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  1. Did Cellie use nonexistent fingers to hang up the phone?
  2. They began at twilight, and lasted for about two hours. I’ve spent most of it in the bathtub . I’m still hearing some, but they are minimal compared to before. Didn’t participate because of work. This week has been specially tough . Still, happy July 4th. I hope I can celebrate it properly next year.... LIKE I DID TEO YEARS AGO HERE
  3. Happy it wasn’t due to bad blood or anything. Unlike Vincent “ he took my waifu” Tong with Dragalia Lost
  4. You may like Pony Life, but it’s next to impossible to find someone who would pick it over FIM
  5. I fear G4 horses will go that way . now that I recall, been feeling that way for years with Metroid. Everyone is Zelda this, Zelda that (I began loving Zelda even more since BOTW tho. That game is good shit ..... pony Link being canon helped , and not ashamed for it )..... Nintendo being neglectful with Metroid doesn’t help
  6. I wonder if the pink water in Pony Life is a coincidence, or they deliberately took it from Terraria. Whose hallow biome’s water is pink. Good thing, as otherwise I couldn’t make a Pinkie Pie section of a Mane 6 rainbow waterfall
  8. It wasn’t directly pony, but I’ve dreamt that I’ve met Shannon Chan Kent
  9. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate
  10. I hope that doesn’t mean the end of Dragalia Lost. I want to play generic anime guys voiced by ponies for a while longer
  11. Stop working out. Feels good to be in shape and not a fatty .