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  1. Request

    Alright. Doesn't the head look too small? Or puppy like? Kinda looks like EQG Spike on mega steroids to me now that I think of it. Anyways, first time drawing a dog so, mistakes are bound so happen. Like missing the tail again.
  2. Request

    Okay so I've been doodling for a bit and came up with something like this. Note that it's just a practice sketch and not the final version, plus the lines are messy. So, yeah, as far as face and body shape are concerned, does it look okay?
  3. Maybe instead of trying bigger and bolder things in my drawings, I should concentrate on doing the simpler and boring stuff instead, at least till I get actually good at them. I feel like I'm taking too complicated tasks again...

  4. Request

    Soo... turns out I'm pretty bad with humanoids. The sketch I worked on today didn't turn out presentable, but it's something new so I'll keep at it and see how it goes. Just a heads up so you know it may not be so fast as I thought it would.
  5. ooc

    @Dark Horse Okay, so it seems they are in the safe for now, and should reach the supply cart within the next round, no need to prolong it. It'sIt's in a shed like I mentioned in the opening post and contains basic supplies and salvaged goods: some food and water, an old fire axe, some beat down tools, and assorted salvage like screws, wire, all sorts of odds and ends neatly packed in separate containers. Nothing high tech or expensive though. Just another scavver trying to live off what she found, and offering her services in repairs and such. I figure that because of her Stable life, Crystal has basic know how on machines, can use most tools, and has a pulled up sleeves, physical approach to things. She used to prowl the ruins of the Empire with her team to salvage and recover all that they got their hooves on, after all, so it's what she knows best. Even if non-crystal materials sometimes make her scratch her head in confusion.
  6. Request

    Alrite, I'll toss you a sketch for approval, we'll see which option looks better - with or without hair.
  7. Request

    A Diamond Doge? Why not, actually. Although a Yak would fit too from your description. "Yak too tough for puny pony hugs!" Anyways, DD's don't really have hairstyles, but I guess it's not a problem. Floppy ears would actually make it easier to pull it off. However, one thing is left out in your request. The body shape. The usual huge torso small legs type like in the episode? Maybe you'd like him to be more... reasonably shaped, still large but not as wide so that he can barely fit in barn doors?
  8. @Dark Horse Aa the stallion geared up, she took a moment to try and dust herself off, and stretch her back too. Some satisfying pops were heard as Crystal "readied" herself for that last leg of their escape. The mare listened to his plan and nodded, taking a peek outside and giving the ruined doors a stern look. "Travelling in the dark is just as good as shooting yourself in the head, except then you don't die tired. There are all sorts of things we can walk right into..." The mare gave him an unamused look as he cracked a joke, and pointed outside with a hoof. "Less talking, more walking. Those lurks are awfully quiet now that I think of it, and I'm not really curious why. I say we make a run to the nearest cover and see if any followed, then try and reach my stuff. Last time I checked I had some bandages or something, scavenged like everything else. So don't expect miracles outta my stash." The mare waited up for her companion to join her by the door, tapped her gun and mask to make sure they're still there, ran a hoof over the suit pins and with a sigh, nodded as she took off onto the walkways, trying to be quick but avoid making too much noise. Or upsetting the old wooden structure... She heard hooves behind her, so that meant Saffron followed suit. Not that she took a glance to confirm that, oh no. Between the rickety planks in front of her, some clearly not suited to be stepped on, and frantic looks further away to try and see whether anything nasty haven't seen her, there was just no time for that. And there were those aching limbs to think about too. In hindsight, it was one of those too good to be true moments. But still, it did happen. Crystal Clear made it across back to relatively dry land, even though she barely nosedived into the swamp once a plank snapped under her hoof. Still, here she was, laying low in some shrubs - first thing she saw and could take cover behind. Breathing hard from all today's "excitement", the mare decided to lay low just a moment longer, to catch her breath. Saffron made it too and took refuge somewhere nearby. Peeking out from her cover, she couldn't see much, but, apparently, none of the monstrosities followed them, even though one window in the building they came from looked like a bomb blew up in there. Obviously the lurk that came to say hello tried to follow them, but failed to break down the wall. With the matters of most pressing concern dealt with, Crystal Clear patted her chin in thought, seemingly oblivious to her companion nearby. She did recall that soon enough, thankfully, and looked around to find him. Even though the mare couldn't see much, laying low in thick vegetation as she was, Crystal pointed at the direction where she recalled her stuff would be, and said quietly: "That way." Maybe they were out if Mirelurk territory, but the encroaching darkness meant other nasties were coming out for a meal.
  9. Request

    Why quit then? She didn't say just one piece, didn't she? Give it a shot, I'm sure it will turn out good.
  10. Request

    Hi! Thought I could use a break from those full scenes in my shop so, here's something a bit simpler. First time ever ink wash too. Whadya think?
  11. So apparently my request shop just hit 3000 views?


  12. Request Shop

    @Dark Horse Thanks! I used a set of Sakura Micron pens so it was a smooth ride, around 3 minutes per plank on the countertop once I had the layout figured out. It would take a lot longer with a nib pen, which I intend to reintroduce to my toolkit for smaller pieces.
  13. @Dark Horse @Nightmare Season I am skipping turns till either of you get close to the tavern my character took residence in, or otherwise need me for something. Crystal is probably shopping in hard liquor alley and Natural just chillaxes in the common room till she decides to go back to her room upstairs. There's no reason to introduce my bats yet as far as I can tell, or cook up characters on the spot. I can do that too if needs be.
  14. Poland, 10 PM, I'm at home and suddenly... I hear Scottish bagpipes playing somewhere. Talk about weird.

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    2. CypherHoof


      Probably a faint buzzing - most decent amps can put out far more power than the speaker can accept and continue to exist as a functioning device afterwards...

    3. Twilight Witch

      Twilight Witch

      Wow thats quite loud. You must have powerful speakers

    4. CypherHoof


      (thinking the distortion and clipping would be pretty horrible too, if you could hear it)