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  1. For real, people get so out of their way to get offended every 5 minutes nowadays is that milk mare the OC “Milky Way” by chance ?
  2. Cute horse on a flower field
  3. I used to drink soda any chance I had as a kid. But as I started to workout 7 years ago, I’ve kept control of my weight, and came to the conclusion that soda is what gains me weight the most
  4. Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes and...... ponies.... I still miss ponies . On a second thought maybe EG. Ponies got their wonderful ending at least
  5. Castlevania. Watched it in Latin America dub just to hear Mexican horses
  6. Was about to answer the pony movie, but forgot I already did . Anyway, some more: Treasure Planet, and Atlantis
  7. Not sure either. Despite low sales, it is frequently recognized as a marvel of a game these days. And with a recent remaster release, is more accessible. I suggest Okamiden being more underrated. Despite evident limitations due to being in the DS. They manage to keep the magic of it’s predecessor
  8. in my opinion, best take of future Equestria pre-S3, and specially S9. DJ Martinez being my all time favorite OC, there are other great ones, themes of identity, family, politics, human-pony relations, etc PD: my waifu is there and DJ is Rarity’s eldest daughter
  9. oh yeah, I saw that one too. I just chuckled at it, because it was clear it was a joke. Didn’t imagined it was made by the same author. I can imagine him when he finished that work like this Oh yeah. Get away from Twitter. That’s the natural habitat of the chronic victim freaks. They got nothing better to do than look for new ways to get them offended Now that we touched the Filly Anon waving the nazi flag. I think there was a thread about Aryanne, the famous nazi pony. Right? Anyway, no one freaked out nearly as much. Besides, her whole origins is just a big joke as well .
  10. From issue 89, they are advertising it as the tenth season of pastel horses. It will release in April, and will explore Zecora’s homeland Pffff, that’s hardly an isolated issue. There are tons of people of.... questionable sanity, that seek to change society with ridiculous ideas, and simpleminded ways
  11. Bunch of losers. They are experts in making things “problematic” anyway, it’s very likely the reason the sudden surge of popularity for Zecora is because she’ll be a main character in the upcoming and first S10 pony comic. I doubt it’s due to any racist picture. I wouldn’t know of it anyway