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  1. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 Teaser

    Ah excellent point! Throw the villains off a bit by changing roles. I just hope they realize the pressure they put on Twilight and her friends by doing so because if they were targets and step down that makes Twilight a target which is exactly what Twilight's friends realized in the season 4 opener when she became a princess and the sisters disappeared, if that is the reason.
  2. StitchandMLPlover

    New Trailer for Season 9

    Yeah! That was my thought as soon as I saw the Student 6. They seem to be their own elements, not copies of the Mane 6's elements.
  3. StitchandMLPlover

    3 episodes left for your favorite main character

    I'm not sure what I would want for the last episodes but here's some ideas I would really like. 1. An episode where Scootaloo gets confirmation she is permanently disabled and accepts it, maybe through helping another disabled pony. 2. An episode where we find out how Applejack's parents died. 3. Twilight and Mane 6 become the rulers and Applejack,Rarity,Spike,Rainbow,Fluttershy and Pinkie are seen as royalty by Equestria's citizens.
  4. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    Thank you again for the recommendation! I watched the one hour DC Superhero Girls special tonight and saw a ton of similarities to MLP in the show including Tara Strong,voice of Twilight of course, voicing one of the main characters! I recommend other bronies check it out at least once.
  5. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 Teaser

    That was my thought too. The season 9 opener looks exactly like the time travel war scene in season 5! Also who the heck is/was going to raise the sun and moon without the royal sisters? Twilight?
  6. I don't think I've ever seen Lilo & Stitch. Interested in doing so, also because I met Stitch (that's the alien/experiment, right?) in KH for PSP.

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    2. Bas


      ...and that is prob an US channel.

    3. StitchandMLPlover


      Oh what country are you in??? I can try to find airdates for your country. :) 

    4. Bas



       But I can prob find a source myself. ;)

  7. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 Teaser

    I just found this new MLP trailer for season 9!!!!! The show returns on April 6th 2019 SPOILER ALERT! It appears Twilight and her friends will officially succeed Celestia and Luna and in turn groom the students to succeed them in royal leadership in the future. My guess is that when Celestia and Luna retire, a lack of their magic allows King Sombra to return. The music in this trailer made me literally cry! On a personal note, I empathize with Twilight, as I get older others look to me for leadership and advice, they trust my decisions and experience in a very deep way, and I do not want to let them down or make things worse and I still need a TON of help from my friends because I can not do it alone.
  8. StitchandMLPlover

    Movies/TV Movies that you hate, but everyone else loves

    I hate "Me Before You" but everybody seems to find it so touching. "Me Before You" just makes me cringe.
  9. StitchandMLPlover

    E09: Best in Show: The Victory Lap

    This one was really weird but the participation trophy joke completely cracked me up. I thought Fluttershy would be the one to point out the robot and plush Gummy were not pets.
  10. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 Teaser

    The reason they don't is because Hasbro is a toy company and probably doesn't want to sell toys of dead characters LOL.
  11. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 Teaser

    I just found the trailer here The last season looks very exciting which is exactly what I was hoping for! Especially when the tree gets destroyed and this image It looks like the Mane 6 may have to find a way to defeat Sombra without the elements and I like how all the Mane 6 have glowing white eyes in the image because they haven't done that with the animation of the magic in a while. It definitely looks like season 9 has great attention to animation detail. I wonder if Cystalis is helping Sombra. I feel sad for the tree as it appeared to be aware last season. Maybe Twilight's castle becomes a replacement version of the tree of harmony since the castle is grown from the tree of harmony.
  12. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    That's fantastic! Thank you so much! I will certainly watch that.
  13. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    When does Lauren's new show come out? What channel?
  14. StitchandMLPlover

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    I saw the news when Cathy Wesluck announced this on twitter and I'm really sad the show is ending because the show was a huge aspect of my life since season 3 and was a source of comfort when I had friendship problems of my own. I beg the bronies to keep this fandom going because this fandom really is one of a kind. As stupid as this sounds I really wish MLP ended on a nice season 10 since that seems way more fitting for the show. Anyway maybe ending on season 9 is the best for the show before the writers run clean out of ideas. I beg the MLP writers to end the season with a real Big Bang of an awesome ending and use the season to bring a satisfying end to each character without a bunch of filler.
  15. StitchandMLPlover

    How to back up Tumblr

    Hello Everyone, I saw quite a new bronies freaking out about Tumblr deleting accounts because some stuff that is NOT actually adult content is getting censored. Even my blogs were having ordinary things pop up with an orange "flagged" symbol at the top. If bronies are concerned I would suggest making a backup of your entire blog in a word document or other documents in your computers and external hard drives. Then if you guys wish to share it again online simply find another social media platform or blog site to move to. Here's an example using my new Archive blog. Please note: This is for example purposes only, I'm not trying to drive traffic to my site! The new Crip Video Productions Achieve blog. Posts will be added gradually as a backup of our other posts. Full Text of post: Welcome! Hello Everyone, Welcome! This is the official blogspot blog of Crip Video Productions. Crip Video Productions mission is to make short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and story telling. The films are created by people with disabilities for everyone to enjoy. All films are written, directed, and produced by Margot Cole. We collaborate with able bodied people and people with a variety of disabilities for the sake of simply telling a good story. We mostly work with people who have physical disabilities. We do our best to make the films accessible by adding open captions to the films for the deaf and hard of hearing and audio description for the blind. Although we would love to accommodate people with moderate to severe mental disabilities we are simply not set up to do so at this time. Crip Video Productions is an online project we do for fun. We are not an official organization. We do NOT receive any kind of funding or grants from the government or elsewhere. We do NOT seek to profit from the films in any way. We try to produce the highest quality films we can on a low budget. Most people working on the films donate their time out of the kindness of their hearts and work pro bono for which we are forever grateful. We follow the necessary precautions of filmmaking and have full permission to use all the locations seen in the films. This blogspot blog will serve as the “backup” blog for Crip Video Productions in case our Tumblr, google plus page, or website fails i.e if we lose any old posts and need a place to repost our content. If we have really big news we may also post that news here. An achieved/backed up post from one of our other sites will be labeled as such. The reason we are making this spare blog is that in the past we have had slight problems with google plus posts not posting properly and because Tumblr is updating tomorrow (Monday December 17th 2018) and we may need to have a place to repost if anything is lost in the chaos of Tumblr updating. We thought about using other blogging sites as the spare blog but blogspot is the easiest for now. We apologize in advance for any confusions about the blogs or posts. If you have questions please comment. If you experience any difficulty with the Crip Video Productions Tumblr page please contact us immediately at or email at or feel free to comment on this post. Also feel free to comment at any point on this blog if you like our work and want to tell us. To follow us on our regular, more active pages please check out our official website Our Official Tumblr page and our google plus page To view our 4 current films “Drama Sighted” “Only Those Who Limp Allowed” “Crips Not Creeps” and “A Stroke Of Endurance” in full for free with open captions and audio descriptions please go to the official website and click on the “Films” tab or go to the youtube search engine and type the titles of the films you see above in the youtube search engine. Thanks for reading and enjoy!