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  1. Spring break in Persona EG. My favorite part of the fic :bedeyes:

  2. That’s one way for a cute nerd to come out of her shell
  3. Heheheeee, true. I’ve purchased Cadence of Hyrule digitally before, but during their Nintendo Direct announcing the DLC, and a physical release, I had to purchase it again because it’s simply more comfy for me
  4. GOD DAMN. There’s an extremely wonderful art of best divine dragon horse, which I can’t post because it’s NSFW :dry:. Twistedscarlet60, you know you SFW variant is a thing, right :scoots:?

    1. Califorum


      I honestly only find humans or anthro pones appealing. And yes I know of that artist. I've seen a lot of that art. 

  5. From hot Egyptian horse, to hot Egyptian divine dragon horse
  6. I just thought of a fic where such topic is brought Not sure about other species, but I’ll definitely be open with intimacy with a pastel horse, and also a divine dragon horse . I mean, my nickname for Somnambula is “Hot Egyptian Horse” for crying out loud
  7. Must say, the kotobukiya dark skin is hot
  8. Ewwww . I’ll immediately use it to destroy it for all of us forever. Kinda afraid of what’ll become of our world with so many freaks having this kind of power
  9. Note sure. Some big tragedy happened, but said tragedy led me to finally leaving that excuse of life behind, and actually live
  10. Imagine those cute horses as pets
  11. And I rode them a handful of times when I was WAAAAAAAAY younger