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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. i still lurk once in a while on here <3

  4. Interesting name.

    1. SweetJeans88


      thankies. its a cat-call i know but i still like it lmao

  5. ugh...distracting internet is distracting me from my essay.. :/

    1. Countess Noodle

      Countess Noodle

      It tends to have that side effect.

  6. nothing major happened while i was in school....but i heard some stories of yesteryears xD a kid called a bomb threat in from the payphone outside the gym, while on the phone with the secretary the gym teacher caught him--they were supposed to be running laps-yelled his name and told him to get back on the field and run. xD we had one bomb threat while i was there but my Creative Writing teacher took us to the baseball field instead of the football field like the principal ordered. He was VERY adamant about it, because a gas line runs under our stadium. if it were for real, that's the perfect place to put the bomb since were actually SUPPOSED to evacuate there. Smart man. somebody pulled the pump out of the fountain in the senior courtyard, and pointed it at a window--it shattered the window to a classroom on the second story. we had a spiderman kid at our school too. he scaled the side of the buildings all the time--like just /ran/ up them! he was in one of my math classes, and we heard this knock at the window on the second floor....hes standing there, waiting to be let in....because he was late for class and i guess that was quicker than the stairs?? xD When my sister was a junior (back in like.. 95) she got suspended and one kid got alcohol poisoning. a friend of hers was graduating and they snuck some moonshine in and passed it around during lunch at the senior courtyard. My mom was at work, so my uncle got the call to come pick her up. And he rolls up shirtless and tatted up, long ponytail flowing in the wind on the back of a harley davidson LMAO Best senior prank i think was done by one of our AP english teachers xD they got blow up dolls and filled them helium and dressed them up like the principal and a few other unlikable figures in school , and tied them to the flag pole... xD we have a rivalry with a rich-kid school...we beat them our first year playing against them and they vandalized our school. they spray painted paw prints on the running track, and wrote "DIRTY SOUTH" on the doors.....so we set fire to their football field, burning the score and DIRTY SOUTH into it.... LMAO were kinda vengeful, and we liked the name and kept it ever since.
  7. I invent this nonsense all the time xD *sigh* I said to one of beaus friends, who's from up north, "I grew up in the mugs!" What I actually meant to say was "I'm used to the muggy weather, because I'm from here" lmao.
  8. I will try this... but I really don't like the way Starlites drawn here /:
  9. i dont sleep well at all, i wake up a lot (bed sucks-- i miss my old one) but i have trouble falling asleep as well.... my brain goes 90mph and just doesnt shut up. i hate it, but i break down and take a sleep aid a lot (i really hate medicines and dont like taking them unless i HAVE to ) Ive started washing my linens with lavender fabric softener, and it helps i think, plus ill read a little before bed.. that focuses my brain pretty good but if im still buzzing, ill load a guided meditation. thats the best one honestly xD
  10. *yawn* gnight yall this is what i got done tonight, and met some actually nice and not creepy dudes on there. xD the dots are some other colour schemes i was thinking about mashing up xD
  11. take 3? i made it friends only this time.....but you may still be able to view, just message me, ill add you NO CREEPERS https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g4ad62jxqm7e6brojvjjaixynia thank you! and thats ok, i totally understand, you can catch em on youtube later if you want. xD thats wierd that it wont just let you view it though.. hmm...
  12. lmao yeah im a scaredy cat anyways xD i tihnk.. ill do circles? if someone wants to watch my screen ill add them to a friend circle thing, yaya could you see it from the link i sent? were you watching? i wasnt up for long... xD its not showing up on my youtube either....grr.this is the first crap-tastic thing xD oh weird.. i think its picking it up my laptops mic and not my headset mic...
  13. TELL ME WHO THE TRUCK YOU ARE WHEN U COME INTO THE CONVO. IM GETTING SCARY PEOPLE D: i had to kill it.. i had like 6 people asking to see me, and im like NO im drawing... xD so well try again in a few minutes.... ill post another link, but my cintiq driver crapped out so i gotta reset it
  14. ill be up late again tonight guys, on the google hangouts if anyone wants to join me im gonna colour that costume sketch and cobble together and invitation for my halloween party this year lmao. im sorry this is just a quick acknowledgement/brohoofs/reply ill give more in depth responses to the above posts, but after work xD <3 xD /yes/ i loved that book! and i can see that look working for Rarity xD and looking up Dita's measurements.. says shes a 24 inch waist! i thought it was just the corsets LMAO i think the Equestria girls version got close.. "twiggy" is about the only word that comes to mind for me though.. but leggy....shoot ill just draw her to get my meaning across xD i can see her getting lost in her books and forgetting to eat--i do that too--either in a book or drawing xD but i think spike would help regulate that by reminding her and maybe even cooking? i know hes a baby but he does a lot of butler-y kinda stuff for her :/ you bet your biscuits i will!! xD awww thank you :3 its a lot of practice, and looking.. "draw what you see not what you know" and then when you doodle, it comes back--like a muscle memory, and you can play with proportions, and stylizing xD ALSO: lets draw! im up on the google hangouts again!! OH LMAO i didnt watch my last vid! im so bad at this xDD! https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gyovcc6vjspmtvm3gnsuom6b6ua try this?
  15. *whines* i dont WANNA go to work.. its rainy outside :(

    1. A Black Circle
    2. SweetJeans88


      lmao. cold and rainy blechgk. its a lazy day if i e'er seen one xD