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  1. Art block in progress, please stand by.

  2. I came across a YT channel of an artist that I find really interesting. She works with mediums I really want to work with (ink lineart + ink wash, or watercolor + gouache), once I learn the basics (duh), and her style is rather unique too,


  3. Just something I drew last evening. All in all, I am not satisfied wih how it turned out, obviously, but I guess I finally am coming to the inevitable conclusion that you can't make quality stuff when thinking about costs so much - graphite for texture and shading allows to work on copy paper, and is overall cheaper than ink wash, while the results are... equally cheap.


  4. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    Heh, yeah... I need to take some new approach to anthro faces in general, plus this was supposed to be an open mouth expression which, as it turned out, didn't quite match the mood of her pose. Like I said, I'll probably come back to this idea as I am not really satisfied with the results.
  5. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @VoltWrecker I made the first drawing. Although I had some problems with drawing hands so I hid them. How does it look like? I know tou wanted her to be slim but I just wanted to finish this piece to showcase my general level of anthro skill so you can call for adjustments in take two.
  6. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @Chrysalis14 here's the fixed version.
  7. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @Chrysalis14 I just don't know what went wrong... Once I'll get home I'll fix that.
  8. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @VoltWrecker I just wanted to say that I remember about your request, and I should be able to start working on it as soon as I finish a big thing I was asked to draw on a deadline. Which should mean that I will start your drawing this week. I'm sorry for the delay but, things piled up on my end.
  9. Hmm, apparently, this is the scene when I realise all my roleplays are dead and I may be interested in having a new one. Makes me wish to dust off my favourite crystal pony OC for that purpose.

  10. Someone tried to steal the grill off the hood of my car. Not just the company sign, the whole thing. They failed though and now my rare Lancia has a slightly bent grill. I just don't even try to guess how low my faith in humanity can be found at this point.

  11. @SummerHaven just checking in, are we still doing this? Or maybe your schedule is too hectic to continue right now?
  12. Overwatch Anniversary Event is on! Seems like I will playing that game as much as I can to grab all that seasonal loot, heh.

  13. Just finished binge watching Aggretsuki - a funny Japaneese cartoon miniseries about... life in a corporation, I guess. Seeing the archetypes of people who work in ehese places, and in a crooked mirror too, makes for an entertaining, and also sad-but-true picture.

  14. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @Califorum the shop is closed. I'm wrapping up the requests I agreed on, and then close it for good. I'm planning to shift away from doing characters, and I don't suppose people would like to request landscapes.
  15. Raven Rawne

    Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [CLOSED]

    @Princess Lulu <3~ here's the second take on your request: And @Chrysalis14, yours too: Now I need to concentrate and do my best with these anthros, this is super new for me to be honest.