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  1. I haven’t noticed Nixy’s decrease in presence in the fandom until you mentioned it
  2. Ok, I had this weird dream dream relating with Banjo Kazooie. I was in my walrus form exploring an unsettling world composed with flesh. Not like inside Clanker, but the flesh world evil NOPE type. It was brutal, I remember receiving lots of damage and was left with two health, close to death. Then, I suddenly find Wozza, the walrus from the snow world I was like: “Great, a friendly face at last”. Speaks to me, and gives me a jiggy as usual. However, he starts hopping to a small opening and stops, then turns on me, and suddenly, starts attacking me while an unsettling battle music starts, causing me damage. In my surprise, I start to panic, and get hit one last time, killing me. That was rather unsettling. I not only went through a disturbing flesh world, almost died, was long as hell, then find a familiar friendly character, rewards me, and out of nowhere, the music starts and he kills me. Worst of all, no lines nor he changes whatsoever. He doesn’t make threatening lines, and he kept his cartoonish friendly appearance. He could at least have gotten red eyes
  3. I wonder what Potion Nova’s role in the show will be
  4. I believe in this= you can be happy and successful, or you can be unhappy and successful. You can’t be happy and unsuccessful.
  5. Well, all caps is universally interpreted as yelling. I suggest using emojis next time you wanna emphasize in caps
  6. I rarely go out of my way to participate in something, usually limiting myself to make an opinion and be on my way. As such, I rarely deal with trolls. However, it’s true they advise ignoring them, and it works most of the time, but I found out that having a good sense of humor works wonders and backfires spectacularly against them. I got about three anti bronies insulting our beloved pastel horses, but engaged them with satire, and they always end up messing up one way or another, like using slurs . but the one I am most proud off is a review of the Grinch Stole Christmas. The review was done in rhymes, but some whinny trolls started doing shenanigans. How did I respond? With rhymes of course . I had a blast with that one
  7. Yeah, I’ve realized the kind of person she is by watching another video out of curiosity because it was within my recommendations (possibly because of the one I’ve posted here). Funny enough, I found out she holds an account in EQD which I’ve happened to stumble upon by having a blast with the Pony Life freak out yesterday
  8. I sent this to EQD years ago. Pichy with Scootie the cutie
  9. I’ve joined in late 2012, so I was at the end of the golden years, so I’ve missed quite a lot already. Not to mention I haven’t met any fellow horse lover in person, nor gone to conventions