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  1. Steve Piranha

    Why Gummy is not a live alligator?

    There’s a limit of suspension of disbelief in a setting closer to us, and I’m sure having a live pet alligator crosses that line
  2. Steve Piranha

    Do you wish Equestria was real?

    Yeah, I do. In fact, if heaven where to exist, it’ll be my greatest yoy, or living in a remote part of the pastel human world with a horse portal close-by
  3. Who knows? Also, it's presumed that the G5 Mane6 we've seen are actually placeholders to test art-styles, se we may not get a G5 Applejack in the first place
  4. Well, if one thing you can expect of Applejack is: family, farm, and how badly she adaptes outside farm life. Human AJ is at home to a more modern life as the rest of the teens, without completely forsaking her rural origins with her attire and accent. Pinks, sadly, has been flanderized to being obnoxious at times, while Human Pinks keep it closer to pre-flanderized pony Pinks
  5. Steve Piranha

    How often do kids watch old cartoons?

    Surprisingly, I've saw Shera on Netflix yesterday
  6. Steve Piranha

    How often do kids watch old cartoons?

    Who knows. I used to watch shows past my birth, some 80s, Looney Tunes as well, but Tom & Jerry was my all time favorite. This one isn’t a cartoon, but I also watched the Three Stooges. can’t tell how much kids watch old cartoons, but I’m not even sure if kids watch TV as much overall
  7. Steve Piranha

    Make up a lie about yourself

    Caution, semi-grim dark and cruel writing ahead (no sex, nor gore tho)
  8. Steve Piranha

    Is Pinkie Pie Mexican?

    Where did you get the idea that Pinks is Mexican ?
  9. Steve Piranha

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I totally see her doing the cute pet routine if she see us
  10. Steve Piranha

    Interspecies Shipping

    Well, so far Flashy’s known interests all have been alien horses
  11. Steve Piranha

    Women live longer than men... or do they?

    I think it has to do with the fact in order to keep our manly points, we de stupid stunts, and the fact that we cry less. Well, those are pretty vague suppositions
  12. Steve Piranha

    List all the stupid injuries you have had?

    Worst dream I used to have quite often last year, was returning to my old home..... I remember my parents being forceful as ever, but instead of just dealing with it, I’ve called them out..... only for them to not listen, as ever . But then, I find myself getting more and more unsettled, as if a whole decade worth of anger and hate where about to explode inside of me
  13. Steve Piranha

    What comics have contradicted the show?

    Well, probably one of the oldest things introduced in the comics, but was contradicted much later, where the mimics. I think it was in the Cuties micro, where it was established in that comic that changelings can only mimic ponies, not things..... then we got Times are a Changeling
  14. Steve Piranha

    Movies/TV Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie?

    I’m split between Winter Soldier, Ragnarok, and Infinity War
  15. Steve Piranha

    Happy Meals chibi horses are in the US

    They are bigger than I expected