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  1. I would assume the new Pony Life gang would stand at about half the height of the original G4 gang because of the tiny legs and the heads are enlarged, but for all we know they could be normal size and "Pony Life" is through Pinkie Pie's mind LOL. I could totally picture "Pony Life" being an alternate universe within Pinkie's brain LOL.
  2. The kid character does NOT look anything like a pony! He looks like cat plushies.
  3. I saw the MLP movie on Universal Kids too a few days ago. If I'm not mistaken Freeform is owned by Discovery which of course owns Discovery Family which is at least partially owned by Hasbro so Freeform therefore has the ability to air the MLP movie. I remember when I took a class in media for my filmmaking I learned that most TV channels are owned by a small group of companies. Discovery owns a lot of channels including things like OWN. Disney and ABC overlap and Disney might have $$ deals in Discovery. Nick and a bunch of other channels are owned by a company called Viacom.
  4. I agree. Trump may have his flaws but he's not the one saying looting and rioting is "peaceful protest" and he's not the one cancelling everything from Statues to movies to cereal.
  5. I saw it on youtube, and it's NOT FIM but I will be watching it! It's cute and "Best Of The Worst" had a good moral. The first one about Pinkie Pie and the baking competition was good too but not as good as "Best Of The Worst" and I think this is a sign the series is good and will get better with time. The characters act like themselves and Applejack and Rarity are extremely funny and cute here. Twilight is still so Twilight.
  6. All the "Pony Life" clips on youtube/online are from the Canada release right? Somebody give me a heads up when the USA releases it? I saw it on youtube, and it's NOT FIM but I will be watching it! It's cute and "Best Of The Worst" had a good moral.
  7. All the "Pony Life" clips on youtube/online are from the Canada release right? Somebody give me a heads up when the USA releases it? 

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    2. StitchandMLPlover


      @Dark Qiviut Thank you so so much!!!! 

    3. EpicEnergy


      Yes they are from the Canada release, and I'm not sure when the USA will release it.

    4. StitchandMLPlover
  8. This clip show episode was my favorite but I adore all of them.
  9. Thanks for the episode synopsis!!! These 2 episodes sound good. Particularly the Rarity one. The Rarity one might have some more depth with the moral. The Pinkie Pie episodes seem like a season long arc for her so the early speculations that Pinkie Pie would be very much a main focus in "Pony Life" may be correct.
  10. I thought country mostly when I hear it. Whatever genre campfire songs generally are. I love the Russian dub of the song. The Russian dub singers sound great!
  11. Yeah I think we should all watch a few episodes before giving it a final verdict.
  12. No I do not lower expectations at all. I do understand media well from being a filmmaker however, so I expect there to be continuity errors and I suspend my disbelief a little more because I realize some things are done for the fun of it, or because of production demands of the medium.
  13. Here's the EQD link I think some episodes are going to be duds but I think the Pinkie Pie one, and Applejack one have some potential. It will be great to see the characters again. It might just be a guilty pleasure sort of thing rather than a show that requires serious analysis like G4 but with the awful state of the world right now I'm THRILLED this is coming out and I think we should all watch before we assume the worst. It could be adorable.
  14. Its an intriguing idea that you have there. However I don't think Twilight would ever come close to physically hurting her friends. I like the original in the movie itself the best. It had been shown in the show before that some magic is fueled by emotion. Even Starlight says so. So the movie scene makes more sense than having her actually get close to zapping Pinkie. Twilight getting close to zapping Pinkie just seems sadistic. I do wish the other ponies besides Pinkie got more involved in the argument though. Having grown more experienced in my personal friendships, and aware of my own perfectionist tendency over the years, and having seen the movie a few times, I have to say I completely understand how Twilight got to that point of desperation and I'm NOT proud of the fact that I have acted EXACTLY like Twilight in many ways i.e I have NEVER stolen anything but I can see how extremely high stress and too high expectations of yourself can make you act like an irrational (bleep)! The movie scene itself is super relatable to me now. My apologies if I replied to this thread at some earlier point but I don't think I had posted in this thread before and these are my current thoughts.