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  1. What r your thoughts on it? https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS787US787&ei=B7dSW9_OKefX0gKvn42IDg&q=friendship+is+witchcraft&oq=friendship+is+w&gs_l=psy-ab.3.1.0i20i263k1j0j0i20i263k1j0l7.9539.11834.0.13237. i absolutely love the songs but eh on the rest
  2. So this is not earth, it is equestria, Christianity does not exist from what i have seen. Where do ponies believe they go when they die? i think you can go wherever you want when you die as long as you have been good, but that is just me.
  3. i would indeed like to learn the correct terms. "Mare" "Stallion" all so confusing but crucial It is clearly a genuine question seeking genuine answers, i am sure others have wondered the same as well.
  4. How many years have passed from 1 to 8?
  5. Could you do up that clip or tell me the episode please?
  6. I am clearly not stating the rules i am asking for you to respect the topic rules. you broke the rule by saying you would not break the rule
  7. works but that 1st sentence broke my whole world
  8. it is not following the topic if the whole sentence is just what i requested not to happen.
  9. can you speak one word without doing exactly what i said not to
  10. if people come here they are clearly interested in the topic, if they are interested they should respect the creator of the topic
  11. scroll up why do you guys do exactly what i request you not do, i said seeking genuine answers and not to break the wall. You only do that. Wow
  12. all i heard could read was you breaking the only topic rule. could you hear that? it was very loud.