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  1. well, I'm going to the gym right now. The trailer better be up WHEN I GET BACK
  2. refreshing refreshing and more refreshing.... still no trailer
  3. Funny husky Douchebag friends Adam West Batman pug Cool illusionary trick Metal animals
  4. It's coming today apparently
  5. GREAT NEWS GUYS, THEY HAVE SHOWN THE POSTER OF THE PONY MOVIE And the trailer is coming later today on top of that. Stay tuned
  6. Considering this exist in the first place Then there's this there's certainly something ponies are appealing to boys. I guess they'll do more action ponies in the future
  7. They usually resume ponies around October or something . Man, I've hoped this season would end before the pony movie
  8. Well, I had a friend at my old university that eventually begged me to watch ponies, which I did, and joined the herd. The other one I've found out later. He showed up at the computer lab while I was watching pony stuff. I was so surprised and scared that I've look like I was hiding porn there . Still, one of my tabs clearly said "My Little Pony", until my brother told me that he was also a brony
  9. It's funny that most other known pony races apart of the three main ones can fly right ? We got alicorns, bat ponies, and cirrostratan
  10. I'm going to be cautious with these games, as Sonic has been struggling in these last years
  11. I prefer a bittersweet goodbye rather than a bitter feeling of leaving the show because it got so bad
  12. Her future mentor ? I like that idea
  13. Cute colt is greeting
  14. Cute Luna and some serpents
  15. You forgot Starlight . Still, I think only she and the cuties are the only ones who can hold FiM now that the Mane 6 are seemingly wrapping-up their lives. The rest, like an older McFlurry, and lands beyond, can be saved for a spin-off show or something, which is overall a more sensible move than dragging FiM until everyone hates it We have to wait next year IF they announce the ninth season. It'll reach the second hundredth episode by the fifth episode of the season It can, but the likeliness of that happening by the 300th episode is next to none if most other shows can tell