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  1. Perhaps it has to do with evolution/magical influence, or the creators just chose to make some animals of the same species anthro. Funny thing is, this same question was brought up between Goofy and Pluto.
  2. There was a joke floating around about how we got played by Cozy Glow hence why her cutie mark is a chess piece.
  3. Maybe the magic teachers probably concentrate on what you are capable of at the moment instead of what you can achieve in the future with enough training and guidance.
  4. My only real problem is with Twilight's harshness on the CMC. I mean she could have atleast tried to get their side of the story instead of jumping to conclusions. And sure, she gave them degrees and made them substitute teachers after learning the truth but l feel the CMC be reluctant to receive these as they wouldn't want to experience more "jumping to conclusions" from Twilight on future occasions in this line of work. Also, why make fillies substitute teachers?
  5. Merry Birthiversary!

  6. You had me at "buck the rules". Also, l'm willing to bet that Chancellor Neighsay will cancel the school because friendship studies is not a real subject
  7. I got nothing better to do so definatly. But l do wonder why they are making an alternate universe instead of making completely different characters and focusing on them.
  8. Personally, l like this artstyle although l am a bit baffled as to why they would change the race but as long as it still has the same spirit and maybe gives the characters more challenges like Twilight not being able to use magic to get out of certain situations then l'm fine.
  9. I think they get sent to another dimension where time and space are non-existant.
  10. Its possible but we won't know for sure until scientists make travel to other universes a thing
  11. I was just wondering when ponies sing in universe do they have pre-made lyrics ready or do they randomly make up the words as they go along?