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  1. @Nightmare Season It's okay, figured out as much. That, or you're busy. Either way you'd post when you're ready.
  2. Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [REOPEN]

    I can try, yeah. Expressions are kinda hard for me. And you mean the bandana on his neck or some other accessory?
  3. Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [REOPEN]

    @Califorum You have any reference on her? Mainly the hair, since you left it out in the desctiption. Really, anything to show how you want her to look. @Dark Horse Sure! I am certain I can produce something according to your request.
  4. Can you drive a manual transmission (stick shift)

    I tried automatic on a brand new VW Touran with all the gadgetry it could possibly have but, it felt so weird and... wrong even! Honesty, manual is the only way to go for me and I love changing gears in my Lancia Lybra. It just adds to the already fabulous experience of driving her.
  5. Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [REOPEN]

    Okay, so, I don't draw humans "yet", but I could give a pony a shot. So, partial body I presume? Any particular pose or background?
  6. It appears that my request shop has... reopened. Feel free to get some free art if you wish.

  7. Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [REOPEN]

    So I was looking for stuff to draw and thought, "hey, you had that request shop stuff, and it was pretty good for getting you to draw on a semi regular basis". And here it is, finally reopened. Due to yet another style shift I am not making full bodies for now, but I will, eventually, once I get a grip on them again.
  8. Stuff like this... It really inspires me to keep practicing and hope to improve. It also shows that the medium I chose can and does have potential to produce quality art. And while I tend to stray away from show style, these two prove that taking up more... "realistic" style can produce awesome results!



    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      They've a very comic-book sort of style. That artsy 'Noir' feeling, I love it~ Suits a character like Tempest very well actually.

      I've little doubt about how much practice it takes before that level of shading is nailed, though. But it really is a beautiful effect when reached.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Indeed, the level of artistic intuition required to shade these pieces is insane. But the comic book style is one of the leading ones in own and ink art, and, frankly, I aim to go that route because I like it very much. Then all you need is add flat color with markers or watercolor paint and suddenly you have awesome colored art.

      Also, notice the use of pencil for soft shades on the first one.

  9. In other news - honestly the last piece for today - due to taking a short break from drawing, whatever skills I've aquired went to Hell. Wherever that is, but I digress. Learning your hand to do stuff anew is so not fun. But then, maaaybe I'll come up with a better style than last time?

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Whatever you try, just have fun doing it. The rest will come back at its own pace.

  10. Overwatch opens up for a free weekend, this weekend.

    So you can Experience Tranquility while Justice rains from Above when it's High Noon! All the while when Heroes Never DIE DIE DIE!

    ...and then you get ganked by that ****ing Genji.

  11. Happy Single Awareness Day everyone. 

  12. Apparently, today marks the first anniversary of me moving out to my own place. By which I mean a tiny rented apartment but, still. I haven't gone bankrupt, I don't base my diet on frozen pizza and such... all in all I did rather okay, I guess.

  13. a3KYEev_460s.jpg

    Yeah, I am totally playing Moira as a DPS with heals... But then, I am pretty good at it!

  14. Private Order of the Flower [Nightmare Season and Raven Rawne]

    @Nightmare Season The train trip was calm an uneventful, which counted as a good thing these days for the mint adventurer. Although, being confined to another box for a period of time didn't sit too well with her. Not to mention, now that she couldn't really roam around, Naural Order had a good look on just how distressed Peony seemed over returning to Canterlot and, quite frankly, it was contagious. Tven staring out the window at Equestrian wildlands and fields the train cut through didn't do much help to lift the mood... Natural Order was seriously starting to worry what awaits them on the end station, mostly for her employer's sake - she could probably walk away from it empty hooved and live as she did but, promises are promises! It was early evening and the sky was painted orange from the setting Sun as they reached Canterlot. First the slow, adorous climb of the steel beast around the mountain, followed by, supposedely, graceful arrival on the Canterlot Central train station. To the earth pony, it was just hissing steam and grumbling metal in her years, along with loud industrial noises and all the commotion of a bustling city assaulting their train car. Visibly reluctant, she rolled off the seat on her hooves, stretched her back after the long ride, and nodded silently at her employer to head out. They will have t reach the back of te train to recover the wagon, and cut through the streams of second and thord class passengers leaving the train. As expected, the amount of ponies and other creatures - Natural could see a few griffons towering above other passengers as they left the train - was sufficient to pose an obstacle to reach the train's other end. But that wouldn't discourage the mare, as she kept Peony close on her tail. Better get going and be done with whatever awaited them in this city... Although, one thing caught her attentin as they waded through the crowd - the station seemed... decorated? Not just normally ornate as it was, with marbles and everything they could plaster to a wall that looked fancy and expensive but, decorated, with ribbons and flowers, as if expecting an important guest. A slight shiver of a possible realisation ran down her spine as natural Order glanced behind to Peony. ...except she wasn't there. Looking around, frantically so, Natural Order couldn't see her employre no matter what. the crowd started to thin out and she was... gone! Cursing her luck and a certain stallion she wouldn't bring herself to call by name, she ran to get her wagon and hopefully, find some clues onto where Peony was. If she left the wagon on the train, it would be effectively lost to the beourocracy and so on, and she would never allow it! Only once the small wagon was back in her owner's hooves, did she park it someplace on the side and run up to the station lobby. The ribbons and flowers were everywhere, whih made her feel sick at the sheer wasteful expense but this wasn'tthe time to ponder over it - there was a red carpet laid on the marble floor, leading to a side entrance for first class passagers so they can get to their fancy carriages as soon as possible, and it was the last straw to convice natural what exacly happened. Some wel built "security" ponies were at the doors so trying to get through them would be a lost cause, and Peony was probably "escorted" away already... With a stom of futile anger, Natural turned back for her wagon. As she looked inside her tiny home to check everything was okay and secured, one object caught attention of the frustrated and saddenned mare. She walked inside and closed the doors, then sat on the floor beside a crate, and on top of it, was the strapped pot with the Flower. With a sigh, natural spoke up, quietly. "hey, I don't know if you're listening or not, but, seems like that bastard took Peony again. So I gotta ask, do you know a way to her house? I was there, once, but I've no idea how to reach it from here." She ran a hoof over her short mane and sighed again. "At worst I could just give you back to her, along with all her stuff..." That strange voice pierced through her head and the mare winced at the alien sensation, but, nodded silently and got up to walk where she was instructed to. As she was about to close the doors behind her, she looked back at the plant and nodded. "Thanks." She then proceeded to walk the wide streets of the capital city, until she finally reached her goal. There it was, that awful carriage, parked by the entrance to Peony's house, err, mansion. The sheer size of the thing, and all for a single family. Natural Order parked behind the corner, out of sight, and now peered through an old looking glass to assess the situation. It was dark, but, the lights were lit inside, and she saw silhouettes in what she guessed to be a dining hall or something. Also, quite a few of well dressed, but still gruff looking stallions outside. Apparently, that delusional freak was puffing his chest about "rescuing" the daughter of the house from mortal danger of the real world outside from their little, snobby world. She listenedto the Flower as it relayed what it could gather, and then folded her looking glass and went back tothe wagon. "Welp, seems like we're outa luck tonight. I'll come tomorrow and we'll see if she's still here, then try and meet her somehow. Let's head someplace I won't be suspected as a burglar..." She reluctantly walked out of the rich disctrict and thought for a place to park her house for the night.