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    Anypony into board/card games?

    I've always wanted to learn how to play a tabletop game, I enjoy the ones where you choose how your character plays. It's a generic first choice for a game but I want to learn how to play DND eventually
  2. Odyssey

    What things can bring you to tears

    Onions. The frickin things get me everytime.
  3. Odyssey

    Visual Art So I like art.

    And I sometimes draw whenever I'm up for it. I like to draw cute things and fanart things, more specifically. For example... (pardon the giant images i'll find a way to fix that, eheheh) Sometimes I like redrawing old relics from the past, like these two. Before, both from 2014 (not for the fainthearted) After, both from this year I still got a long way to go, especially with human proportions and proper colouring, but generally speaking I have more confidence with drawing now than what I did 4 years ago. I'll be using this thread as a dumping ground for art that I'm happy with. Feel free to give advice, or just look, or whatever
  4. Odyssey

    Visual Art So I like art.

    You should jump the tablet train and keep up the pace pretty soon, or else I will go beyond what I can draw and have the power to draw everything. And by everything, think of that episode of Spongebob about the magic pencil that can turn drawings real
  5. Odyssey

    Visual Art So I like art.

    Some horsey art. Trying to get a feel on how I want to go around shading and brushes
  6. Odyssey

    Do you take any medicine daily?

    Setraline for my anxiety, I recently upped the dosage from 50mg to 100mg
  7. Odyssey

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Yeah I do Do you own a beanie?
  8. Odyssey

    Your Online Personality vs Your Offline Personality

    Online: friendly, silly, thinking, I feel more like myself online really Offline: basically the angriest person out there
  9. Odyssey

    Things we've believed as a kid

    I thought that sitting still while staring intensely at a spoon for 1000 years would grant me the power of telekinesis
  10. Odyssey

    Say something totally random!

    Do you know that one song that goes doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo? Everyone is talking about it
  11. Odyssey

    What is your dream job?

    But it would not be fun anymore once you get arrested.
  12. Odyssey

    Describe yourself with a single picture.

    this is awfully accurate
  13. Odyssey

    What is your dream job?

    Zookeeper. Doesn't pay much (and all for a lot of studying too), but I love animals so much to care about that sort of thing I wanted to do something around drawings and animation years ago, but i like it more as a hobby than as a career now
  14. Odyssey

    How shall I really name my Ponysona OC?

    Go for Silver Whistle. Your OC's got a whistle for a cutie mark and it's the most pony-like name out of all of your choices. Plus it's easy to roll off the tongue and fun to say!
  15. Odyssey

    What is your current MLP Forums rank?

    Crystal Pony. I worked my butt off for a million years to go from measly Pony Rank to the glorious Crystal Pony Rank Master Race. Oh and I'm a Royal Guard too I geuss.
  16. Odyssey

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Yes, you are winner
  17. Odyssey

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Sentenced to jail for that false accusation. I am. Completely. And truly. Normal. ...wait i just realised this is about the avatar in jail not user, i truly am going bonkers lol
  18. @RaphLuna Friendly reminder that I moved your topic to Non-Pony Artwork since it is something that you have created.
  19. Odyssey

    Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Person?

    Hoot hoot. I'm not just an owl. I'm a vampire owl. The Sun would turn me into dust.
  20. Odyssey

    What were you like 5 years ago?

    Hah, at least I can understand the embarrassment. You learn as you get older (or when people tell you that you look ridiculous.) I guess I'm a little more forgiving about it because teens are just coming out from that kid mentality, so they think that "dark and brooding = mature and adult-like." In some ways I like to think of myself as a "edgy middle schooler apologist", lol.
  21. Odyssey

    Things that really annoy you?

    I can't stand people who can't take things seriously or like specific things ironically. Not that I want people to always be serious and uptight. But just. Arrrrrgggh
  22. Odyssey

    What were you like 5 years ago?

    I was the brattiest 15 year old in the frickin universe. Bad temper, no social skills and childish. All of it got me booted out of school and 2014 was the lowest point of my life. But it got better from there. Cringey?! I find that endearing for a 13 year old to do!
  23. Odyssey

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    You are jailed for 12 months for commiting the heinous crime of P O N Y C R E A T O R