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  1. And also, if we saw Celestia and Luna age as fast Cadance ages even though she is still Alicorn, things would be quite different.
  2. I really dont think this is right. There are sooooo many factors that can determine who is actually the strongest. And the thing is, villians are so strong because they do not hold back so they dont care if there is a civilian caught in the crossfire which is why they appear so strong. Celestia, Luna and most of the rest care more about other Poneis enough to not obliterate them and their things while in a battle which would surely be a problem if they fought at full power.
  3. Im sort of just throwing myself into the conversation. But i do think that Celestia is for sure without a doubt more powerful than twilight is, she is thousands of years old and while that age does not exactly equate to raw power to shows she is even strong enough to live that long in the first place. Earlier on in the thread I pretty much said that I think the reason NMM and daybreaker are so strong is because they do not hold back, and i think that has a big part to play. I also dont necessarily think Any pony is stronger than the next which sort of contradicts my point above. Celestia has the power of a leader and Twilight bass the power of friendship, it just so happens that the power of a leader is stronger in its raw dorm. Also again, Celestia is very old and had alot of time to become so powerful. And also while 1000 years is no short amount of time to be locked away it was the only option, we dont know what it was like so maybe Luna was just sort of sleeping the whole time. Also, Luna certainly thought her punishment was more than fair, and it wasnt really even, punishment more of containment until the time was right. I dont think she was supposed to be imprisoned for any specific amount of time, just until she could be properly dealt with.
  4. I said that was for overpowering, a dark or a smack to the head is another story
  5. Unity

    digital drawings of a writer

    While that is an option most people i see just are not a fan of that type of Art style (pencil and paper).
  6. If you would have read up you(in the topic) would have seen i had come to a conclusion on the subject. and also, we know that while it doesn't help my point, Celestia should not be able to be overpowered by enemies as we see her use a certain aura like spell knocking away close attackers, we saw her use this on King Sombra's army so Changelings shouldn't be able to overpower her. But all of this is irrelevant because once again i sorted this out.
  7. Unity

    digital drawings of a writer

    If you are serious you need a drawing tablet or I-pad of sorts and a drawing pen/marker/stylus/drawing tablet thing. While you are not a bad artist your style needs to evolve.
  8. I meant that it is mainly willpower and a few other traits. So i think that if a unicorn wanted to become the most powerful mage in all of Equestria and they had good intentions and tried hard enough, their power would be as strong as that desire. That works here on our earth but i think it would be more so with ponies. So essentially the better the Pony the more the power. I think this ties into the elements of harmony quite well and this is the reason they are so powerful.
  9. I am looking for things to do.

    More specifically make more MLPF banners/headers.

    If you have a theme you want in the form of a banner that will be submitted for rotation go here pl0x.


  10. I just saw a Samsung  ad and it was normal for the most part.

    But at the end i heard something along the line of  "choose either an extra line or the exclusive fortnite Samsung Galaxy skin and ___ amount of V-Bucks" That is a heavy paraphrase but it still disgusts me that Samsung of all companies would do something like this.

  11. Unity


    Not saying you have bad taste in music or that you don't know about music. And i know that opinions are things and i can see this is one. But you clearly cannot tell that this song has some problems. Telling someone to make more music of a certain type when they have not fully learned how to make it is more harmful than it is good. Your opinion is that it is good but the fact (not just saying my opinion is more important than yours) is that the song is not great and their music career will not progress if they do not make their songs better.
  12. You can request me to make a signature or a certain themed MLPF header that i will submit. To make a request go here, but continue reading on. Check both of these before you request something. https://mlpforums.com/topic/65015-official-community-banner-archive/ https://mlpforums.com/topic/77071-kyoshis-sigsavatars-for-everypony-500-sigsavatars/ And if somehow i get a request i can only make Headers or Signatures in my own style of Graphic Design (see below). Past MLPF Headers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Past signatures ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just for fun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. *Banner = Header* You can request a themed MLPF header for me to make and submit for rotation. What i mean by this is if you want to see an MLPF site header with a certain theme you can request that here and i will try to create it. Here are most of the past headers that have been on the site before, I will not replicate past headers I will only create original ones. https://mlpforums.com/topic/65015-official-community-banner-archive/ I also will take requests to make a Signature to use on this site. The signature will not be exclusive to you and it will be open for all. Here is a Blog post of mine showing off my portfolio(I hope I used that word right) as well as a few details on requests as well. https://mlpforums.com/blogs/entry/23666-past-things-i-made/ I would suggest you visit the Blog post. You can request things here, or you can PM me and I will do my best to make it. If you are also looking to get into Graphic Design yourself you can PM me and I can tell you what i use for creating my Images. I can also attempt to make non-MLP related things such as thumbnails but no promises.
  14. I was using an image editor of mine trying to make a wacky dacky piece of work until i found the "explode" and "implode" button.

    it was all over once I did.


  15. Unity

    Will we see more of Cadance's magic.

    Yeah. The only way we know what we know about her really is because of Ponies saying it out loud. We never see her magic or what makes her worthy of being an Alicorn.