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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4797543 Posted here because horse-related.
  2. Seriously though. First 10 seconds of Dragonshy. She kills fish and worms in order to feed other animals. That's nature though, so I'm sure she's perfectly fine with it in the end.
  3. She didn't bat an eye during the first 10 seconds of Dragonshy. I don't think she'd take it as hard as you might think.
  4. I would say that in terms of raw power, Twilight has the edge due to the power that being an alicorn grants her. Otherwise, I think Starlight closes the gap caused by their difference in power by being more creative and improvisational (for example, when she combines spells). That, plus her talent in magic, is what allowed her to fight Twilight to a standstill in The Cutie Re-mark, despite not having the same level of power as Twilight. Has anyone else noticed that Twilight seems to learn how to cast a spell just from seeing somepony else cast it once? Like when Starlight encased her and Spike in that crystal, and then she casts the same spell back at her later. This seems to happen throughout the series; for instance, she watched Celestia cast a shadow spell once in The Crystal Empire, and then uses it later while searching the castle. One could even point out that the first time we ever saw her teleport is right after Nightmare Moon teleported her away from the others. With this in mind, any prolonged fight with Starlight could in fact give her the edge in the long run as she learns all the spells that are used against her (UNLESS she has trouble with the aforementioned combined spells that Starlight improvises).
  5. Well, okay then... Turns out it was quite a while longer than I expected before I could start working on Fluttershift again. But I have recently started up on it again, and I got a basic area of it more or less finished (might still need some adjustments). Currently I'm using some temporary sounds for the ghosts (some I used in Twilight Escape), the ambient music from Twilight Escape, and Twilight's voice clips (which will be replaced once I find someone to do Fluttershy's voice). I've recorded a sample video of gameplay as it currently stands (This is still work in progress, mind you, but it's proceeding quite well, all things considered): Notable things in the video: You can see Fluttershy checking an artifact periodically. She's looking for another artifact piece, randomly placed somewhere in the woods. It pings higher/faster the closer she is to it. The top yellow bar indicates how calm she is. Seeing ghosts reduces it slowly, contact with them reduces it greatly. The more afraid she is, the more likely she is to shift into the dark world. In the dark world, contact with the ghosts is lethal, which you see at the end of the video. Sometimes you can see Fluttershy closing her eyes. This is to calm herself down, which also leaves her vulnerable, so it's best to do it when there are no ghosts around. Her flying lets her avoid the ghosts easier (since they can't fly), but it drains stamina, and she can't fly as fast as she can gallop, so it's better to just run sometimes. I remind you that she is temporarily using voice clips from Twilight Escape, so that's why she sounds like Twilight right now instead of Fluttershy. Feedback appreciated! *EDIT* Also, just realized that the volume on the video is lower than expected. Sorry about that.
  6. I still don't have anyone to help me with graphics. I do plan to have multiple characters and/or customizable ones with different stats. Controller support is already in the game though; just try out the demo to see.
  7. Great feedback! Having people crowded around the same keyboard gets pretty difficult, but if I can get online play to work, I would definitely look into 2v2 or 3v3. If it helps, the shadow shows the actual location of the ball and each pony. If you pay close attention to them, it will be much easier to line up shots and blocks.
  8. Still looking for feedback, and especially looking for help with graphics!
  9. Made a video showing the gameplay in the current test build: The first post was updated with both the video and the link to download the test build. Feedback appreciated!
  10. I was trying to see if I could get online play to work, but I'm having difficulty with it. I might have to forget about it for now. I could really use some feedback on the current version though...
  11. I just updated the test build with an AI that plays pretty decently. It's still meant to be played as a 2-player game, but it can be tested single-player now. Feedback appreciated. *EDIT* Made some more tweaks to the AI and the way the pegasi hit the balls back to the earth ponies. Seems to be better now. Still hoping I can get some feedback though. *EDIT EDIT* The latest version allows you to set your teammates (the pegasus and unicorn) to be controlled by the AI instead of controlled by you directly, allowing you to focus on controlling just the earth pony. This makes it easier to practice the earth pony's controls, but the AI is not that great. Once you've got the earth pony's movements mastered, it's a good idea to turn this off so that you can have full control over your team. I also fixed it so that when the game is over (one team reaches 6 points), it immediately goes back to the menu screen now. Before, it would stop during the final replay and wait for you to hit escape, which was kind of confusing. Anyway, same download link. Feedback appreciated!
  12. Has anyone had a chance to try it yet? I'd really appreciate some feedback.
  13. Twilight Escape (my fan game) wasn't shut down. I included a disclaimer at the start just in case, and it's a free game. So it IS possible, you just need to be careful with it.
  14. I know I haven't posted to this in a while, but I have completed a playable test version of the game. There still aren't any graphics, just the placeholders as I had before, but I'd like to get some feedback as to the game and the controls. You can use keyboard and controller, or two controllers (this is the preferable way to play). After the controller select screen, it plays a normal game of Buckball (first team to 6 points wins). The download link is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/msehr4m6lkg74y2/buckball_test.zip?dl=0 Feedback appreciated! I'm also still looking for someone to do graphics for it. Please let me know if you're able to help me with it. Thanks!