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  1. Good good. I finally found the time to give this manny-quinn a fancy hat. Also, have a bonus:
  2. Pretentious title is pretentious, but my point stands, hahaha. So! We all have episodes that we love for various reasons. It can be because it was uproariously hilarious, or that it was super exciting from beginning to end. But what about episodes that reminds you of a time in your life where things weren't always perfect? The moments where a character might be going through a familial issue, or another who is doing all they can to help someone in need. Those moments that hit closer to home. Conversely, there might be an episode that does remind you of good memories, and watching it makes you relive those precious moments. Either way, Keep in mind that an episode doesn't necessarily have to be one that you like. You can hate the episode all you want, even with those moments that take you to a good or bad time of your life. Also, please keep any future Season 9 spoilers to yourself until they officially air on Discovery Family! With all that said... which episode is the most "personal" to you?
  3. Odyssey

    Fashion Week

    What? We're gonna celebrate best pony for a full week? ...
  4. So you heard about my friend dropping their ice cream today? They had such a terrible sundae mourning. ba dum tss
  5. @Pim Shifted this thread to Sugarcube Corner as it focuses on fandom content, and renamed the thread title to give it better context for other users.
  6. Merry birthmas!


    1. TheTaZe


      CUTE AND THANK YOU OMG :kirin:

  7. Here, have the opposite of an angry nirik.
  8. Zip, zilch, nada. I have a lot of feather based photos and ornaments, I guess, but that really isn't aircrafty at all, lol
  9. @Will Guide I believe this thread is all good. So as long as others read your notice in the OP, there's no reason to lock it now.
  10. Dab, he likes to dab i am so sorry for the cringe
  11. Of the generic video varient TPAM can type fast
  12. This episode is fantastic. There is so much to love about it and I could just go on how important of an episode it really is. Twilight is composed and more confident about the transition into becoming the ruler of Equestria. The rest of the Mane 6 gave it their all to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, and once again even when things fell apart. Humour is spot on, even in moments of strife. The villains worked their way through smartly, hearkening back to what they learned in Frenemies. It's up there with Sparkle's Seven and Frenemies for me. Definitely one of my favourites of this season, and possibly the series.
  13. Does student count? No? Well at the very least, I am doing work experience. Who is best pony by design only? It can be a main character or background pony or whatever you want
  14. The Breakup Breakdown had me in stitches through and through. Same with The Best Night Ever. I found Sparkle's Seven, Green Isn't Your Color and Saddle Row Review really great too.
  15. How does winning work anyway? If I locked the thread now, will the last poster who said something before its lock win? i'm totally not considering it
  16. It is time. For the rank that only matters. Griffin master race represent.
  17. Kirin, probably... My episodes of anger are so bad, I burn down entire villages. Or maybe an Earth pony. Plain, but strong and most connected to nature.
  18. I like cats. Cats purr. 0
  19. I think ponies are fairly happy to use either hoof when holding things. That or they're universally ambidextrious. This kind of reminds me of a small detail from Equestria Girls that shows only in the first movie. Twi, Pinkie and Rarity are right handed, AJ, Dash and Fluttershy are left handed. Pic below is just one example of it