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  1. Pony related dreams you've had?

    I've dreamed of Flashy and Gilda as winged humans and their own flying group. Weird thing is, both had a silhouette of griffins. Weirdest of all, I had wished to see Flashy in FiM as a griffin, completely forgetting he's a pegasus

    I'm pretty sure Tempest would have gotten that treatment if not were for how expensive and busy Emily Blunt is. Seriously, I've seen no less than 2 movies with her lately. Don't worry though, a hippogriff student and seapony cuties aren't exactly coincidence, trust me
  3. My Little Pony Generation Explanation

    Most don't, that's why MLP Tales is still commonly mistaken as G2 to this day. However, they are brainstorming designs for the upcoming show, so chances are, the toys will follow, so G5 most likely
  4. Does MLP being a toy commercial hold it back?

    Actually, I think being a comercial for a (successful) toy line is one of the reasons it'll be ending ON IT'S NINTH SEASON. Yeah, it's not easy for an animated show to last that long, and not rotting, much less one tied to a toy line

    It looked like they saw the trololo and didn't expect the actual info below the vid
  6. What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    Ordered a pony movie poster, a fashion something of Cellie, and a Thought the Mirror Luna. The latter will arrive this Saturday coincidentally enough . I'll update with pics when I get 'em

  8. I've expected ex principal Cinch to be a caricaturistic villain with exaggerated gonk, but I was surprised she's controlled, and she's not by any means ugly
  9. Thoughts on Luna's Game.

    Wanted to play them a while ago, but they are kinda hard to find nowadays. I watched some YouTube videos covering them. I don't think they are scary, but rather unnerving. I do love this music in it It reminds me of my first days in the fandom, where FIM was still young, small, and underdeveloped back in the day. And one of the reason I wanna paint one day is to show my picture of cute Woona trotting with this music
  10. Was Flurry Heart really that big of a surprise?

    Not surprised about them having a baby, but the fact that it wasn't the much older Skyla
  11. Spoiler Competition; Who can send the cutest picture of Rainbow Dash

    Better leave less you die of diabeetus
  12. Spoiler The voice of Chancellor NeighSay(Big Surprise ahead)

    Great, the most epic Arkham boss is pony
  13. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Cute human Dashie Sexy bikini Dashie