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  1. The honda Odyssey is indeed a good van!

  2. Another commission finished! Thank you, @Shinyrainbowumbreon!
  3. Your icon has given me the absolute idea that you have finally read (or watched?)  My Hero Academia. Therefore, you are about 59% more worthy of respect. And hugs.

    And I say finally because everybody needs to know the gloriousness of that fun series, lol

    1. Holiday Troblems

      Holiday Troblems

      I been watching from S1, but I thought Midnight was a good Halloween avatar, then I didn't want to change it. Assuming my local bookstore still has it when I get home, I'm going to buy all 21 books because I've been wanting to read the manga.

    2. Odyssey


      She's a cool character for sure, I love her personality. The manga's pretty good too, I am following it so that I don't have to wait for the anime, lol. I'm up to date with it, you should give it a read too.

  4. Odyssey most adorable griphon MLP.

  5. Wow, he is back at the forums! You have been rather quiet recently. :)

    How are things going?

    1. Odyssey


      Yeah! I kind of am. I'm not gonna make any promises that I'm truly back! But might as well break the ice slowly. I'm all good btw. 

    2. Bas


      Didn't have any worries! :P

      Looks like you are either going slowly with something for reasons, or you are about to make an announcement.

      Whether this is true or not, please do not make a statement on that if it can put you into any troubles.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS LATE RESPONSES She's just a cheerful character in an endearing way. Plus I've always tend to like a lot of the griffon characters. Gilda, Gabby, Gallus, etc., they're all fun My mum keeps on calling me goose... I-I'm not a goose, am I? It's a tie between The Best Night Ever and Sparkle's Seven! I love the focus on all of the Mane 6, and they're both incredibly funny.
  7. You just send the reference art to me! Basically, you can tell me now what you want specifically here or via PM (i.e., line art, full coloured drawing, etc), and at that point you make sure you have your reference art with you. On the bottom left of every reply box is a link saying "choose files." Upload your references, and send them to me.
  8. It wasn't a perfect episode by any stretch, I'll admit. The reformations were arbitrary, and it wouldn't be as obvious if the episode gave more time to show that Dr Cabelleron and Ahuizotl have told FS, Dash and Daring why they do the things they did earlier, without having to prove it through the talisman. But. But but. Despite that, I personally really liked this episode. Daring Do episodes never ever fail to capture the feeling of adventure, and it shows here just as well. I enjoyed Dash as well, her anger towards Cabelleron framing Daring and him taking a naive Fluttershy with him was justified. Oh, and the locations look gorgeous. Cabelleron and Ahuizotl's reformations may not be super polished, but you could've gone a whole lot worse than a treasure that forces anyone to tell the truth. The pacing might've hurt the reformation, but it is imo one of the better ones of the show. P.s., I loved Fluttershy's comment on artistic choice, that gave me a good laugh. Her newfound love for the Daring Do books is really adorable.
  9. I.... have been quiet for a while now, huh.

    I'll just say it upfront - there has been a few things going on that's making me not go here much now. Irl things like study and dealing with anxiety attacks and all. But, without really pointing out anything or naming names... there has been a few things here that's making me not really want to come back. Like, the "this makes me really feel bad, and i don't want to think about it" sort of thing. I won't step down of staff or anything, just letting you all know that I am still around! But, I just haven't felt this way for this long. It'll take a bit longer (probably even longer from now) to get back into action.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeavenSunset


      I forgot I was following you:mlp_maud:

      but on a serious note take as much time as you need, No one is rushing you:fluttershy:

    3. Tacodidra
    4. Bas


      It is alright! Just remember...should you go the route of "why is this happening to me!?" - You are not alone with such feelings and thoughts.

  10. Good good. I finally found the time to give this manny-quinn a fancy hat. Also, have a bonus:
  11. Pretentious title is pretentious, but my point stands, hahaha. So! We all have episodes that we love for various reasons. It can be because it was uproariously hilarious, or that it was super exciting from beginning to end. But what about episodes that reminds you of a time in your life where things weren't always perfect? The moments where a character might be going through a familial issue, or another who is doing all they can to help someone in need. Those moments that hit closer to home. Conversely, there might be an episode that does remind you of good memories, and watching it makes you relive those precious moments. Either way, Keep in mind that an episode doesn't necessarily have to be one that you like. You can hate the episode all you want, even with those moments that take you to a good or bad time of your life. Also, please keep any future Season 9 spoilers to yourself until they officially air on Discovery Family! With all that said... which episode is the most "personal" to you?
  12. Odyssey

    Fashion Week

    What? We're gonna celebrate best pony for a full week? ...
  13. So you heard about my friend dropping their ice cream today? They had such a terrible sundae mourning. ba dum tss
  14. @Pim Shifted this thread to Sugarcube Corner as it focuses on fandom content, and renamed the thread title to give it better context for other users.