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  1. Senko

    Equestria Girls season 2

    You know I'm now wondering about the people in that world watching this video by a talking dog.
  2. Senko

    What is Sunset Shimmer's element of harmony?

    There's also the fan theories involving the mysterious green element of harmony shown in a book and spike but even there the colour doesn't match, though that's the case for several of the Equestria Girls. Personally I'd go with empathy.
  3. Senko

    S06:E07 - Newbie Dash

    You know rewatching this its pretty obvious the two wonderbolts don't start their descent until after Rainbow Dash is crossing the runway (and really no safe area to cross from one side of that landmass to another without crossing the runway?) so even if she had followed rule 1 they'd have still been on a collision course unless as she said they buzzed her on purpose. Either way not really a good thing as either they deliberately put all 3 of them in danger if Dash hadn't been able to get out of the way to prove a point or they went to land wtihout checking the runway which would mean accidents could happen regularly as its not just the person crossing who's responsible to avoid a collision. If there's someone on the runway you shouldn't start a descent since they weren't even visible when Dash began crosssing.
  4. Senko

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for impesonating an earth pony.
  5. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    From the context I'd guess they're referring to Sombra and using canon show episodes not the comics where he gets resurected and also redeemed.
  6. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Perhaps I find it hard to belive she'd be believed especially since she'd have to keep dodging around what happened to Twilight, Starlight and the rest especially since her plan didn't go off properly and Neighsay told Celestia what she was up too. Perhaps but we do see other figures in its first appearance that just seem to have disapared.
  7. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Tartarus seems to have gotten a fairly major downgrade from its first appearance though we have Tirek, Cozy and a bunch of dangerous animals not the most powerful and evil beings in Equestrian history.
  8. There's also a lot of off camera training we don't see. We do know that Dash who has helped save Equestria multiple times, is the only pony able to pull off a Sonic Rainboom and has held some degree of military rank in two alternate timelines still had to go the academy, become a reservist and then a full fledged wonderbolt where she admits she's still improving. Even in the show we see the royal guard fighting on a few occasions its just they suffer the same problem the princesses do and are taken out to show how big and bad the big bad is for the new hero to save. As I've mentioned elsewhere Celestia protected Equestria for a thousand years (unless as mentioned above all these attacks suddenly happened after a millenium of peace) and then promptly got repeatedly negated/beaten so the mane 6 could save the day, then they and Celestia were soundly and rapidly beaten (offscreen in one case) so Starlight could save the day then again it happened to Starlight, the mane 6 and the princesses so the student 6 could save the day. We just don't see a situation where the Equestrian army actually fight outside of the changeling invasion (where they may still be fighting off camera but need to be unable to win so Cadence could save everyone) or the alternate Crystal War timeline. Which is where we have a problem Sombra's return/invasion was apparently able to be held back by Equestrian armed forces yet the movies attack has them not even aware they're coming in airships. Its just too big a gap especially when as I said above the changeling sneak attack was known about. Even if you want them to lose that's one thing but in one invasion you have them every few feet guarding Canterlot, in another you have them holding back a magically enslaved zombie army and in the third invasion they're simply . . not there.
  9. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Except there was no plan to "save the magic" so outside of the students at Twilight's school no one's really going to know about her much less listen to her. With magic gone you still have the Equestrian army, adult ponies who are bigger and stronger, organizations that have more members. It just doesn't hold together for me. She assumes she'll have the most friends and the most power but the crusaders know the truth, that one moonwalking colt know's somethings going on, Neighsay know's the truth. Even if everything had gone off perfectly she'd not really be able to muster much power compared to even Mayor Mayor much less the larger Equestria and that's assuming all the other students did join her.
  10. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Her plan also makes no sense I shall get rid of magic, get all the friends adn have all the power. The moment people realize you're the one responsible for taking away the magic you're going to have no friends and even if they did what relation does magic have to having friends?
  11. There's also the fact that during the changeling invasion, a species whos entire entire plan relied on being undetected till its too late the Equestrians know about a threat and were able to place guards every few feat. So I agree they should have known something was coming well before the air ships arrived.
  12. Senko

    Rollercoaster of Friendship

    What? I"m fairly sure they aren't related.
  13. Senko

    Do you think Trixie has friends?

    She does't seem to be hanging around those two at other times in the specials they're there as back up band members but I don't think they're friends. She definately is insecure and longs for real magic. Look at her asking the birds to teach her after Fluttershy gets their help or the talk she has wtih Sunset about wanting people to see her as great because she doesn't think she is.
  14. Senko

    Do you think Trixie has friends?

    I've seen that behaviour in the pony Trixe so its quite possibly she does that.