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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Well of course my favourite background pony is Octavia.
  4. I was still afraid about a year or so ago. I stopped though, and I think that mlp has helped me with it.
  5. Whaaaaat? You mustn't pour milk first, it's a serious crime.
  6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Have you heard about it? I think it's a cool one.
  7. Of course, sorry. I always forget about that little overpowered crap.
  8. Count me in, not mentioning her awesome presentation as a character, she has one of the best designs in the show for me right now.
  9. Come on, of course that the show doesn't state many things. How many alicorns do you have? Four. And two of them are responsible for day/night, one is a ruler of Crystal Empire and one is also powerful, although I can't say that much about Twily. Plus, just think about Tirek taking all the magic of all ponies besides alicorns, and then fighting Twilight with alicorn power. He even had Discord's power. That's so obvious I would even call it a statement in the show.
  10. You were, because RP hosts don't want to include characters that are Mary Sueish. And when you make your OC one of 5 alicorns, it classifies as that. No other member was an alicorn OC, so don't you think that including you with that particular alicorn OC is not gonna work as fine as the creator wants it to?
  11. Alicorn hate? It's not coming from anywhere. Alicorn OC hate is coming from their obvious inconvenience in series reality. Name all the alicorns you can recall. How many? Let me guess, 4? Yup. Name all of the unicorns you recall. Or pegasi. Or earth ponies. Yes, alicorns ARE supposed to be a level higher and special leaders. By making an alicorn OC you make an obvious mistake of Mary Sueing at the very beginning. Because one more pegasi doesn't change much, but one more alicorn changes everything. It's a commonly agreed standard that we're not creating demigods as OCs here. As of your accusati
  12. OMG, I love your avatar.

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      It's afternoon here. I'm playing games with friends.

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      It's late here in Australia.

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  13. There are other race guards, but they are seen less frequently than pegasi. But pegasi are just more profficient in jobs like this, Equestria is divided by castes after all, and earth ponies are usually farmers, unicorns are scholars and high class, and pegasi are suitable to take jobs like weather controlling ofc, but also being a guard or policeman. At least it looks like this.
  14. "We may not be as bold as you fluttershy" hilarious :D

  15. I never saw Inside Out and Titanic for example, but I'm sure there's more.
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