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  1. I believe the diversity of pastel horse genus is far more vast than we’ll ever know. Apart from the four most well known, we got, at least actually ponies: Crystal, sea, and bats as seen in the show. While one exemplary was seen before, recent S10 pony comics shown kelpies far closely related to ponies.... by being literally ponies made of water . Kirin are candidates for being ponies, or another species VERY closely related to them. I believe changelings could be related to them as well, if you consider their comics origin canon (magical mix of swamp water, insects, and pony remains). So could be hippogriffs, if we take their real life mythological counterparts there’s been an official mention of an Alicorn bat as well
  2. “A number of them”? Dude, I think three at most didn’t work on FIM
  3. Gemma Findlay: animation revisionist of this special.... I think she’s getting into voice acting
  4. I’ll have to wait, as I’ve asked to be delivered in order to not pay delivery expenses. I’m too much of a cheapskate
  5. According to a Russian licensing site, Pony Life is getting it’s second season next spring
  6. I know a kid who thought Nee Super Mario Bros was THE first Super Mario Bros
  7. Super Mario 35 vs sounds fun, but I ain’t paying for an online subscription just for it. Mario Kart Live is not something that enthusiasm me either. Mario All Stars 3D and Mario 3D Land on the other hand .... the first: it’s nice to have said games included. I’ve heard they’ve removed things that pissed hardcore fans off, but they are probably technical twerks I won’t even notice . I had an itch in playing Sunshine for a while anyway, but since I don’t have access to my Game Cube ... No loss for me for the absence of Galaxy 2. I have that game anyway 3D Land: that appears one of the very few things worthwhile on the WIIU. I wasn’t going to buy it just for that game anyway, so it’s nice it’s getting a well deserved chance for success in Nintendo Sandwich, new content or not . Definitely getting it for later
  8. Ponyfied nerd about to freak out again, Twi kills it with the dark skin
  9. Just ordered at McDonnald’s. First time in months. It reminds me of when I was hunting for Happy Meals chibi horses :awwthanks:


    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Oh Spike is adorable!

    2. Steve Piranha

      Steve Piranha

      I’ll stick with Chibilight Glimmer in adorableness :wub:


  10. must say it was kinda more fun than the previous two weeks. Could welcome Octavio’s VA to the horse world, but he already voiced Sans Smirk Great ....
  11. Time to watch horse life :fluttershy:

    1. EpicEnergy


      I hope you enjoy it! :grin: