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  1. When I get home I am going to take a picture of Daring Do, and then a picture of Rainbow Dash  and give them eachothers color pallets, and see how much they vary.

    I suspect they will look the exact same.

  2. 20-8-5 20-8-9-14-7 9 12-9-11-5 1-2-15-21-20 18-5-12-9-7-9-15-14, 9-19 20-8-1-20 14-15 13-1-20-20-5-18 8-15-23 13-21-3-8 19-15-13-5-20-8-9-14-7 13-1-11-5-19 14-15 19-5-14-19-5, 20-8-5-18-5 9-19 1-12-23-1-25-19 1 23-15-18-11-1-18-15-21-14-4.
    20-8-5 15-14-12-25 20-8-9-14-7 20-8-1-20 3-1-14 4-5-16-12-5-20-5 25-15-21-18 6-1-9-20-8 9-19 25-15-21-18-19-5-12-6

    1. Wannabrony


      I do agree that gradients are cool! ^_^ Rainbows... :P And yeah, I guess I'm a prime example of that. I used to believe my religion, until it felt nigh pointless to me. I'm the only one to blame. :please:

      That really strained my eyes. :muffins:

  3. Well, he is one of cadance's cousin, but this is mainly about princesses, Prince Blueblood has the title of prince, but that doesn't mean that prince and princess are reserved for Alicorns only. Clearly, they aren't real princesses (not in a traditional fashion), but we can tell that princess is probably just a title for a leader, they could be called queen if they wanted. It would make sense to assume that since princess is used as the title for someone who is always an Alicorn that prince would require being an Alicorn, but it doesn't, and we don't even know if it applies that way for other Princesses But, We have not seen Prince Blue Bloods parents, so he could be from somewhere completely different and his parents could be the leaders of that place, or at least be royal to some degree there, prince would be his title in the traditional fashion then.
  4. Ohhh no, if you scroll up, they are there. I have two pieces of evidence, both show actual docks. Snips and Snails had some of their hair removed, including their tails, and they had docks. And zecora's tail is pretty much just a dock
  5. Haha, oh and guys, by the way. I just looked at the back of Zecora. And literally, her tail is just a dock with a small amount of hair at the end.
  6. We pretty much found out the answer in a different post i made. They have docks, like normal equines do.
  7. I know that it is usually just "they have mixed technology" and all, but i found something that changes that, sort of. So, we know that phones are not very common at all, we know that they have knowledge of tanks, bullets, and they also hazmat suits (of sorts). But i have never even heard someone say that computer may be a thing in Equestria. But maybe they are alot more advanced than we thought, they have knowledge of computer grids, or at least screen like grids. But i was re-watching Magic duel, and i noticed something. At about 5 minutes in, Trixie does a magic spell that makes a mouse cursor appear, it then drags pinkies mouth off and puts it in a trashcan, she made both the cursor, and the trashcan appear, both very heavily resembling what we have no in terms of icons. here is a clip I have never seen this mentioned before. We have seen that they even have old school(to us) arcade machines. I have never seen this brought up before, so i thought maybe it was worth re-debating technology, as well as what you think this means. Because, to us, this is very recent technology(computers pretty much). Although, maybe this means a lot less than i think it might, as deleting a portion of something or someones body, is likely to cause problems, in this case, death. So maybe i should learn that while i try not to, maybe i should leave some things as not meant to be looked further upon. But if this is someting not meant to be over loked i would say i just think that they have alot more advanced technology than we think, but they skipped a huge period in which they developed it. But, another theory i made is that the Alicorn Amulet that Trixie was using could have given her otherworldly knowledge, thus showing her something she could have done. Anyway, whatcha think?
  8. I was thinking that they still have mammary glands, whether it be on the chest or pelvis i think it is still their, and they only become visible when a mare has a baby.
  9. No worries, no time wasted really. I thought it was a joke comment from the start, but always nice to hear a different opinion
  10. I am not very good at poems, but I like being cryptic.

    I had to make it a poem of sorts in order to make it just right.

    I don't like cringey things like what I am making, but it is an explanation, and maybe even a different life path for anyone who wants in

    There are quite a few abbreviations in it, that are the key to truly understanding it.

    I will release it in the ciphers that i release all other stuff on that matter in.

    It should be dropping on Sep 19.

    No publicity, just an explanation and a little amount of insight.

    sort of regretting making this whole thing big, but can't leave things unanswered

  11. Not sure if my mind just blew over the answer, and i know that it scales down and everything, but do you have any suggested dimensions? I want to make on in a program on my computer and i don't know what to start with.
  12. Not quoting everything you said but it still applies. Yes, I agree. But there is one way i am referring to to find out myself, but you will have to follow the things i do to understand it.
  13. Is there a recommended size for it? I am talking about the individual profile head images.