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  2. During the S1E1 appearance of nightmare moon Applebloom was cowering together with some familiar looking fillies.
  3. Wait till you see the season finale. Also yes stars do move over time, in fact NASA posted information in 2016 that over 80% of people living today should actually have a different starsign i.e. cancer, gemini, etc than they think because they've moved. The really fun part of moving astral bodies is that black holes do it too.
  4. I was rewatching season 1 during the recent removal/adding of seasons in Netflix and I noticed for the first time that the writing in the book Twilight's looking the mare in the moon up in is sort of like windings. That is its got a lightning bolt, a horse, a unicorn head, a horseshoe and various other symbols for the writing as opposed to the later seasons where the writting is just sort of a scribbled line. So I'm curious do people prefer the older symbolic style writing or the current scribbly line writing for pony words?
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    But what about Bay?
  6. Senko

    FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

    I shall have to check mine after dinner see what Australia has. EDIT Same as quote yay.
  7. Senko

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for conducting trains without a licence.
  8. Senko

    FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

    Well Australia seems to have lost its "removed on" date but we still only have seasons 1-4.
  9. Senko

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for smoking weeds.
  10. Interesting so 91 MPH or 146 KMH as an average speed with ones like Dash able to hit Mach speeds and near flash ones over a short sprint (secrets and pies) assuming those wing powers are cruising/sustainable speeds not short max speed runs. According to my google-fu a 1950ish steam train could average 20 to 80 mph depending on a number of factors like the quality of the line its running on (and bearing in mind this is average speed with stops for water/coal/etc). So an unladen pegasus is faster but probably loses out on very long distance flight/heavy loads as pulling chariots and the like would manage to carry less than a train plus slow them down.
  11. Hence why I specified average not an exceptional flyer like Dash or a poor one like Fluttershy just a normal reasonably fit pegasus.
  12. I'm not looking for X MPH or the like just what do you think the average speed is in terms of travel can they get to places faster than a train (as long it doesn't require them to rest due to distance), what about if they're towing a chariot? Just trying to wrap my head around when a princess would fly, ride in the chariot, take the train or teleport (which is more a matter or range since we know Celestia at least can get from Canterlot to Ponyville).
  13. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Except he's not a soldier and we have a MAJOR incident going on. Let Neighsay trot along with the unicorn guards while the princesses and the pegasi fly there signicantly faster, maybe even faster enough to get there before everything is lost. The one time we see a major deployment of the royal guards and they're still utterly useless.
  14. Just rewatched the cutie mark chronicles and I noticed something interesting. 1) Twilight has a massive magic surge but doesn't get hers till Celestia takes her as her personal student. No mark when she drops out of the surge but one after Celestia takes her on. 2) Rarity gets hers when the crowd applauds the show she made costumes for. No when the rock splits and she gets her inspiration, not when making the costumes but only when the crowd applauds. 3) Pinkie gets hers at some point when setting up the party. 4) Fluttershy gets hers when she realizes she can communicate with animals. 5) Rainbow doesn't get hers at the Sonic boom but after all the other foals cheer for her. So it seems there might be something beyond just doing what your good at/love, possibly an outside aknowledgement of what you've done. I'm curious what do people think?