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  1. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Movies that you liked, but never want to see again.

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They are fantastic, but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNG Another one I can think of is Black Panther. I was expecting some awesome shit like MCU usually delivers, but it has been one of the most underwhelming films in the brand. The fact that it has one has to universally praise it or you are racist soured my views of the movie even further ....
  2. Steve Piranha

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?

    I would argue the lazy part, maybe it’s just a case the Cake twins don’t have an important role to waste time and money in updating the models . Agree it’s rather grating, they are about a year before another stage of pony growth
  3. Steve Piranha

    So, who here reads the Daring Do Adventure Collection Books?

    That’s pretty kickass. What’s next? Ambermoon and Lilymoon? The rabbit-winged horses? Bat alicorns? OR THE GODDAMN BAT HORSES ?
  4. Steve Piranha

    General How "Pure" are you?

    I used to be pure I think. Then my 12 years of depression and misery took a blow to my sanity . I came out surprisingly well from that
  5. Steve Piranha

    Why aren't any of G1 through G3 available on iTunes?

    Maybe it’s because there’s no demand for previous generations of ponies right now. Until not long ago, G3 ponies were in Netflix, but since the contract renewal, they have been removed and there’s no sign of coming back. I only saw A Very Minty Christmas
  6. Steve Piranha

    Gaming Spyro reignited trilogy and spyro fans

    Damn, I remember playing all three games, but only finishing the second XD. Never owned the first one myself, however, managed to reach the fifth world about three times. I did finish the second one 100% more than once. Owned the third one as well, but never finished it...... BECAUSE IT WAS PIRATED . Bought it at the PSN, but my brother is the only one who played and finished it, but I was planning to do so later. Looks like I have no reason to do so now
  7. Steve Piranha

    Rarity Fan Club

    More of that stupid sexy Rarity
  8. Steve Piranha

    Was your internet ever locked down as a kid?

    Never had my internet blocked. However, I used to have limited data like the phones today, but even less, so I had to limit my internet usage anyways XD
  9. Steve Piranha

    Applejack Fan Club

    This Applejack is really cute
  10. Steve Piranha

    Gaming Favorite Childhood Video Game?

    Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, Paper Mario, Majora’s Mask, Mario Party 3, Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime, and Croc: Legend of Gobbos
  11. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Pokemon detective pikachu The Movie

    This is the third time I’ve been excited for anything Pokémon-related since I grew apart from the IP since mid-G4 (Pocket Monster’s, not poneh’s ). The other two were seeing a Manaphy plushie at Toys ‘r Us a year ago (I wanted one since G4), and having the option of choosing the girl as the Pokémon Trainer in Ultimate (I remember being upset they didn’t do that in Brawl )
  12. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Pokemon detective pikachu The Movie

    For real. Not a fan of live action with CGI anthro characters, too many shitty ones, but somehow this one works. This is clearly a movie that doesn’t takes itself too seriously, and they do a good job in selling the main character’s charisma and self awareness. Ryan Reinolds as ever wins everyone over with his charisma
  13. Steve Piranha

    Ponyville Ciderfest Featured On Fox News

    Well, I think Fox did covered us during our golden age (about season 2) and I’ve heard it was more negative
  14. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Pokemon detective pikachu The Movie

    Didn't played that game either, but I did see the trailers years ago, and it's clear that type of voice for the mouse was a direction they've wanted to take from the start. So having Ryan Reynolds voicing the character in the film is hardly surprising knowing the history of the material
  15. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Pokemon detective pikachu The Movie

    Considering his voice in the game wasn't cutesy either and instead provided by Kaiji Tang, it isn't far from the source material. Since this Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds.... PIKA, BANG, BABES, MAYHEM