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  1. If I was gay, I'd be yellow

    1. хорошо́


      Rainbow might be more appropriate ^^

    2. Not Yellow Diamond

      Not Yellow Diamond

      Oh, that's a good one.

  2. Simon says has been just grand. But I've seen to misplaced it along with my knitting kit, unfortunately. Finally getting back into the temporary swing of things here in Bangcolt. Mostly joking around but... uh, have to say something RP related, so feel free to ignore my yellow stallion of... uh... I just thought of it on the top of my head XD
  3. By the power invested in me, I decree you on probation! From now on, I demand to be called sir! I also demand to be treated pretty, like one of those dogs Paris Hilton carries around in her purse. Any step out of line, and you're toast like Fractured's soul, and possibly his uh... "largest organ." Yeah...
  4. New? I'm a DM. Whatcha talkin' about new? I should have you banned for such blasphemy.
  5. A yellow stallion with a jet black mane trotted through the Bangcolt streets, the quintessence of smug stretched ear to ear on his face. Rumbling emitted from his stomach, and he groaned. "A bit fifty hayburger be my saving grace," he mumbled. He was greeted with a bell's chime as he entered Bangcolt's finest: Haydonald's. The smell of raunchy, frozen meat tempted his stomach and repulsed his taste buds. He closed his eyes and took a deep whiff, "mediocrity, where have you been today?" He didn't keep his eyes closed for long as they flashed open at the sound of a Steve Hoofschemi type character being a dick to two foals minding their business. He inched up to him and politely tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, bud. I know you're trying to be cool and all, you know, being an asshole to likely homeless children, but could you uh, I don't know, bully some other kids? My stomach's got a hankering for high cholestrol and late night epiphanies about my weight so... if you could just, uh, step to the side or something, and maybe let these kids order and move things along a bit--yeah, that would be great."
  6. Making Christmas MERRIER AGAIN!

  7. I got no questions. I just came here to call you a dingus.
  8. Neither considerig the fact he isn't royalty. Just an overgrown gnat on vacation.
  9. You're a tool. A cool tool :-)

    1. P-Jay


      I'm like, a wrench tool.

  10. Trump or Clinton?

    1. Randimaxis


      Discord; he'd be a better choice.