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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. ARagY


      Thank you :)

  2. I would go, with or without my partner.
  3. Mars? You mean Autonomous-Space-Russia Outpost 1. Sign me up, I'm ready.
  4. aww thats not a stripper pone

    1. stripper


      I've decided to use my OC now


      Although I have bought a sexy anthro commission ♥

  5. What do you mean invisible people don't exist?! When was the last time you saw an invisible person? Exactly.

    1. rarity1
    2. Miles


      Did you just assume their opacity level? ;)

  6. birthday, Happy! Happy birthday to the person who shares a birthday with me. o3o

  7. Wearing shoes in my house was forbidden as I grew up, and I've kept the trend. So no, I usually go barefoot.
  8. CurrentYearTonight made a video about Russia.. hssssssssss

  9. I hate when... Main character is, for lack of better words, a "pussy" and yet has all the girls (harem genre) Main character is a princess who wants to marry for love "Fantasy" stories take place in 17th century England Main character is portrayed as objectively good Main character is portrayed as objectively bad The shy girl gets with the confident main character even when they spent no time together and the relationship with the actual strong female character was good Female characters serve no purpose other than being a pair of breasts to distract the viewer Female characters express their sexuality unrealistically Side characters are used solely as comic relief The plot turns into something like Naruto - dozens of characters scrapped for a Naruto-Sasuke canon fanship Deus ex machinas occur Main character's hardships are made to be so much worse than everyone else's just because they are the main character Main character do immoral things and never getting criticism from anyone else who is "good" Pacifist characters have no development
  10. Saddle Arabia seems to be rich, given from how the leaders look.
  11. Listen to someone speaking Italian and repeat what they say in your normal voice when they're done while recording Listen to the recording You'll hear it (possibly)