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  1. And a bit of my own life as well .
  2. Steve Piranha

    Do you play with your MLP merchandise or do you use it as decoration?

    Decor, since I wasn’t one to play with toys anyway
  3. Steve Piranha

    mlp 8 inch figurine shortage

    There’s a shortage of FIM merchandise in general lately. It seems G4 is indeed at it’s end
  4. Steve Piranha

    Princess Flurry Heart fan club

    Pocket poneh McFlurry
  5. RAINBOW, RAINBOW, RAINBOW, RAINBOW . I relate so much with it
  6. Steve Piranha

    So, who here reads the Daring Do Adventure Collection Books?

    Damn, me needs more Daring Do books . Hell, it would be nice if a Cirrostratan horse appears in the school This girl from Dragalia Lost fits as a Cirrostratan pegasus, helped that she’s probably voiced by a horse
  7. Steve Piranha

    Spoiler Nightmare Knights

    Oh boy. Just read issue 4. This comic is the shit
  8. Steve Piranha

    Gaming Your top 5 Zelda games?

    I think the NPC interaction in that game remain the most memorable. Games today made advances towards making NPCs memorable like Witcher 3, but they are either an one-off quest never to be seen again, or they are more involved in the story like Mass Effect. Majora’s Mask NPCs aren’t involved in the story, and some of their quest spams several days, but you still feel their needs, and empathy. You are saving their world, but their own worlds need some saving as well
  9. Steve Piranha

    Equestria Girls season 2

    They are all been uploaded in Hasbro’s official YT channel so far
  10. Steve Piranha

    Which other fictional characters you'd ponyfy?

    Edited my post with Naga and Zelgius. With the kirin being canon, Naga should be one
  11. Steve Piranha

    Animation Disliked Anime and Why?

    *Checks Matt Mercer's work* Yup, that's Chrom indeed I'd like to mention Pokemon as well. I used to be a hardcore fan as a kid, and Ash was my childhood hero, but the anime got stuck in bad vices since forever which I've already explained in a recent thread. Stopped watching it since mid-Hoenn
  12. Steve Piranha

    Maud Pie Fan Club

    The One-Punch Cutie .
  13. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV The Current Fate of Pokémon

    Stopped watching the show about mid Hoenn. I think the pattern of not moving the show forward was a problem that was showing it’s ugly head many years ago. Ash was my childhood hero, but the anime keeps recycling everything, and not moving forward, including Ash himself. I have grown, but neither the show nor Ash did followed suit. I would dare to say they’ve actually regressed Allow me to add yet another problem that has been plaguing the series back when I’ve stopped watching, and I’m sure it hasn’t improved: the so called “Characters of the Week”. Back in the day, Ash would find all kinds of characters each episode, some where quirky, others basic, others redeemable tought douches, others irredeemable assholes; now most are pretty generic, with pre-school problems instead of at the times life-threatening of yore that’s one of the main plus of the Adventures manga, you never get to follow the same characters all the time, changing between them each arc and sometimes returns them in the remake arcs and even a guest protagonists. Not only that, they do develop as characters, AND grow-up. The three original protagonists are all in their 20s by now
  14. Steve Piranha

    Which other fictional characters you'd ponyfy?

  15. Steve Piranha

    The thing I miss from early seasons : Scores

    Yeah, the character themes have been absent for a while now, but I haven't paid attention to notice their absence until this thread . It's good in the sense that molds into the show, but I'm mostly indifferent with the show's background music however