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  1. Simon says has been just grand. But I've seen to misplaced it along with my knitting kit, unfortunately. Finally getting back into the temporary swing of things here in Bangcolt. Mostly joking around but... uh, have to say something RP related, so feel free to ignore my yellow stallion of... uh... I just thought of it on the top of my head XD
  2. By the power invested in me, I decree you on probation! From now on, I demand to be called sir! I also demand to be treated pretty, like one of those dogs Paris Hilton carries around in her purse. Any step out of line, and you're toast like Fractured's soul, and possibly his uh... "largest organ." Yeah...
  3. New? I'm a DM. Whatcha talkin' about new? I should have you banned for such blasphemy.
  4. Not Yellow Diamond

    Open Bangcolt Arena! (Fighting/Sol) -RP-

    A yellow stallion with a jet black mane trotted through the Bangcolt streets, the quintessence of smug stretched ear to ear on his face. Rumbling emitted from his stomach, and he groaned. "A bit fifty hayburger be my saving grace," he mumbled. He was greeted with a bell's chime as he entered Bangcolt's finest: Haydonald's. The smell of raunchy, frozen meat tempted his stomach and repulsed his taste buds. He closed his eyes and took a deep whiff, "mediocrity, where have you been today?" He didn't keep his eyes closed for long as they flashed open at the sound of a Steve Hoofschemi type character being a dick to two foals minding their business. He inched up to him and politely tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, bud. I know you're trying to be cool and all, you know, being an asshole to likely homeless children, but could you uh, I don't know, bully some other kids? My stomach's got a hankering for high cholestrol and late night epiphanies about my weight so... if you could just, uh, step to the side or something, and maybe let these kids order and move things along a bit--yeah, that would be great."
  5. Not Yellow Diamond

    Ask Nebula Wolf

    I got no questions. I just came here to call you a dingus.
  6. Not Yellow Diamond

    Mega Thread Favorite Background Pony?

    Twilight Sparkle is mine.
  7. Not Yellow Diamond

    Spoiler Should Thorax go by prince or king?

    Neither considerig the fact he isn't royalty. Just an overgrown gnat on vacation.
  8. Not Yellow Diamond

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    My dick Mickey Avalon #boobercrip4lyfe
  9. What the shit are you poking me for? Poke Corona. Ask him. I'm oblivious to what's going on.
  10. Lel. This RP died. It's k guys. It'll come back like Janet Jackson tried to do after her super bowl performance. #Fractured'sGotThis
  11. Am I in the wrong? Yes. Am I wrong? No. Am I issuing an apology? Yeah. Via PM. If you didn't know... so check your facts. Is it destructive criticism? No. Is it blunt and tactless and uncharacterisitc of me? Yes. Do I have a reason for acting like this? Yeah sure. Does it really matter? No. I'm in the wrong. I know. No excuse could possibly warrant my behavior. Despite how shitty my most recent online experiences have been? Do you, however, despite being right, need to mind you own business? Nah. You have my respect, and I thank you for calling me out on this. Are you in some regards wrong? Yeah. I think my letter isn't too harsh. I think you're kind of soft, but nevertheless, it's not my job to think about what I think or feel, it's about others, which is what I should have done in the first place, versus letting recent experiences influence my decisions. So, thanks. I don't fully agree with you, but you're, for the most part. Right. Am I disgusting? You fill in the blank. I'd think so, or at the very leat, right now, I am.
  12. Well. I'm not much older than her. I'll say that. So... if she requests for me to coddle, I shall, but I've recieved harsher... and I'm not much older, plus the critcisms I've recieved weren't near as kind. So... I don't see this as something "too harsh." That's just the way I see it. I'm practically her age, so I'd assume similar realms of maturity. I can change it. But, unfortunately, not to sound rude, but I can't be bothered to, now. I have a life, and all I can say, is I encourage her to make another. I encourage her to reapply. And I think she can improve if she tries. I was once there. I'm now where I am, and I'm still not very good. I believe in her so... not much else I can add. It's a rejection letter, not a letter of encouragement. I do not have the time. My apologies, and to Ginger as well if I came across as overtly hard.
  13. I can. But I will ask. How old do you think I am?
  14. No. You may not. Besides the potentially cool character asset which is the tail, this OC does not stand out... well, in no way positive. I'll summarize this as quick as possible, as I'm very busy, and I see no one has answered. Despite having the potential this OC is super bland. Boring. Basic. Whatever you want to call it, it's not even remotely interesting because the personality and backstory are so vague and vanilla. The most you put was "in specific" and thereafter you didn't put anything specific. "Gets upset" is not very specific. This thing has less personality than Vanessa Hudgens has height. And if you don't know what I mean by that, here's a different analogy, it's as flavorless as cardboard. Now, to continue on, what information you put is not only boring, but super obvious. "She's pretty friendly to everypony until somepony does something bad to her." Isn't everyone? "She is very stubborn when it comes to what she thinks is right?" Ditto. "She also, despite her calm nature, can get violent when angered." Okay, honestly, what... these aren't character traits, these are instincts instilled in by God himself. Does not everyone get slightly more aggessive or reclusive when upset? What you should do is try and create traits that are indiviual, and unique to your character. Read Ice Blizzard or any of Corona's profile's. Matter of fact, read any OC's personality that is in here, and you'll see what is a good example. Hell, steal some and make it yours. It's okay, as long as you know what you're doing. Next, I want to talk about the writing. Your writing is near incomprehensible. And one of the rules to roleplaying is you must use presentable grammar. I would not consider that grammar. I'd consider that a valiant attempt, but nevertheless, it isn't grammar. If you want a chance to be accepted, you must--at the minimum--use complete, coherent, basically punctuated and capitalized sentences. I'm not saying you have to know comma splices, or hell even spell correctly, for a month we had someone in here use text talk and put "u" for "you" and "2" for "two." So until you can improve upon your grammar and sentence structure, I wouldn't apply again, because the answer is no. And I believe you can improve, truly, because you used completely proper grammar when you asked if you could join. But on the character profile that vanished quicker than a... uh... crap, that's racist... um, Michael Jordan around a defender. Now only slightly racist. So, I do believe you can improve, and reapply and get accepted. But first thing's first, fix the grammar. Second thing, improve the character profile. As it currently stands, I give it a 1.5/10. I will not lie, it's one of the worst I've seen for the reason being there was no character and from what character there was, it was either generic instinctual crap or so unoriginal and stereotypical I was mentally listing where else I've seen these characters. Simply put, or tl;dr. No. You weren't accepted. And you have a lot to improve on before you should reapply.