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  1. This very thread. And pretty much "unpopular thread" threads in general.
  2. Odyssey

    I'm leaving for good.

    After taking a three-month long hiatus on the forum, I have decided it's time to bail and leave MLPForums. It wasn't an easy decision mainly because I've made so many close friends here than in any other website, but I think it's pretty much for the best regardless. This year has been far too busy to do anything fun on the forum or do moderation work anyway, especially when I got stuff like a new school and driving lessons to deal with. What prompted me to visit this website again and leave for the last time is that I've gotten messages from many kinds of people from here regarding specific incidents on this website. While I don't want to go into further detail mainly because everybody else who is leaving has explained well enough, I do want to say that I don't want to be associated with anything that involves untrustworthy people. That, and I also lost interest in My Little Pony entirely. I haven't watched an episode since The Cutie Re-Mark last year. One of the main reasons why I have resigned my role as a Section Mod is because I know I don't have the emotional capacity to be one. I know myself very well that if I kept on going or probably become a Global Mod/Admin, I would've abused it to its full power and would dismiss any criticism about me since I would most likely see the role as a badge of honour. It's really disappointing to see the direction that the staff took recently because it shows that lack of self-awareness and humility which I've mentioned. I actually have even considered joining the staff again over the past month or two, but now that I'm aware about all of this, I just really am not really interested in even coming back on the forum. That being said though, I really haven't talked to anybody here for such a long time and I want to change that. Although I won't be on the forums anymore, I still want to share my details on other websites in case anybody's interested. Just please let me know who you are on the forums, otherwise I might decline your friend request! Skype: galacticvoyage DeviantArt: galactic-voyage Tumblr: platinum-crossing I'm mainly on Tumblr, but feel free to send a friend request on any of these websites! And with that, I'm off. It really has been fun being on these forums while it lasted!
  3. Odyssey

    Not much MLP-related news on Equestria Daily

    well mlp:fim is beginning to decline in popularity, so therefore there will be less news about it. and really, i think eqd should end at some point. their most recent articles show how desperate they are to keep this site alive.
  4. Odyssey

    General Lefties Unite!

    i'm left-handed, but i don't really think of it as anything special.
  5. Odyssey

    How is your patience?

    i'm practically the most patient person in the world. i can wait for somebody to get off the phone for as long as 2 hours. lol
  6. Odyssey

    Movies/TV Favorite cartoons besides MLP

    steven universe. tbh i think it's a better show than mlp:fim.
  7. pokémon is a horrible franchise. it used to be a fantastic series, but it has been milked so dry to the point where it's not worth the money to support a series that has had the same basic battling mechanics since the beginning. plus this series has garbage like sawk and mr mime in it. smh
  8. I'm not going to stick around here for too long, but I really want your guy's help -- what can I do to stop treating my own art like it's garbage? I've been bullied a lot in general, but one thing that has been happening more recently is that people are making fun of me for the stuff I draw. Usually I would ignore this, but groups of people have been doing stuff like reposting my work without my permission and talking about why it's bad. Meanwhile, I see other artists who use similar techniques as me, and they get all of the love and the praise. Not that I'm saying that I'm a better artist than them, but I only mention this because stuff like this happens to me far too often. Pretty much whatever I do will screw up for me very badly. Not only this, but I also have a really, really bad habit of comparing myself to other artists. I want to be like artists that I love, but the problem is that I never push my boundaries and learn new things. I still feel like my art is the same as it was in 2012. So with all of that said, what do you think? I could really use the encouraging words, because the more people bully me the more I don't even want to make art anymore.
  9. Odyssey

    Pony pet peeves?

    When some people initially thought that Rainbow Dash is male. I know they do eventually find out that she's actually female, but it is so easy to know that she's female, from her body shape to her eyelashes.
  10. Odyssey


    So I'll be taking a hiatus on this site. It might take days, weeks or even months for me to return, but all I want is a nice break from MLPForums. Ever since dropping out of my role as a Sectional Staffer, I've been really feeling out of it. I couldn't pinpoint what feels off about the site lately, but all I know is that it isn't the same as it was a year ago. I mean, change is certainly not a bad thing per se, but still, with new kinds of people coming along who have different (not to mention conflicting) personalities to mine, I just feel that I can't make many friends. Not only this, but I also want to focus more on my studies this year. Ever since failing high school, I've been looking for schools that are more geared towards students who want a second chance in education. And luckily enough, I have found one. Even though work has never been my strongest suit, I'm more determined than ever to finally finish high school, especially since this is my last year there. There are many other things why I am taking hiatus. Namely, I'm not as interested in FiM as much as I used to, as well as the fact that I really need to use my spare time using the Internet less and less. If you ever want to talk with me, I have a Skype account. My Skype account is mlenshao, but that will change sometime soon. If you also have a 3DS, we can probably switch Friend Codes with one another. Mine is 3480-2986-3462. I only ever play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but if that's alright with you, we can do whatever you want in that game, whather it be visiting towns, playing Island mini-games and I can geek out about why Olaf is the best AC character in the series. Thank you, you guys. See you for now.
  11. Odyssey

    Guess That Episode!

    I think it comes from Dragonshy?
  12. Odyssey

    General What is your spirit animal?

    I like to think that my spirit animal is a koala. I mean, we're Australian, we're grumpy as all heck and we like to be in very secluded spots. lol
  13. Odyssey

    The Weather Thread

    My favourite kind of weather is rainy weather, but I don't get to experience it often because I live in the driest state of my country. I just love how relaxing rain really is and how beneficial it is to so many things.
  14. Odyssey

    Interests & hobbies

    What kinds of interests do you have? Cartoons Animated movies Video games Animals Do you have any fun hobbies besides internet ^^? Drawing bad fanart Reading Writing Creating new characters Hanging out with friends Taking long walks Sleeping Do you have a job? if yes, what kind? I don't have a job, but I do like the idea of becoming a writer one day, or even creating my own TV show. That's not gonna happen though, since I failed a lot of things in school.
  15. Odyssey

    Post your Desktop

    I've been using this as my wallpaper for a few months now. Hopefully you guys can see it, as it is a massive image.