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  1. Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Sexy bikini Glimmer .
  2. Spike x Skeleanor

    It's funny considering he still holds a crush on Rarity as evidenced earlier in that episode. It's likely he's developing a further interest in ladies, considering:
  3. Season 8 trailer(big spoilers)

    I don't think so, that's the episode before the finale, or so it's listed. Way too far to show it so early. However, there are a couple of scenes that are definitely from the second half of the season, funny, considering a summer hiatus has been confirmed, again
  4. Gaming Has anyone heard of the Mother/EarthBound franchise?

    My bad, it's just that it's hard at times the meaning behind written words around here the internet
  5. Gaming Has anyone heard of the Mother/EarthBound franchise?

    Oh yeah, hippie music is the shit. Is my favorite battle theme in Earthbound Beginnings. Too bad it's used in very few suckas You know? At times, I feel kind of down when I start getting partners in that game, because I prefer Pollyanna over Bein' Friends
  6. Have you ever dreamt about MLP?

    I've just dreamed that I was an expectator in a Jackie Chan movie, where he was fighting ninjas in white. There was a person in a creepy mask guiding in the background known as "Scarecrow". It was later found out Scarecrow was actually Principal Celestia
  7. Gaming Has anyone heard of the Mother/EarthBound franchise?

    Man, EB is pretty eccentric even by Japanese standards, and that can't be denied. One moment you're fighting a blue loving cult, and later zombies . Still, that high on drugs was a joke, I wasn't implying Itoi is a junkie for real
  8. Cinemarks will show last year animated hits during summer, and the pony movie is in the list. For those who want to experience ponies in theaters for the first time or not You can check if your local Cinemarks will show it here: Fuck yeah, I ain't missing another chance to see horses with pastelis coloritis in the theater, despite owning a blu ray copy
  9. Gaming Has anyone heard of the Mother/EarthBound franchise?

    Everyone who plays Smash at least knows of it's existence . Yeah, I've played them all, in dubious ways, but did. It was about 7 years ago where I've started with Beginnings, and played the others afterwards. Games made by someone high on drugs, but it's unfortunate they didn't get the success they deserve
  10. Princess Flurry Heart fan club

    Chubby college McFlurry, with bellybutton
  11. Which of the Mane Six would be virgins?

    I don't see Dashie dating, until she gets older at least, not because she's a tomboy and proud of it, but it's because she's still insecure in showing a softer and intimate side You know, I was reading a humanized fic where a central theme is one's personal sexuality. In it's latest chapter, it was stated that AJ had a few lived relationships, and Pinks was offering cupcakes to royal guards.... while wearing a revealing tank top . Still, I totally picture these two that way regarding love life
  12. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Cutie Fluttershy. .
  13. The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    Cute Trix plushie .
  14. Bat Ponies Fanclub

    Bat pony, with sexy bellybutton
  15. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Adorasexy bikini Twi .