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  3. Hello, I want to deactivate my account with no way to longer login. Be it a permanent solution, banned as such. Is this possible?
  4. Luminance

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Editing a old post. Leave this here a goodbye...
  5. I was hopeful of more development of Starlight and Trixie's uncanny friendship but we got needless fights, bickering and now involving a wagon. This feels like a common theme here in Season 8 with the yelling, betrayal and character immaturity and it's getting really old fast. Too much drama. This episode will be compared to the previous AJ & Rainbow, Rarity & Rainbow episodes and that just means that it doesn't amount to anything greater than what we already seen already. I'm really tired of these kinds of episodes where it seems like friends one minute but another, mortal enemies the
  6. I dislike all the fighting and such. So much yelling and stress. What happened to the lighter show with less drama...This feels just so hard to watch.
  7. Twilight's "eyepatch" disguise felt like a missed opportunity for something more silly, funny or even creative. We seen her as "Future Twilight" before and of course the eyepatch is a callback to that but there's no enthusiasm in it. We know what crazy or even creative disguises the show has done before. That's not the point of the episode...I know, but Rarity and her Planity disguise is just so good, it adds much more to the episode in context. It's just the little moments like these, that really can make an episode stand-out a bit more an can really add to a character.
  8. I honestly misuse it, making posts that everyone can agree on and playing-it-safe to get "likes" rather then not being real, genuine about my opinions. Half of my brohoofs are probably fakes.
  9. Much better than Non Compete Clause which this episode reminds me of. Not as annoying, aggravating and the student's lives were not endangered just for the lack of responsibility of said teachers. Twilight and Starlight helped more in this instance and should really as both of them have their prominent roles as head-mare and guidance counselor respectively. Good thing to utilize that in order to devise a plan to bring Rarity and Rainbow Dash back into decency.
  10. This episode covered the most ground so far in Season 8, story arc wise. Chancellor Neighsay returns and exhibits a chance to fight against Twilight's School, this time teaming with the least expected ally, the Flim Flam Bros. The idea of Friendship University posed a real threat and the tension with Twilight finding the bottom of this really made this particular episode interesting. Her ambitions and her reputation is one the line and we get to see her stand up and to defend it. The Rarity moments where great too, she has so much ranges in personalities being under disguise it just works. Th
  11. It has overstayed it's welcome that's for sure. The show really turned down after the inclusion of Starlight Glimmer after Season 5 and the Cutie map becoming a mere plot device. The School of Friendship isn't going anywhere too and yet this was right off the momentum of the Movie, which itself is a best described as a mistake.
  12. There's always going to be fans even if it doesn't seem like it. Look forward to the time now and live it in this moment, let the future worry about itself.
  13. Aww...Yes I remember it all. I was a younger self with the deep ambitions of finally joining this community to which this very show captivated me. After watching Season 2, I was eager and wanting to know what's its like being a part of this fandom. Google was my friend and I looked online for a discussion based community for MLP:FiM and MLP Forums is the place. I was later sitting at my desk wondering what my username would be and what profile pic to represent me. That was fun and dreary too because I took so long to find a combo that works for me. Later on that day I was greeted by man
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