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  1. I've learned a short time ago that descendants from a relative are considered indirect descendants, but descendants noneless. There's no evidence the pillars married and had children l, but there's no evidence of the opposite either
  2. Adorasexy mermaid Sunny
  3. Some more FE characters. Damn, they really make good material for poneh Naga Race: alicorn Divine dragons helped humanity against their evil counterparts countess times, and the head of them is Naga. How would she, and the rest of the divine dragons adapt to pony, if they are already ponies? Easy, human world. They wouldn't become manaketes in Equestria, but if they go to the human world, and transform into humanoid manaketes, AFTER, CROSSING THE PORTAL, fits Zelgius/Black Knight (FE PAth of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn) Race: Hippogriff Come on, is Zelgius, how not to include him ? Why I'd see him as an hippogriff? Well, his intimidating appearance would hardly fit for a pony. Since Zelgius is a branded, from a raven laguz (that latter statement is fan speculation though), an MLP version of him should have avian characteristics. Griffons? Not quite. Griffons are more.... rusty, while hippogriffs are clearly meant to be more majestic creatures, that coupled with their increased size, I think it'll fit to the intimidating, tall, but still majestic Zelgius
  5. I have been wondering that myself. I'm sure EG will benefit the most from it
  6. What little I remember from An American Tail, it was pretty dark, despite not having watched it since forever. But damn, a child separated from his family under the constant threats of cats (he's a mouse). I can't remember much though, I normally move on from old stuff I've watched as a kid
  7. Movies/TV

    There was a boom in discussion about the Filly Funtasia tv show years ago. They are pretty much forgotten by now. Hell, just checked out of curiosity, and the last preview of the TV show was two years ago. It seems to have been cancelled Hunter and Mockingbird.... damn, they where awesome characters
  8. Man, I need more poneh. Even the forum is unusually less active :dry: 

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    2. Steve Piranha

      Steve Piranha

      But I'm getting bored, I need something good to do. No poneh, and Fire Emblem Heroes just announced a big update, but I'm still waiting for the REAL good stuff :( 


    3. PuddingPonyPal


      I'm a bit bored too. I joined a new forum for writers and roleplayers and so far NO ONE has joined or even acknowledged my RP story. 

    4. Steve Piranha

      Steve Piranha

      Damn, that sucks yo

  9. Much sexy human Dashie
  10. Beautiful older McFlurry
  11. Well, I edited the OP with some characters I'd LOVE to see ponyfied . I'll show more later
  12. Spoiler

    Miniature sphinx, and Egyptian Horse's sexy bellybutton
  13. Cutie preening her wing
  14. I don't know how she intends to kill: with the knife, or that diabeetus inducing face ?
  15. Among girly things I like are MLP (of course ). Cardcaptor Sakura was among my favorite animes back then. PPG was among my most watched tv shows. Played Super Princess Peach, and I consider it WAY better than New Super Mario Bros. I think that I'm closer to the sweet motherly type rather than the more aloof father type. I can't stand lacking hygiene, and much less going to bed without bathing . I don't give a shit about spreading my genes bullshit. I'm not really a masculine person, but I don't consider myself feminine either Subversion: While it is common to associate conflict towards men, the truth is, women are very conflicting as well, but they resort more to verbal assaults compared to the more physical men. I rather avoid both kinds of conflicts. Sex is overrated, and I don't fantasy about humping every woman I see, but I LOVE hentai and clop, and I like watching them while I bathe