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  1. Have anyone mentioned that your Avatar is cute?

  2. *lurklurklurk*

    Hello. ^_^

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      Hello, lurking bro :love:

  3. You were on a bit of a-:ooh:

    Don't say it. :dry:

    Odyssey. :laugh:

    1. Odyssey


      You could say that, lol :please:

      The Odyssey may or may not continue, but I hope a little that I can come back to posting here regularly.

  4. >making a thread about a buzzword meme that will die out by next year come on now, that's honestly lame
  5. Merry birthmas

    1. Buzz


      Thank you some-mayo

  6. Earthbound has uninteresting main characters It's a fantastic game technically speaking, and the dialogue really is as hilarious as what people say. But for a game that heavily focuses on friendship themes, Ness and the gang don't actually feel like good friends. They teamed up just to take down Giygas, and they were quick to move on with their lives straight after Giygas' defeat. Other RPGs have a more substantial focus on teamwork and relationships than what Earthbound claims to have. Hell even Ness and Pokey get more out from their interactions, and Pokey hates Ness. I did enjoy playing it, but that lack of connection doesn't make me want to return to it.
  7. The user staff page needs an update yo

    1. HeavenSunset


      I was actually thinking of making an updated staff alignment chart:squee:

  8. Shame Ody. Shame. I'm leaving on private mountain trip by the end of August and yer missing out once more.

    1. Odyssey


      Don't blame me, blame Corona-chan.

  9. happy independence day


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      I forgot i was following you:lie:

      and happy 4th of July:wub:

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      Happy Independence Day, my friend! :D

    4. Megas


      Nothing says USA quite like Japanese and Italian characters singing the Star Spangled Banner!

  10. If you believe that 4chan is a hub for hackers and criminals, you've never actually visited the website.
  11. the more I think about it, the more I just can't really enjoy this site anymore. Idk, maybe I'm just getting too old. there aren't many people my age here anymore, and some attitudes from some users rub me the wrong way

    1. Lazy Ferret

      Lazy Ferret

      I can feel you there. I'm really only on here for the roleplays I have with my best friend on here

    2. Kujamih


      ...to each his/her own i guess.:)

  12. Hey, Homer. :P


    When you became a Moderator: 



    1. Odyssey


      I may or may not also think like this lol. Also that laughing face is always a classic


  13. The power to not decide on a good username
  14. I did a marathon of Futurama a while ago, and I forgot how hilarious it is. Comparing it to The Simpsons is a common mistake made by people who haven't seen a lot of Futurama; they're both different in their audiences and style of humour. Comparing them to Family Guy is even worse, they're all different from each other. Playing it safe with a joke doesn't mean that it isn't funny, and vice versa. Those videos you linked aren't funny imo, not because it points out The Simpsons' flaws, but it's how the creator of these videos present it. It's obvious they don't like the show, and the punchline is almost always "haha I hate this show" because of it. It's more petty than funny, if anything. A lot of creators these days rely on this kind of humour if they have something theu hate, and it even comes off as boring because of it Edgy humour is far more predictable than what you make it out to be. You get more cheap laughs out from going with the easy way out and making fun of specific groups of people.