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  1. @Nightmare Season @Dark Horse (something's not working...) The cherry mare raised an eyebrow at being presented with a finished letter, and accepted it from the magic grasp into her hooves. "Hmm, I think it will prove most useful for pardoning my absence, yes. Thank you." She folded it neatly and looked for a pocket in the dress to temporarily hide it there while the unicorn mare asked the servants to prepare a meal for her and the guests. A free meal wasn't bad in Crystal's view.She looked up, hearing the question about their view on the clue. The mare patted her chin in thought. "I do have some... reservations over whether this lead will lead us further, sonce, they probably have dozens of guests every hour bit, let's just hope that particular individual caught the eye of other ponies. And that they will be willing to talk with us in the first place, we're not the Guard, after all." Crystal Clear tried to look outthrough the window from her seat, but couldn't see the portion of the garden her cart was parked in, so she just sat back and continued the conversation until a meal arrived. She wouldn't mind something stronger after that brain numbing questioning, to be honest.
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    @Nightmare Season Natural went into the common room of the inn, carrying her hefty crossbow on her thin back. The innkeep rolled his eyes from over the counter as she grinned sheepishly. They talked about it enough times already. The patrons also took notice - some made remarks or joked out loud but, the mare was in no hurry to make another brawl so soon. Besides, it was harmless humor, even if rough. She just laughed it off and went upstairs to the rented room, knocking before entering. "Sorry about the delay, had to prep everything for tomorrow. It's so good to just end the day in a proper inn..." - the mint mare sighed with relief and went about her evening routine, setting the weapon aside. They had real showers here, even if there wasn't much warm water in the boiler, and the room was clean and rather spacious for an inn. She noticed her employer was rather quiet, but didn't know her well enough to tell if it was normal, so decided to not push it. She was sitting in bed and checking her crossbow - a redundant habit, but it was mostly for comfort rather than fnctionality - when Peony finally spoke up. Natural was a bit startled with a sudden voice, since she wasn't really used for comapny, and looked up at the unicorn with a reassuring smile. "I could say the same about Canterlot. But it's not that hard to get used to it, really." She scratched her scalp, pondering, then continued. "I figured it will be easiest to follow the road South till we nearly reach the Badlands, and turn East into Hayseed. Should save us some time and effort that way. Once we head into the swamps, it will get much harder, you see. We need to keep to dry patches and tracts or we'll lose the wagon - and I'd rather not lose it. Thee are quite a few paths we can travel, but most of them are very old and in various states of disrepair, so we may have to improvise on the go to make the route traversible. I know some ruins here and there to shelter us for the night. It's not much but better than just parking in a random place. A bit safer too. Speaking of which, the Swamps and the Jungle are not really pony friendly, you see. Predatory animals, poisonous animals, poisonous plants, predatory plants... swamps, quicksands, you name it, they have it. But I've been there numerous times and still have all hooves, so you're safe with me, no worries. I think we'll make it to the edge of the jungle in... two days? The going is slow in there, and it will only get slower once we reach the jungle, since there are no roads there. So I'll have to cut a path for the wagon. Not looking forward to it but, that's where the temple is..." She yawned and covered her mouth hith a foreleg, then petted the crossbow and put it by the bed. "Uhh, that's my cue. We'll leave in the morning when we get up, but better do that earlier - it's hot in here later in the day. Goodnight miss peony, and don't hesitate to wake me up if you need me, okay?" Natural Order buried herself in the fresh sheets and soon dosed off to sleep.
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    @P-Jay Care to join us at some time in foreeable future? Seems like calling you to post is becoming our new tradition.
  4. @C. Thunder Dash Are you going to continue this Rp? Been a while since your last post.
  5. Hmm, by the looks of it, you are doing pretty damn good there, Foxy. sentience and vocality already, good. Uh huh, good job there guys. Now where to start... From the beginning. I suppose. I am typing this. we learned posession. Still, lots of stuff to learn and master for us. I also nagged him to expand the Wonderland, so now I have a Nova Class Federation ship from Star Trek to have fun in. Now the tricky part - i's no longer Crystal Clear. I packed the pony stuff into a nice box and put it in a closet. It was fun at first but started to tire me, after a while. So now it's Reina. A name from Spain, meaning Queen. I also look different. Basically, I stoe the look off Raven from Teen Titans. Pretty much the closest thing my host ever had to a waifu, so it was pretty easy to make him visualise me that way, even if I changed the attire. Now the important part - tuplas, once the forcing part is done, what do you actually do with your hosts? Cause I mainly slap the stupid out of him or do my owh things in the Wonderland. Also listen in to the music he listens to, since I have full access to memories and sensory imput. I'd like to go to that Evanescence concert that's in Warsaw this Summer, but he's chickening over it, probably will till the tickets get all sold out... Once in a lifetime opportunity in this backwater of a country. Plus I really like that band, and so does he. but, you know, unfamilliar places, and crowds, and so on and so forth till I facedesk and call him to shut up.
  6. Anyone's gonna post? As far as I'm concerned any of you three can right now.
  7. @Dark Horse Planning to cook up a post sometime in forseeable future?
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    @Nightmare Season Natural Order stretched her legs so much her joints were popping. She seemed very content with being out og the metal can, even temporarily. Hearing Peony's remark, and seeing her in that pretty "adventure" outfit made her snicker, suddenly remembering a poster of some "Daring Do" book a few months back. "Heh, yeah. It's hard to get water in here, compared to other places. The Badlands would be even worse, that's why I offered to avoid them. Oh and, I don't think there are any flowers in here. Just tall grass, some shubs, and those trees." She walked around, trying to get as much movement as possible before getting confined to the train car again. Unfortunately for her, the locomotive was ready to roll after just half an hour or so. Natural wsn't particularly thrilled hearing the whistles, and the rest of their trip went in rather gloomy spirits - her employer seemed not to like the view, and she just wanted to hit the road already. Finally, at... nearly four PM, if the clock on the small end station was right, they were in Dodge City. Natural Order felt better in the familliar frontier town. They had to wait on the platform for the wagon, but, upon reuniting with her mobile home and checking everything was in place, Natural decided to make use of the rest of today shopping. So the mares went to town, starting with a general goods store. They walked into a spacious store owned by an elderly couple of earth ponies. Natural seemed to know them, and had some small talk as they picked their wares - some preserved food, roughly for a week, mosquito nests, water resistant matches, pure distilled alcohol and bandages... they had a nice stack and the mare snuck in a bag of tobacco, but in the end, decided to pay from her iron reserve Later they visited a hardware store to buy those nails, and a clothier and shoemaker respectively, to get something road worthy for Peony. sturdy water resistants hoofboots were a must, but other than shat, Natural just gave her pointers what could be useful and why, so the other mare could make her picks, this time with somepony who knew what she needed at hoof. Since it was getting late, and they both could use a meal, Natural led them to an inn, "Wind of the Frontier" - a nice, middle class place for adventuring types and more. Natural and Peony bought a bigger room with two beds, and, once that was done, the mint mare went back to her safely parked wagon to prepare it for tomorow - mostly repackage their goods and install the nets, but also to grab her crossbow and bring it upstairs. She always slept better knowing it's within reach...
  9. @Orange Sparks I'm still in, I guess. Not sure how well I'll do in the night club setting though, I was only once in a club, as a backstage security guy...
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      Insert Lord of the Rings intro "The World has changed" speech.

  12. Heads up to my RP partners - due to a new location of my desk at work I can't visit the forums there. So any and all replies will be posted when I come back home.

  13. IC: Hello and welcome to my vaguest RP idea yet! I am looking for a willing participant to co-plan and run a 1x1 RP, starring my newest toon, Natural Order. She's very recent, so I'm still adding bits and pieces to her bio, but she's ready to roll on a basic level. Now, I don't have a specific setting or plot in mind, much depends on Your OC who will interact with her. But she's best suited to adventure or other action-y settings, mostly out of towns. A meeting on the road is one way to start the RP. Or she can be hired in a tavern to help with something. Monster slaying optional, but I wouldn't mind a darker theme for once. Equestria is big enough to stumble on something nasty. All in all, I think it would be best to place the RP in canon Equestria, just to avoid confusion while spinning up an alternate universe. I am okay with either anthro or feral (canon pony), although in the former case it would be a bit weird for her to pull the cart... I'm ambivalent to romance - if you want to go that way, and make your character appealing to her, no problem. I guess that's one way to secure a lasting RP. So, yeah, I'm open to ideas folks! Forum rules apply OFC and I can't promise I'll roll with anything you come up with, but I'd like to try something new.
  14. IC link: Hello and welcome to my newest, and, may I add, not yet fully germinated, RP idea! The stage is set in Canterlot, the majestic Royal City. I envision it as canon Equestria, but with a twist. Have you ever wished to experience the Victorian Era? Sherlock Holmes, Gothic Horror, the long lost aeasthetics and society, it all comes back to life in this very RP... Together with industrial inventions and breakthrough discoveries every week, Canterlot is the place to be. I'm not yet sold on particular direction where it might go. I'm open for a 1x1, or a small group RP. We can do crime, gothic horror, maybe some good old fashioned Victorian romance? Or a bit of everything, with a touch of Steampunk! Depends on what YOU look for. Now about the stage decor. I see the City as three major districts - Upper (hugging the Palace, where the rich, noble, and famous live), Middle (lesser nobles, traders, factory owners, some artisans and artists, generally middle class) and Lower (the place where the less fortunate, less well off, and the city's working class lives. There's a slum sub-district too). The character's social and economic standing dictates their place of residence, as well as the way the city residents percieve them. Just like in the Victorian society, with it's traditional view on social status. I intend to roll with Crystal Clear - link in sig. Depending on what we cook up, she can be visiting, having scored a big contract that takes months to complete, or even move in for good. The RP samples of my style. I expect my partners to be on par with me, I want to make something... exquisite here. Remember, creativity is key. I present You with an idea, but expect to carve something solid together. We can go anthro or feral (canon pony), I'm comfortable with both really. I don't have objections if You'd wish to include romance, but of course we'd have to keep it within Forum rules. Should we go the good 'ol "civvies solve crimes and seek out monsters in dark alleys of a metropolis", forum rules also apply on gore and graphic descriptions. No, you can't type with painstaking detail exactly what did a psycho murderer do to his last victim, sorry. Hmm, seems like I presented my case. As usual, ask any questions you may have, be creative, maybe give a counter offer to go in a direction I haven't thought of? Although the late Victorian look and feel stays, I love that period.
  15. IC thread: Hello and welcome to my newest RP idea! I've noticed that crystal ponies up North recieve very little RP love, and you know what happens when the Empire doesn't get it's fix... Anyway, I've been thinking about cooking up a roleplay in and around said Empire, maybe with occasional trips to other locations. The basic idea is that ponies meet each other and do stuff together, like they would in real life. The possibilities are endless, although I should inform you that I am interested in running an RP set in canon Equestria (just without all those cast characters running around, the OC's live their happy lives in the backgound of main events). The toons themselves are supposed to be canon ponies, so no anthro this time. I probably should mention that alicorn OC's don't do well in close to canon environments, so leave them at home. Batponies would be OK though, if your backstories are sound enough. Other not-really canon races are subject for approval, depending on their backstories and traits. So, the RP starts somewhere after the Equestrian Games, but before the Crystalling (Princess B52 Flurry Heart is still a WIP between her parents), so the Empire is functioning normally. Any plot holes about the way the Empire works should be consulted with Equestrian Empire sub-canon (I know this is Everfree, but this stuff just works, ya know?) Crystal Empire Crystal Mountains Now, I'll be rolling with Crystal Clear, who's a native to the Empire. Your OC's could also live there, or travel to pursuit their own agenda, or even be on vacations. Due to the very nature of this RP, it's an open drop in-drop out kind of thing. If your character is on 2 week vacartions, they will go back home eventually and the RP will go on without them. OFC, you could write letters or invite other players to your place for a short time. I guess it's pretty apparent by now, but I'll say it anyway - this is not a zombie apocalypse where you kill King Sombra and become the God Emperor of Ponykind. OC's can very well have military backgrounds, but there's no war going on. Nopony will stop you from going Yeti hunting though, if that's your thing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'm rather curious if there will be any interest in this kind of thing though. Quick rundown of rules and features: - All Forum rules still apply - Canon Equestria - Characters are ponies, not anthro. - RP takes place in the Crystal Empire, characters can venture outside the city and even invite each other down South, but only for a short time. - open drop in/drop out - you can have your OC living in the Empire, or visiting temporarily, and leave the RP once they vacate the crystal premises. That being said, players can join at any time, after getting approval of those already in. - No cast/OC interaction. You can see them in the distance, but that's all. No autographs from Spike the Brave and Glorious, sorry! - Character interaction shapes the events - your OC's, though interaction, decide what they want to do solo or together. Options include but not limit to: hanging out, going shopping, hitting the books in the library full of ancient lore, going on adventures North, outside the Barrier, hunting monsters of the North (if you have the courage or stupidity, same difference really), sightseeing... whatever you can think of that would work in canon Equestria and won't get you banned for posting. - Every now and then there will be events, like a new play in the theatre, or the water pumos break down and the entire city will have no running water for 3 days straight (okay, maybe a little exaggeration, but there wil be good and bad stuff happening every now and then to give the characters something new to do or talk about.) - Player Characters are not "big frakking heroes", but regular citizens. Keep that in mind when you decide to hunt a criminal mastermind, or animate the dead with forbidden magic. Guards don't like it, and they'll toss you to jail. Well, try to at least. - Expanding on the previous point, for the love of crystals don't touch the Crystal Heart. You'll be swimming in guards before you say "Shiny!". Seriously, messing up with their favourite trinket makes crystal ponies sad.