practice some more before I pull off the evil laugh face. Or any more complicated expression for that matter. I tied multiple times and it never looked believelable, sorry.
  8. When I look at art like this, I can't help but wonder why would I ever want to try anything than pen and ink for my own drawings...


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    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      It does, but it's a drawing. Like this one.  Made by Rustem Kuramshin.


    3. Twilight Sparkle .

      Twilight Sparkle .

      You will get there someday

    4. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I'm more into stylised drawings myself, rather than hyper realistic ones, but it goes to show how versatile this medium is. And if I decide to add color later on, it will be that much easier with solid lineart skill. I can buy a bunch of markers right now if I wanted to go color to be honest,  but I choose to get good in what I do now first.

  9. request shop

    Oh I assure you I can make a loooong list of things that aren't as good as I hoped, but, guess that's part of the creation experience. But I'm glad you told me to try, I much prefer shaded and overall darker pieces than simple lines.
  10. request shop

    @hicagp Here's the textured and shaded version, hope you like it! Seems like I have just one more request in the queue... Maybe I'll get to finish it this weekend. Who knew people weren't into black and white ink art, I sure wouldn't mind a longer to-do list.
  11. @Dark Horse A chance meeting with forced socialisation I think. Meaning they stumble on each other but have to run from danger moments later. Keeping together would seem like necessity for a few hours to allow them to talk at first. I think they could meet up in a ruined settlement North of Canterlot Mountain, a once sleepy town turned Mirelurk swampy nest. These things are tough but can be outrun by a pony, so they would be good for a scare at first.
  12. Be careful, I'm ticklish



    1. Josh Rainbowton

      Josh Rainbowton

      Oops, my wig fell off in one of the pictures, in other words, my hair, whoops, hehe

  13. @Dark Horse @Nightmare Season Alright, their character pages are in my sig, as well as my about me page. They move to Canterlot fleeing a huge surge of arrests in Manehattan, where their gang was wiped out by said arrests. They buy a place in the lowest part of Middle Level, because of Gold's ambitions, but soon enough get some contacts from beyond the gates, where no Guard set hoof unless they have a very good reason... and plenty of backup. The next case could begin with the need to open something, like a safe, to bring them to the scene. Or they can steal something, both ways work for me.
  14. @Dark Horse Maybe the notification got buried under other ones, or its just another forum mystery... Anyway, I get what you mean. Even though I hate the parts about kidnappings and getting hit unconscious, they do play a part in the larger picture. I thought about it and I'd like to roll this one with you. Even if this may not be lighting fast, I sure like the amount of detail you bring with your posts. @Maple Bat - thanks for the trio idea, but I guess it would stray too far from my original plan. Hope to rp with you in some other project though! @Contrast thanks for stopping by, that idea sure can be useful, even further along the line.
  15. Aaaaaand the interest went kaputt, it seems.