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  1. Not many seem likely to be able to cast that. Even allowing for that the views we see of her house don't really seem designed for access by non-pegasus.
  2. As for me I like to ask questions because when other people offer ideas and suggestions you can find somehting you'd never have thought of yourself because different people have different backgrounds, epxeriences and views.
  3. Senko

    chronological order of the episodes?

    I am currently trying to put together a timeline but I don't think that's what the TC is actually after. They just want to watch the episodes so you don't get a situation where the events in one episode are impacting an earlier one. That said season 1 the viewing order doesn't matter too much as they're a lot more individual storylines than an overall arch.
  4. Senko

    Spoiler Artifacts more potent than unicorn magic?

    It something I mentioned elsewhere but it seems to me that ponies don't do magic items in the way other sources (dnd, harry potter, ghost sweeper mikami) do. They only tend to make an item for a very specific reason and the ones that do exist (Inspiration manifestation, alicorn amulet, crystal heart) are all more in line with artifact level of power. Its only in the latest season we've even seen items that can duplicate something a normal unicorn can do e.g. the portal amulet and we don't know any comparisons about distance/barriers there. Although Twilight did say most unicorns can only do a few spells related to their talent so even that amulet is borderline. There's plenty of magic as indicated by their cake preservation spell but not a lot of magical items. We know there's a bring objects to life spell as Twilight uses it but we never see a self-sweeping broom, every unicorn can create light via their horn but they use electric lights instead of magical ones. We've seen an occasional exception like the super easy cider squeezy 6000 but they aren't in common use.
  5. Just rewatched this episode and it hit me Rainbow Dash lives in a cloud home and the Doctor had her checked out in a wheelchair with instructions to stay off her wing for a week. So where was she meant to live for that week till she healed enough to get up to her home?
  6. Senko

    Respond with a picture

    So does Twilight.
  7. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    To each their own for me, especially given the reactions in this episode like Twilight having her heart broken at his saying she's not his real parent I see them more as mother/son. I mean even the fact that Spike thought to say she's not his real parent argues that on at least some level they act that way. I also wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason she doesn't investigate Sludge's claims as much as she normally would is her hurt over this and her truly wanting the best for Spike. Just like all that time ago she let him go on the dragon migration (then followed him to make sure he was safe).
  8. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Even laying aside the comics she hatched him, takes care of him, lectures him when he's wrong, praises him when he does well and he's literally known her his entire life. Mother/son makes a lot more sense to me than brother/sister simply because of that interaction.
  9. Senko

    Fluttershy killed fish!

    What do you mean vicious she's the kindest, sweetest pony around just look at her interacting with this bear.
  10. I never really paid much attention to the doors before but I've been trying to note as many minor details on this rewatch for episode placement and I realized the door to the tree library has to be magic. So far I've seen it open outwards as if the hinges were on the left, open inwards as if the hinges were on the right, open in one piece from a single handle, Open only the top half as if it had hinges on the left and open only the bottom half down the middle as if it had hinges on both sides. It really is quite impressive.
  11. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    Hah no, like I said Twilight still largely idolizes Celestia and desperately wants to contribute something in her new role as a princess to perform well given her general work ethic. The map missions happen rarely and may not involve her, villain attacks are a sort of annual event and she often is too inexperienced to be included in major political actions so she has to find someway to consistently do something as a princess of friendship rather than just relaxing and enjoying the title. So she made a school to teach friendship to others.
  12. Senko

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    Interesting to me it felt more like Twilight trying to find a more consistent way to contribute to Equestria by immitating Celestia as waiting for map missions or the country to need saving is a very intermittent occupation.