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  1. Brian Regan is my hero. This is so extremely relevant.
  2. It tends to be not turning into now and vice versa. For example, "I am now going to kill you." What a fine mess I get myself into.
  3. Egads there's a whole bunch of factors involved. A lot of it depends on the overarching kind of person that you are and your self-perceived role in society. Your own sex AND your own gender. If it weren't already obvious, those are two entirely different things. How amorous you generally are, at least on average. Also how physically sensitive you are. How emotionally sensitive you are. How you view others viewing you. Do you mind being a social pariah? Do you worry about disappointing anyone? Do you worry more about disappointing yourself or your lover? Do you feel like at some point you may
  4. Woo-woo post here. Reader beware, etc. (Spoiler boxes make posts so much more tantalizing. )
  5. At some point before he had to leave us, Leonard Nimoy has extended an offer to the world to be anyone's honorary grandfather. I felt far more moved by this than by his leaving us. I feel so very inclined and motivated to accept such an offer, and to ensure that for all the good that Nimoy had been inspired to do for the world, (and there was certainly much of it.) I have been inspired to honor his memory through my own aspirations for the betterment of the lives of those around me; people who similarly wish all the best for those around them, and so on and so on. While spending the
  6. I love your avatar. :P

  7. I don't like to rely on other peoples' lists because of that whole "Oh hey everyone is unique and stuff" thing. So here's my own. -- Anticipation of future events - Whenever undertaking a planning session, some forethought is required. Proper placement and logistics is paramount to a successful operation. -- Linguistic analysis - I find words and language to be amazing. When assuming a background of telepathy, being reduced to a system of movement of air through flesh to communicate the more complex oral language of human beings can be a fascinating experience. Inflection, tone, intent
  8. I just had to move a large 8' x 5' x 4' pile of dirt around the back yard four times because of completely asinine reasons. Most of them consist of having to mow the lawn underneath them. I'm not sure if that makes any sense. Then there's how there's a disagreement over the placement of the garbage cans being stored by the side of the house and termites using them as cover to infest the house. There are plenty of other things for them to use for cover that don't move at all, so why should garbage can placement inconvenient anyone like that?
  9. The way I live my life, the concept of "gender" has taken a turn for the nil. A biological shift wouldn't make that big of a difference on my life. The only thing left to do is to enjoy seeing the differences as they come. Do feel free to take this post in the gutter. That's the way I would be taking it too. Everything else has already been said.
  10. I actually had family that got sick on that day and called out of work. They never get sick. Ever. It's not even the only case of that that I heard of. I'm really not offended by that image at all. I don't see why anyone would be. There are far, far worse things for us to be offended about that we're just blatantly ignoring for our own posterity's sake.
  11. The computer repair shop I work for/in recommend Eset NOD32 as well. For those customers who prefer the cheap 'n thrifty unpaid experience, everyone loves Avast's free antivirus. It's what I use wherever I can. While it's usually true that some scans can interfere with an anti-virus scan's heuristics scan approach, I've successfully been running simultaneous scans with MalwareBytes as well as SUPERAntiSpyware, which is yet another anti-malware program I'd certainly recommend. Great recommendation on ComboFix, by the way. I'd definitely get that. You can get it from google, or from Bl
  12. I just checked the TV Guide, and the usual FOX Sunday night line-up has been replaced by a movie. I don't even remember what movie it was. I was too shocked to remember it. That lineup was sacred. I remember Saturday Morning cartoons too. They're gone. Replaced with crap. There are more infomercials moving into place like a cancerous growth that doesn't give a flying fish.
  13. There is not a damn thing to stop me from playing Super Smash Bros Melee until I die of dehydration. Not a damn thing. I can waste a few years on Terraria, Skyrim, and any Fallout game too. Give me a copy of any Unreal Tournament game and I will be quite happy. Also, Stepmania was quite fun as a time-waster. Nothing to give over any commitment of course.
  14. I truly love these video game glitch expositions. Especially with the commentary.
  15. Oh god. Oh god just so much. Kleptomania. That great feeling when you see an object and you just absolutely need to have it for some hypothetical future endeavor, be it trading or the possibility of alchemy, or just having it be yours. "All I know is, when my kleptomania flares up, I take something for it." ~Someone somewhere. Harrdy harr and some more. Really, one of the first things I do in Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim is open the console, and do that player.modav carryweight 10000 schtick and away I go. At some point in my latest New Vegas run, I had about 9000+ poun
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