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  1. Of course if you go with the muscle analogy it may not atrophy and thus a more powerful pony drained/gifting will need longer than one who has little magic to recover.
  2. I just get the feeling she's happier as the headmistress of the school of friendship living in small Ponyville than she is as the isolated ruler of Equestria in Canterlot. In Ponyville she had friends, in Canterlot she has subjects. Her big brother is living somewhere else, her parents seem the sort to travel and will eventually pass on. Even her mentor Celestia is gone from Canterlot all she has left is Spike and he's starting to grow away from her too. Think how much it hurt to miss the events of her 3 day weekend and now expand it out to a moon, hearing second hand of Granny Smiths passing and Applejack having to deal with that, of the crusaders graduating, of Rarity opening a boutique in yakyakistan rather than being part of it like she was at Manehattan.
  3. Hmmm interesting concepts I admit I lean towards magic is genetic so the idea it can all be taken and never recover just sits wrong with me. Starlight's comments certainly support that and I'd be personally happier as I said if it did regenerate after being given/taken admitedly we don't see long term after Tirek's or Cozy's attack if it would recover in time. Of course it gets weirder with the animals like Cebererus being able to give up the magic that lets them be what they are turning them into multiple animals.
  4. I get the feeling they were around we see them fishing and the like in the background on occasion its just they spend a lot of time travelling so Rarity is normally the one looking after her sister. As evidenced by the fact at her cutecenera one of the most important celebrations in a Ponies life her parents like Scootaloo's were absent.
  5. The thing about this is if you include other media as canon (so long as they don't conflict we have had out of show events referenced in the show afterall) then it seems Celestia has been trying since Sombra's time to raise/prepare another Alicorn princess (Hope, Sunset, Who know's how many others over the millenia between) its just that with Twilight everything went right for her to finally ascend and become one. Cadence is on the other hand a wild Alicorn created by her own actions completely without Celestia's involvement so the two of them both cropping up at the same time could genuinely be coincidence. Alternatively we know Harmony and the tree have influenced events in the past (Rainbow's rainboom effectively linking all 6 with their cutiemarks years before they met) so something may have been working to create new Alicorns in preperaration for the troubled years to come. Personally I feel Alicorns are effectively immortal (unless the showwriters show me Twilight's grave) and my personal inclindation is that their has to be some other appearance factor in play. I know the animators gave us Celestia Twilight (and dislike it) but I just feel that needs to be ignored because if Twiligth grew to that in such a short time then Luna should have grown to look like Celestia a long time before the end of the run rather than her consistent post nightmare-moon look or Cadence looking like that as well.
  6. I was just thinking about Tirek's stealing magic and Celestia/Luna/Cadence giving theirs to Twilight and the implications. Do you think its all the magic they'll ever have and that each spell reduces it, that its a constnatly regenerating source and once given theirs regenerates while that which was given/taken is slowly used up, that its just a power source (battery) and isn't directly tapped for spells, something else?
  7. I guess it depends on where you view her home is, me it's ponyvile, you it's canterlot. @Music Chart Fan TImekeeping in Equestria must be an interesting occupation "It's 16 oclock time to go to bed."
  8. Maybe but there's a difference between grew up at X and home is X. From what we've seen Twilight's entire childhood was books, studying and raising Spike whereas Ponyville is friends, party's, wonderful memories and home. Just look at the fact of how hard losing the Golden Oak Library hits her compared to her literally dancing with joy at being allowed to move to Ponyville in the first place. She may have grown up in Canterlot but Ponyville is where she found a home. Which ties into this . . . and my earlier comments Twilight only gets one chance to have friends like the ones she made in Ponyville all else aside in the future they're going to be different because she'll have more experiences and will be the princess first and the friend second. Look at how she and Celestia tend to view their relationship differently or even her and Luna. I really dislike the fact that even if the writers/producers//Hasbro felt she had to take over she wasn't allowed to see the friendships to their natural end first before she had to become the ultimate figure of authority in Equestria. I feel she permanently lost so much by having to take on this role too early.
  9. Didn't stop them just upending Twilight's life and ending the summer sun festival. I blame bad plot myself.
  10. Exactly yet her Ponyville Boutique is now being lived in by others and we see her come out of the Yakyakistan one so I get left with the feeling she's moved there for some reason and with the Dash/Applejack hints that's what seems likely to me. Honestly I"ll probably ignore that timeskip because while it has some amazing emotional moments there's just too much I dislike. The mane 6 relationships, Twilight's change, the friends apparently drifting apart well its all been mentioned above. The Rarity/Applejack hinting is a lot more explicit if you watch Equestria Girls including a gender swapped version pallete of Applejack Rarity has a crush on who then dissapears at the end of the episode. Applejack mentions Dash having chores which is pretty odd for friends who meet once a month when they've just met up for said monthly meeting unless they're living together now.
  11. I was referring there to my personal feeling from that element of the final episode you'll note in the rest of my posts that I don't want pairings of the mane 6 like we got. Part of the journey in anything is the main reason we have interest in it. Like I said I'm a firm Twilight/Dash fan but if I came across a story that was "Rainbow Dash married Twilight Sparkle. The End." it'd just leave me cold. There's nothing there showing how they met, when they realized they had feelings for each other, when they had to overcome conflicts etc and that's what I was getting at here. We have seen at several points hints of Rarity and Apple Jack being a potential couple and then bam suddenly its basically hitting us in the face with a Rarity not only alone but having moved as far away from Ponyville as she can get and a Dash/Applejack relationship. It comes out of nowhere and feels to me like this new relationship hurt Rarity so much she had to leave Ponyville. Now I'm sure that was not the intention but this is the risk with taking a mane character and pairing them in an Epilogue time skip where we can't see how that happened. It'll make a small group happy and upset the rest when tis not necessary. Which is why the point of my post was that they shouldn't have paired any of the mane 6 off with anyone. At the most they should have given hints of a relationship with somepony e.g. a ring on Rarities horn saying she married someone but not who. Leave that ambiguous and up to the viewer to decide who she married. But then I dislike a lot of this final episode and the whole Twilight becomes Celestia we get here.
  12. I agree with pretty much all of what you dislike about the ending. I liked the Celestia > Cadence > Luna > Twilght sizes over Twilight suddenly and mysteriously growing as big as Celestia when we see no signs of that in Luna or Cadence. The "move to Canterlot and Rule" plot just came out of nowhere and makes no sense at all to me. Unless you buy into the theory Celestia has been repeatedly trolling Twilight from episode 1 and this is just her latest way to torment her which I also do not like. Personally I ship Twilight Dash but I'd rather they not go with that as the "official ending" because I know other people see them with different ponies and it'd be better since there was no built up relationship to just leave it alone so everyone can keep shipping them with their prefered pair. Same with Pinkie and Fluttershy. Honestly this Apple/Dash pairing left me feeling given the little hints at Rarijack that Rarity wound up alone because her one true love Applejack had chosen someone else and I do not want that. The Big Mac/Sugar Belle relationship like or hate was built up over time we see them meet, start dating, propose, marry and have a foal it works. Applejack and Rainbow Dash or Twilight and Rainbow Dash or Pinkie and Cheese was never shown, never hinted at and it should have just been left alone for the final episode. Maybe as a little wink given the Rarity/Applejack hints show both of them with a ring (on Rarities horn and around Applejack's's neck) but don't go any furhter leave the fans able to imagine they married but don't tell them who. If you like Rarity and Applejack they're married to each other, if you don't then they found a special somepony somewhere else. Don't show Rarity living in Yakyakistan but do show Yona and Sandbar living in the Boutique. Maybe Rarity is living with Applejack on the farm, maybe she's living somewhere else such as moving into Twilight's massive castle we don't know. Same with Pinkie you can show her having a foal but don't show us the father. Maybe you pair her with Cheese, maybe someone else, maybe she's just babysitting another of the cakes kids leave it up to us to imagine the ending we want.
  13. I think Twilight did get an invite personally at least in a retroactive fashion since we see that Spike does have a present in season 1 so he at least was expecting them to go prior to the others asking if Twilight was going. Obviously the first season episode didn't plan on the later one but it does work in my opinion as the other 3 know Twilight and were wondering if she was going to attend or not. Where it breaks down for me is that Moondancer should also have known Twilight and half expected her not to show.