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  1. FemaleIntrovert1995

    S07:E17 - To Change a Changeling

    The only thing I didn't like about the episode was Trixie. She was a total jerk in this episode. However, Trixie has been through a lot, and that's just her character I guess. Why was Trixie even there?
  2. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Which do You Prefer?

    I prefer waffles. I love waffles
  3. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Are You on a Phone or a Computer?

    There's no pleasing anyone is there?
  4. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Are You on a Phone or a Computer?

    I'm too lazy to make a poll
  5. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Are You on a Phone or a Computer?

    I'm on my phone
  6. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Add to the Story

    My clothes felt heavy and damp on my body, as I dragged myself through the door. I cussed under my breath, as I kicked my soaked shoes off, and tossed my broken umbrella to the side. I turned on the lights and my heart nearly stopped beating. On my couch laid a yellow creature. Strands of pink hair were tossed here and there all over its face. It had blue and purple bruises all over its body...
  7. I would leave her there, and question reality. I'm just being honest. What would you do?
  8. FemaleIntrovert1995

    What would you do to the avatar above you?

    I would mistake her for Lyra Heartstrings, and apologized afterward. I regret my avatar being Fluttershy...
  9. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Age Range

  10. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Which pony would make the best mother?

    Fluttershy has motherly traits, that show through her kindness and sympathy towards others. She can use The Stare when her foals are being naughty. Hell, she even put Discord in his place at times. She has a gentle touch and a firm hoof. Remember, she also foal sat the CMC once upon a time. She's also a good mother figure towards her brother, than their own mother would ever be. Fluttershy is more suited to being a mother, but there are other characters that are suited as well. Applejack is more mature and has more experience since she pretty much raised Applebloom. Applejack also values family.
  11. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Will The Map Call Discord?

    I always had this feeling that the CMC were connected to the map some how. They go around helping other ponies with identity issues and make friends along the way. The mane six kinda do the same thing.
  12. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Who Is the Most and Least Evil Villian in the Show/EQ

    Tirek is pretty evil. He sucks out every pony's energy and leaves them to die. He betrays everybody. And doesn't care about anyone but himself. He even pushed away his brother. However, Starlight Glimmer was the most destructive, however, she wasn't in the right of mind. She wasn't evil, she let her insecurities get to her. The other villains are reformed. Queen Chrysalis was just trying to feed her people, in an aggressive way. But she's stubborn. Not much is known about Sombra. So, I'll stick with Tirek being the most evil. Discord is the least evil. He just wanted to have fun. Even though he didn't seem to care about what the other ponies thought. But, Discord is far from evil. Since he had the ability to change, I started to realize that he wasn't truly evil to begin with.
  13. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Will The Map Call Discord?

    Ever since Spike got called by the cutie map in the episode,"Triple Threat", I think the map knows about the existence of every creature in Equstria. Since it called someone who wasn't a pony, I guess it can call other creatures too. I got to thinking about Discord and his development. Seeing him being called by the map would be very interesting to see. Instead of scales glowing, his body might glow. He won't be called alone, either. The pony he would be paired with will be Fluttershy no doubt. Or maybe Luna. The friendship problem they will fix is beyond me. What do you think?
  14. FemaleIntrovert1995

    General How Tall Are You?

    I'm 5ft tall. I've been 5ft since I was 13 years old...also this fandom is made of giants.
  15. FemaleIntrovert1995

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned from the banned game oh Gawd what have I done?