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  1. On top of that, she has bellybutton
  2. Except those years would be between S3 premiere and S5 finale :huh:. Well, we got our first heartswarming in S2, got another one in S5, and ANOTHER in S6. Also AJs comment about Rarity having left years (in plural) ago, that means that at least two years passed. But that gap covers S5 HWE. With that, I think at least four in-universe years passed. That brings a problem with the cuties though. They should be more noticeably older by now
  3. Almost half a month yo
  4. Could either be a forbidden magical artifact, but I believe that they being master tacticians would be more interesting
  5. Cute Coloratura animation
  6. Twi and her kid paradox
  7. Cute Sugar Belle with apron
  8. Unamused Cadance and McFlurry
  9. Cute and fluffy Lyra Heartstring
  10. The cuties remind us of the important date
  11. The graceful and elegant Disney poneh princess
  12. More council of moeh poneh
  13. Nightmare Night bat poneh
  14. Trix fear a deadly butterfly
  15. Nah, I actually miss the waifu thief meme. That's the main reason I like him