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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Bucket

    The Pit

    You dig around the room, wasting a few minutes picking up rubble and shifting around old boards and stones. You eventually uncover a hidden hatch in the ground. It's caked with dirt and dust. You brush the dust off and begin cleaning the dirt off of it. You eventually get the hatch to open. It leads down into darkness. Do you jump down?
  3. Granted, but you get 3 hats. No wait... 4 hats..? 6 hats? No, 10 hats! Hold on, 100, 1000, 100000! Stop, stop the hats, please no more! 10000000, 10000000000... But the hats don't stop. You drown in hats. I wish I could tuuuuurn youuuuuu, back in to a strangeeeeeeer
  4. Bucket

    The Pit

    ((no fuckin problem broski)) You take a deep breath, step back, and charge at the wall with your body. You make contact with the wall, and it crumbles with ease. You fall to the floor, and dust fills the room. Coughing, you stand up and look around. The figure you saw isn't there... Instead, you see a note. Like most of the other notes you've found, this one is very rushed and messy. You brush yourself off and drop the note. Where is he even getting this paper? So, bother with checking the room out, or head back?
  5. Turns out it's pretty not easy to restring a bass

  6. If you want to be my lover, you can't have hooves. Sorry boys
  8. Biased/10 I really dislike dubstep. https://youtube.com/watch?v=UEQCASaxHgU
  9. Bucket

    The Pit

    You take the passage leading down. The air is colder now, much colder. You can see your breath in front of you. The walls feel like they're closing in on you... You reach the end of the tunnel. There is a small crack in the wall, you decide to take a peek inside. There isn't really anything there... You try shining your light in but it doesn't light the room up very well... But wait, who's that? A figure is standing in the corner of the room. You call out to it, but get no response. You step back from the wall. It looks thin enough to kick it down... Do you ignore the figure and go another way or try getting into the room?
  10. This review is very good! I honestly didn't enjoy this game, but this might have changed my mind! Thank you friend, I'll be sure to save this one! Haha! xd
  11. I don't get the excitement over the super bowl. Why not the puppy bowl?